Notes from the NWR Solo II Meeting of 12/8/1998:

NWR Board: Rallycross last weekend was an apparent success though cold, windy, rainy, snowy, slippery. Rally group wants to do it again. They have a real Rally (Doo-Wop)booked for 2/13-14. Race is going to run at Bremerton next year and try for a double National at Portland. The SIR trial has started. Race put up some tire walls at Bremerton this past weekend. Car show coming up 2/13-14 in Puyallup: Solo needs to be represented. Dave B. reports that, last year, the autocross tapes (mostly Goeke’s) really got people’s attention. Val is the focal; volunteers who want to help should contact him. Other coming events: sign-up forms are available for the NorPac convention, the NWR banquet, and the SCCA convention. Board approved Ron Bauer and Gretchen Everett to head up Solo next year.

Treasury: Bud reports not much activity though some big bills were paid. We’re down around $xxx now. Fordahl Motorsports has paid the second half of their sponsorship. We also received about $xxx interest on our C.D.

Equipment: Nothing new.

Novice: Still need a chair or co-chairs for next year. Cynthia agrees to help with the school so that should take some pressure off. Processes are already in place for supporting the program during the season. Suggestions are welcome.

Trophies: Committee didn’t meet last month, they will do so soon. They need the number of recipients; Mike L. will provide it.

Coneheads: It’s February 20th now, at Latitude 47.

Other Old Business: Thanks to Mike L. for doing Solo Chair for a while.

Chiefs of Specialty: Event Chairs have been recruiting chiefs for the event positions. There were some events where our crews were pretty green. Last year’s discussion covered whether the Event Chair should line up the event chiefs, or whether the C.O.S. should do it; most felt that the Event Chair should do it. Mike thinks it would help encourage people to be Event Chairs if they didn’t have to find event chiefs. C.O.S. could ‘manage’ whatever their specialty is. Ron doesn’t have a problem with the C.O.S. picking the event chiefs as long as everyone is aware that this is how it works. This year the Event Chairs were required to take the initiative about this, although they could request help from the C.O.S. Ron received only one request for a person for Tech. Kimball: the Event Chair doesn’t always know who’s qualified and/or interested. The specialties could be run more like the Safety Steward setup. Bret: could we have the lists of C.O.S. names on the web site? Yes. Mike: the Event Chair checklist has the C.O.S. names and numbers on it. C.O.S. job was supposed to be that person’s only job so they could act as a focal at the event. However, this year they typically worked an additional job at the event. Kimball: the Event Chairs can still pick their own people if they want. Ron: we could have separate training sessions, like Ron Babb did for Timing, for the other areas. Bret: we seem to have lots of people interested in Tech; could we get more people interested in Registration, or other areas? Carol: she and Ron had a list of Timing-qualified people. Eight showed up for the Timing School, which was good, but they were all Stock drivers and we need some from other classes. Gretchen: she had new faces in Registration. Ron: there are people who prefer to do specialty jobs, and people who prefer to do course working. Kimball: with Registration and Tech you know when it is and how long it will last. Ron: at one point if you were working Tech or Registration you could miss the Drivers Meeting so you could walk the course. Gretchen: that was never official. Mike: a problem with Tech is that people who sign up late in the Registration period show up late in Tech. Kimball: we used to have Tech run 15 minutes behind Registration. Bret: people who show up late are also typically dealt with which takes walk-through time from the area workers. Mike: it seems to work well to have an extra person and rotate out so people can get course walks in.

Sharon R: toward the end of the season it was hard to get people to volunteer. In the far distant past we had two "teams" of people in charge of specialties, and each took half of the events (maybe every other one). That worked pretty well keeping things staffed. Each team was a set of chiefs, who still had to recruit their helpers for their area. Mike: it’s a lot easier to find workers than it is to find chiefs. Larry: he’d volunteer to be a Chief of Grid. Mike: that one is kind of a tossup as to whether it’s needed. Larry: it’s not a full-time work assignment. Ron: it might be easier to find event chiefs if the C.O.S. could be counted on to be at the events to help out if necessary. Sharon: Registration needs to worry about change, Tech about shoe polish, etc. Gretchen: if the C.O.S. has to be there at all events, it’s almost too much to ask; having two teams would help out. More discussion later.

Time Only Entries: This is someone who enters once, but their times aren’t counted for points. They still work an assignment. T.O. entries in results? Mike: we should pay sanction fees on them, so they should be listed. Bret: someone from out of town could run without messing up local season points. They take part in the event, they’re just not in the season points, so it’s okay that they’re in the results. Mike has proposed wording for the series Supplementals which would create a "time only class" for each half of the day. T.O. entrants would have to work before they run. They’d be shown in the results but not in top time or PAX listings. Bret: he likes the work-first requirement. Kimball: is it technically possible to suppress them from the indicated listings? Bill: yes. Gretchen: it matters to some people how they wind up in the listings. Consensus is to adopt Mike’s suggestion with the remove-from-PAX-and-overall clause.

Double Entries: Alan: WWSCC allows it if the club wants to, and we’ll keep running into confusion if we vary. Gretchen: they have less people than we do. Kimball: at our current rate of growth we might exceed 200. When the SAE car came down, their people were given double entries. Ron: How about if we tie it to number of entries? Gretchen: that would require counting entries at Registration. You’d have to take a true limit. How many people gripe because we take so long to get a normal event done? Bret: what if you just capped the number of double entries at each event? Ron: the problem is more with the same people doing it every time. Carol: it’s better if you have one rule and stick to it all the time. Cindi: just make a rule that doesn’t allow it. Gretchen: we already have that. Mike: people have raised the issue again. Ron: the reasons against are concern about working the extra assignment and the length of the events. We’re getting to the point where we can run events better with the people we have. What happens when we say yes it’s okay and open it up, how many will we get? Gretchen: eventually it adds up. Carol: if you limit it and have first-come first-served, Registration has to process them and keep track. Mike: we have determined that the SIIR rule book does not forbid it. Mark: double entries are just more expensive fun runs. We’ve kept fun runs inexpensive in the past. If you go to double entries you tell regular competitors that there won’t be any cheap fun runs any more, just the expensive kind. Discussion on having limited-entry practices to meet the need for seat time for hard core people. Majority is opposed to double entries. Gretchen: we should focus on having more efficient events. Mike: three heats made us much more efficient. It also helps a lot getting people into Grid before the drivers’ meeting.

Supplementals: Mike passed around draft supplementals for review and discussion next month.

Good Of The Order: Bicycles are okay for adults, just not in Grid. And not for kids.