Solo Meeting Minutes
December 11, 2018
At La Hacienda in Renton

Introductions – Tim and Gretchen Weidemann, Taylour Wargo, Charlie Morales, Crystal Stegman, Keith Brown,
Mike and Carol Leuty, Carl  and Amy Coleman, Theron Langel

Meeting location – LA Hacienda, Renton           Next Month’s Meeting location – LA Hacienda, Renton 

Last month’s minutes review – 


NWR Board Report (Gretchen Weidemann) – Still looking for a inventory of our  solo equipment, time trials has not taken off. Rally program still on the back burner there is still the option of going to Keto’s program,  
Race program still trying to work on a Time trials program. Race is still schedule from just 1 event this year. Street survivor still going strong Tim Erwin doing a great job of making this program work. 

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – No new info this month same as last month other than paying the bill to BSCC for the rental of equipment at Bremerton and Doug Chase is paying his sponsorship for the year.

NORPAC Report (Jessy Gauthier) – Nothing new to report at this time.

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – rules meeting Monday the 18th. 

Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) –Bus is good, Helmets are good and taken care of.

Recruitment Report (Crystal Stegman) – Cards for handing out with the schedule also magnets with schedule on them for recruitment events. Crystal still in transition to get the stuff of ordered. Working on new flyers for handing out at cart tracks and local tuner shops.  Starting Line school is looking to hold a event instead of holding a novice school or Ladies Day. Crystal working on a schedule of all the local show and go events to try and get people to represent our hobby at local events.

Old Business

NEW Solo Director 2019 - Gretchen and Tim are stepping down. Who will replace them? 5 year term is over. Time for some team to step up and figure out how to run the region. Gretchen and I will still be around to help out the next team.

Coneheads Banquet – Same place seems to be the place to go. Still in the 35 range. Region is in for 500 and NWR for 500 and some input from WWSCC. To match their attendees. Meat and vegan options available
26th of Jan. starting at 530. 

2019 Specialty Chiefs – Some needs need to be filled. Chief of Timing for both Stock and non stock. 
National Convention – 

WOTY and NOTY nominations – come to the banquet to find out who won.

Rules Proposals – no real discussion Just one rule is on the table. Voting at the January meeting.

Adjourned at 810