SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 12/9/08

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Karl and Amy Coleman, Dick Willy, Mike Leuty, Laura and John Kimball, Bud Bohrer, Val Korry, Charles Aggenbach, Karl Coleman, David DeRegt, Keith Brown, Jerry Lamb, Ron Bauer, Alyson Moffat, Fast Mike, Tim Monk, Mark McCooey, Jackie McInnes, Ric Vomenici, Enrique Garcia, Dieter Beldi, Joel Ferguson, Lou Ann Christensen, and Zane Kenney.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved as written.


Drift Report – Russell is not present, so no report was made.

Board Report – New RE; Tom Masterson, New treasurer; Lou Ann Christensen, New Board Member at Large; Val Korry. We have money in the treasury. This is mostly due to the fact that we have stopped producing a physical newsletter and it is all done online now.  There will be a Northwest region convention the last weekend in January. It will be held at the Seatac Double Tree Inn.  It will be held on January 31 - February 1. There will not be a NORPAC convention because the location (Seattle) was struck down by another region. Dick covered the tentative agenda topics.

Treasurer’s Report – Information was presented and discussed. All outstanding expenses for 2008 must be presented to Lou Ann as soon as possible.  If you have anything, please email her immediately.


WWSCC Report – Karl has agreed to run again as President, Dieter Beldi will be VP.  There is a new Secretary and Treasurer.  The slush series schedule has been finalized. Any nominations for Rookie or Worker of the year should be submitted to Karl.  There are a few rules that need to be reviewed.  First rule applies to posting of results. The change would be to post “unaudited” first run results prior to the start of the second runs. This proposal has been rejected. Second proposal is to re-class the Nissan 240 SX from IB. Upon review of the proposal a discussion ensued to change several other cars in the class, which the group felt were not appropriate, then leave the 240 in IB.  The council felt these changes were necessary for “housecleaning” purposes. The original proposal to move the 240 was then rejected. The third proposal with the “housecleaning” transitions has been approved with the amendment of moving any EVO 8+ to IA. The council is looking for feedback regarding the Slush events.  They are wondering how people felt about changing this to an actual series, with overall winners being awarded trophies, and an award banquet being held at the end of the series. The group voted and approved this change.  Coneheads banquet will be held at FxMcrory’s on January 17th.  Since there are no funds to help off-set the costs, the pricing will be more reflective of the menu prices.

2009 Supplementals - Proposals


All suggested rule changes were presented at last month’s meeting.  The vote was held this evening. 


1.        1.  Rule Proposal (Section 16, in addition to the definition of OPAX):










Competitors must qualify to compete in OPAX class.  Competitors must have finished in the top ten overall PAX listing on the results page at least once in the previous year of competition.








Alternative #1:












Allow co-drivers of the top ten to compete in OPAX.









Alternative #2:












Allow past National Champions to compete in OPAX.





















It is challenging to fill all the worker positions when we experience a large class such as OPAX.  In the past we have filled almost all course position with inexperience workers.  This causes inaccurate penalty call-ins and may also cause delay in the event if workers are unable to place cones back in their proper position.  This rule will create a very competitive elite class, and should move some competitors back into class competition.


Motion did not pass.




2.       Rule 25 - Timing Equipment Financial Penalties


In the past few years, the mechanism for financially penalizing competitors for any contact with the timing equipment has worked well. However, there have been occasions where competitors have been fined for driving over the timing cables in a manner that very likely does not cause any noticeable damage or wear to the timing cables. This has led to some folks questioning the need and fairness of rule 25 - Timing Equipment Financial Penalties. In order to improve the validity of this rule, Enrique (presenter) proposed amending the rule to create a lesser fine for those incidents where folks drive over the timing. The rule would be changed to read as follows:

- Fines for impact with the timing sensors and reflectors (where applicable) would stay unchanged at $100.

- Fines for driving over the cables in any manner would be $50.

Participants would be fined on a per incident basis (i.e., over the cables and hitting a sensor would be counted as a single incident, and only fined once - $100.) In a case where different fine levels apply, the larger fine would be charged. 

Discussion was held – Jerry was against this proposal because he felt that once a cable has been compromised, then it will be suspect for the remainder of its life and taking four hours to fix that is well worth the fined $100.  A comment was also made that IF $100 is not a high enough charge, then we should increase the cost of replacing the timing sensors themselves.  A few in the group agreed that the crime should fit the punishment, and they agreed with the $50 charge for running over cables.  There were 5 votes in favor, and many more against, so the rule has not passed. 

Motion did not pass.

Enrique has added a second proposal to remove the third clause in the current rule that states fine can be decreased upon the Event Chairs discretion.  This motion was voted on and passed.

Another proposal was also created to add a sentence that defines “competition runs” as all runs/traffic occurring from the moment the driver’s meeting starts to the beginning of tear down. An amendment was presented to change that to the time the first waiver form is signed, until the beginning of tear down. Comments were made, and the original wording has passed.

3.       Add Class “X”, an un-indexed class for people who are running for the second time that day.  Jerry has amended the proposal to have a designation other than X.  The final letter will be clarified in the future.

Motion has passed.

4.       Index classes TOAM and TOPM. These would be PAX/RTP indexed classes for the AM and PM. They are not Championship classes and are treated as they are today except that the results would be indexed. They can only be run by a competitor on the first time that competitor has run on that day. There is no requirement that the class run in the same group.


Motion has passed.


Discussion – who will be responsible for determining the proper index for this class? People run TO because they don’t want to worry about these types of things. People felt there would be a fairly simple solution. IF people want to have their times indexed, then they will need to list their pax class on the timing card. IF they do not indicate a pax class, then they will automatically be given an AM index.




Packwood Lighting – Dick received the invoice and sent a copy to the Oregon region, so hopefully they will pay their fair share.


AED Training – Keith completely forgot that he was supposed to research alternative courses.  The course we looked at was eight hours long, and covered CPR and first aid as well.  The course was expensive, so we wanted to look at different options.


Helmets for Drift – A motion was made and approved for the purchase of seven helmets for the drift program, at the cost presented by Sean Medcroft.




Election of Chairman & Assistant – Dick and Jackie have both agreed to re-run as our Solo Director and Assistant. An election was held and both were voted in to cover these positions for 2009.


National Convention – This convention will be held in Las Vegas on February 19th.  A motion was made to pay for airfare, hotel and convention fees for one person to represent NWR-SCCA.  Joel is interested in covering this for us, so he will check his schedule and see if it is possible.  If nobody else volunteers, Dick will go.


2009 Chiefs – Dick distributed an email asking if current Specialty Chiefs are interested in doing the same job again in 2009.  He has heard back from about half, and will post a list once he confirms with everyone.  Anyone interested in covering a position should let Dick know.


Evolution Schools – We are currently on the schedule for July 14 – July 16.  They do online registration, so we will not have to handle that any longer.  The fees still work the same. Our region determines the cost, and Evo reimburses us. Lots of Phase 1 on Tuesday/Wednesday, probably all Phase 1 on Tuesday and all Phase 2/Challenge on Thursday.


2009 Schedule – A tentative schedule has been put together. Again, this is TENTATIVE, but the following dates are being looked at: April 4 (Novice School) – 5 (BMP), April 25 (Core workers practice) – 26 (Packwood), May 16 (Pro) – 17 (Packwood), May 24 (BMP), June 20 (Pro) – 21 (Packwood) July 5th (BMP), July 10 -12, Pro Solo (Packwood), July 17 – 19, National Tour (Packwood), August 22 – 23 (Packwood).


Events Chairs for 2009 – The following people have volunteered:


April 26th – Enrique Garcia

June 21st – Joel Ferguson

May 17th – Karl and Amy Coleman

October 4th – Ron Bauer


If anyone is interested in any of the remaining events, please let Dick know.


Specialty Chiefs for 2009 – The positions listed below are currently open; Timing, Registration, Novice Chair, Non-stock Course Workers, Equipment.  If you have any interest in volunteering, please let Dick know. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.




Keith Brown is the now the new NORPAC Solo Steward.