Notes from the NWR Solo Meeting of 12/09/97:

NWR Board: We should spend money in what's left of this year, wait on deposits until the first of next year. Solo may not want to deposit Coneheads party checks until after the beginning of next year. Trial memberships will cost $25 in 1998 (up $5), and they will be good for only 90 days instead of 6 months.

Convention: The Board also decided to send Joy (R.E.) to the National convention. Solo has historically sent someone too. Mike would like to go to the Convention (in Denver), and Solo historically spends around $500 or so. Motion seconded and passed to allocate $500 for this.

Budget: Bud reports that we have an outstanding item for a contribution to the site fund. Its balance is through event 7 (plus 1/2). Will include the other half of the per-car amount next time.

Equipment Report: No change from last time. Val reports that BEAC probably won't be ready to give up its radios (sell them to us) until around mid-season next year. They want to test their planned new ones for a while.

Novice Program: Cindi Bell will be the Novice Goddess next year, and is planning stuff. There has been discussion about whether the Novice school should be before the second series event. First event is tentatively April 5, second one is May 3rd.

Schedules: Since the Bremerton schedule is out, we may wish to adjust our dates to take into account what they've got (which is essentially inflexible). BEAC has submitted a tentative list of dates to Boeing Recreation.

Coneheads and awards: Flyer is out. Jodi: Angela has decided almost all of the food, everything is progressing. Not much coordination has gone on with the banquet rep from the WW side. Awards will be jackets for 1st place; 2nd-etc. will be a fleece or similar pullover top. Craig is working to try to keep the 2nd and down awards in the $35 range. Jackets will have name/class/place embroidered, they are multicolored lined lightweight.

Tour and Pro: They are on the schedule. Ron Babb volunteered to be the worker chief for the Sunday Challenge at the Pro, Greg F. volunteered do course. Joe will put together a list of needed tasks and try to start filling positions. Carol: do we have to have our Region safety stewards allocated to the Pro? Joe will find out. Jodi: Ken Richins has volunteered to help do a high-speed event during the week between the two events, if there is interest in doing that. Could be a Solo Trials.The committee to put that stuff together was Brianne Green, Ron Bauer, Val Korry and Craig Anderson. Discussion on BSCC putting something on, instead of SCCA.

McKamey School: We are on his calendar for the end of May (the weekend after Memorial Day). If we hold it at Kent we can have two schools per day and he says he has instructors to cover that. On a 3-day weekend we could get 72 students through. Mike suggests putting a signup form in NWSCN in February. He's had inquiries from outside the Region and can hold some spots, but he thinks it's best to advertise it to Region people first, and to use U.S. mail for signup to be fair to those who don't have Net access (it will be first-come, first-served). Discussion on giving Region members priority: lots of people think yes. Anticipated fee is $150, this will include lunch. Mike will be looking for one focal per class, for a total of six. The Kent lot will easily accommodate two course layouts for the school.

Double Entries at Regional Events (i.e., Time Only extra entries): The rules apparently don't prohibit it. Val moves that the event chair for each day have authority to decide whether multiple entries will be accepted. Discussion followed re: alternatives. Bill Buetow suggests that we allow them if we vote yes, don't allow them if we vote no, and not have any middle ground or possibilities of policy changes. If we vote yes, we'd have the typical caveats that you can't run Time Only before running for points, that you have to work again in conjunction with the second entry, etc. Bill thinks Val's approach is too subjective, and people who show up in the morning won't necessarily know if they'll have the opportunity. Jodi: people don't hear about it, don't know to stick around. Carol: there are some event chairs who will allow it even when there are too many regular entries. Val: the amount of people there will influence how much time is available, and the event chair can take that into consideration. Larry: fun runs are different, they happen at the end of the event. A double entry can be run with points runs in the afternoon. Joe: we could have it be normally available unless the event chair decides it won't (i.e., the normal protocol would be "Yes", unless the chair decides it's "No"). Bill: this wouldn't solve the problem of people waiting around and being disappointed. Val: he'd agree to amend his motion to work as Joe has suggested. Jodi: 5-10 people would have a minimal effect on the event time. Greg: we need to decide whether Time Only entries are more important than fun runs. He thinks having T.O. dual entries will increase the number of people who want them because they'll be perceiving that there won't be fun runs. Carol: will people pay $15 or more for 3 runs instead of $1/fun run? Bill: he'd rather pay the extra money for the guarantee of the extra runs (and having them close to his regular points runs) than wait to the end of the day to see if there are fun runs at all. Joe: if he knows there will be fun runs, he'd rather have those than a dual entry, but we can't realistically guarantee fun runs. Sharon: she doesn't think the rules allow a second entry. If we do have second entries, there will never be fun runs. Mike: he doesn't think the rule prohibits us from doing what we're discussing, but he'll check with National Office to verify. Gretchen: how about if we work on making events more efficient so we can have fun runs every event. Joe: second entries will benefit a particular group of people, every other event. Bud's point about the impact on the 4th run group needs to be taken into account (Time Only runs should not threaten the quality of competition by spreading out class entrants in conditions of changing weather). Val's motion is to assume second entries will be permitted, unless the event chair decides by the close of morning registration. Joy: more people will do this, since we'll have to make it known and available to all competitors. Karen: out of towners will do it more. Joe: we could introduce the idea of a maximum entry. If we're worried about having too many people and not getting done on time, why not restrict how many entries we take? Joy: she doesn't want to do second entries because it's not fair to every competitor. Val: whether they are available or not would be announced at the driver's meeting. Sharon: when this came up 2 years ago, we said No. Vote: No on the "assume yes unless it's no" proposal. Joe: amend that motion to make the decision by the end of afternoon Registration, give them their money back if they've already signed up for the second entry. Vote: No on the next "assume yes unless it's no". Bill: moves to simply disallow second entries. Vote: Yes, second entries are disallowed. Joy: put this general point in the Event Chair and Registration Chief checklists. Mike: will also add to supplements.

WWSCC Rules Items: The proposals will be voted on by the Coneheads party. Administrative proposals: (1) Include registration/timing form requirements in rule book with template. Vote: yes. (2) Codify the penalty handling for competitors who skate on their work assignment. Vote: yes. (3) Fix helmet requirements to say Snell '85 or newer (SA or M, Greg suggests). Vote: yes. Class proposals: (1) Create a "Club Class" allowance for special marque club type groups, so a special class could be set aside at an event and run together as a group. Craig: this would probably be used by an upcoming Austin-Healey gathering. Bill: it's not a season points issue. Vote: yes. (2) Class realignments, choose one: (a) Realign and keep all current Stock classes with closer parallels to SCCA groupings in at least some cases (e.g. SA = SS + AS), or (b) Realign Stock and remove SE; realign Improved a little--mostly among IB and IC--and remove ID; move Prepared Fiats to PC. Alan: [presented details of his class groupings]. Kimball: [presented details of his class groupings]. Vote: for Stock, don't leave it the way it is, support (a) (Alan's proposal). Discussion: there are a number of relative newcomers in "CSP-like" cars which appear to merit encouragement. Greg: what about the CRX Si? Vote: for Improved and Prepared, don't leave it the way it is, support that part of (b) (Kimball's proposal).

Sponsorship?: We need a focal for finding sponsorship. Kimball: how about approaching the indoor kart racing place in Fife? Jodi: how much are we looking for? Last year it was $500 for the title sponsorship. Sharon: this seems awfully cheap for having the business' name all over the events and the awards. Bill: if we raise the fee we need to get more active about the advertising part (P.A., flyers, Web site). Joy: Scotty White is apparently interested. Alan: WWSCC had a sponsor last year. Part of that was a free one-page ad and linkage via the WW Web site. Joe: the idea of having a sponsor is good but if somebody doesn't see value in what we offer they aren't likely to be interested. Greg: it used to be that NWR's sponsor got free advertising in the newsletter, a spot at the site, etc. He would offer to sponsor us for $500 and try to convince AeroFab to match that. What are we going to tell them they're getting? Mike: he'll add the Web stuff to the agreement we used to have with SpeedWare and get it to Greg. We could see if Scotty wants to sponsor the Novice program, if Jim's Detail doesn't. Glen: apparently Cindi has someone in mind for Novice as well. Discussion: there's no reason we couldn't have multiple sponsors, have some associated with some events (e.g., Tour or Pro), and/or provide services to all of them. We have a lot of leads to follow up on, proposals to prepare. Mike: we'll put proposals together to submit to the interested party. No final decisions needed tonight. Gretchen will help Mike get these done. Glen: we could try to get a display car put in at the indoor kart place for advertising purposes. Greg: he's also willing to put out literature (flyers, etc.).

Ladies' Classes: How can we encourage more women to run our events? Mike: he'd like the default worker breakout to have Open and L classes in the same heat; those who want exceptions can ask for a different breakout when Worker assignments are made. Val: some cars have three or even four drivers. Carol: women who are running sometimes want their S.O.s available to be there in Grid to help with the car. Alan: whatever we can do to encourage participation would be good. Glen: he thinks the way we've been doing it is better (assume O and L run separately, combine on request if competition is not a problem). Discussion on abuse, out-of-group runs, problems with people who don't have good manners in Grid.

Car Shows (Val): SCCA tentatively has a booth with SOVREN at the Puyallup car show, and needs people to work the booth. It's February 7-8. Setup is the 6th, help is needed there too. There will be an ad in NWSCN. Val needs volunteers, those willing should contact him. He'd like some Solo people signed up for specific times. Craig A. can help. If we could have printed schedules of events by then, we can hand them out there. Jodi: she'll take care of the card but we don't have a final schedule yet. Mike: we have to wait until at least the Roundtable to know when the Divisionals are.

'98 Rule Books: Sharon wonders if we should order some. Do we want to get Pro books too? People who are only running one Pro (ours) won't need a license or a book, so maybe it's not worthwhile. We'd need to order them in lots of five. We should order a bunch of '98 Solo II rule books. Do we also want to order some Safety Steward hats? Yes.

Next meeting: January 13th. Bring proposed changes to our Supplements then.