††††††††††††††† Annie Gill, Pat Cammack


Board Report:

††††††††††††††† Two new Directors.Mike L is new, Val says G-bye.Another Director at Large position available.Itís once a month for a couple hour meeting.Michael Lee is interested.Schedules laid out by race.Rally losing sites, but have a potential new rally-cross site.Region Banquet doesnít have a lot of people registered yet.Jan 22nd is the date, a week after the solo banquet.Mike:plaques at end of year from region for key positions, like Safety Steward , Event Chair and such.Joan Manley has been keeping track of who has the boards for these plaques.Looking for someone to take over the tracking task.Consensus was that something should be done to continue the recognition but not necessarily use the boards/plaques.


Treasures Report:

††††††††††††††† Bud presented a nice print out of all expenses and income.Got money from SCCA for NT and Pro and money was put into CD.Paid Insurance and site fees outstanding for year, plus various awards.



††††††††††††††† Peavey sound system update.Steve Volpp is autocross contact.Willing to do dealer pricing which is about Ĺ retail.Pat C is an audio design dude and stated a system could be put together.Pat to get with Ron Babb on specs and see what we need for equipment.


Old Business:

††††††††††††††† Site committee.Meeting tomorrow in Factoria.Arlington airport looks most available.Need site committee to go ahead and work it.Meeting is for presentation or packet to present to site owner.No place yet confirmed other than two dates in Bremerton.


Year-end trophies have been chosen and approved.Come to the Coneheads banquet to see them!


New Business:

Corvette club wants to run banquet information in their newsletter.Okay for them to call prior to banquet for last minute registration due to information only coming out 5 days before event.

National Tour at Bremerton.Glen reports we have a date, July 28,29,30.Bremerton club to run at time of NT.May be separate event or with NT.Hotels could be problem.Silverdale resort for headquarters?5 to 6 hundred rooms.Some folks stay away due to Kent surface, so by holding at Bremerton may draw more entrants.Due to remote location, get with Glen H on any ideas or issues for NT.

Novice of the Year nominations:People nominated are those who this year was there first full year of autocross.Novice chairs to decide with Ron Bauer (RE) on winner.Pat C to be new Novice Chair for Y2K.Co-chair still open.Michael Lee steps up to take novice co-chair.

Worker of the Year:Several worthy candidates nominated.Vote taken at meeting:Discussion and vote taken by writing name on paper ballot.Nominated a trophy the recipient keeps, verses hands over every year.Voted for a keeper trophy.

Region Award:Stan Burnett Award.

Norpac:Jan 7,8,9.Video request from Ed Laplante.Joy K going for sure.

Nat convention: February 3,4,5

††††††††††††††† No Pro Solo for 2000.No site so National office cannot plan without any site information.Howard will come back in 2001 once we have site to run at.

††††††††††††††† Mike Leuty handing down McKamey school coordinator position.Mike has information to help new person.First weekend in June usually.Need a weekend now and McKamey schedule is limited.Might conflict with Reno Divisional but there wasnít one last year.Need deposit for McKamey.New duties will include site coordination due to no site yet.

††††††††††††††† Bud Bohrer:Any items that need to be budgeted in:PA, trailer, and such?A vehicle is a necessity for next year and should be budgeted.BEAC van is not necessarily available.Is available for rental and is reasonable.Not reliable, and SCCA needs a home for equipment.Need to look into renting a space to keep stuff and any future vehicle.It was motioned and approved to budget for a timing vehicle, PA, and generator system.Maybe a good deal on generator post-Y2K.Should coordinate on a Seattle area autoross vehicle.BEAC, WW, and SCCA donít all need separate vehicles.How about storage outfit to sponsor storage for advertisement on rig?

††††††††††††††† Michael Lee has a Philly Steak outfit interested in coming to events to provide food on site.Also potential party/meeting hosting place at this outfit in U district.


Good of order at 9:15