SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 12/14/04

Members in Attendance – Karl Coleman, Aaron Pailthorp, Bud Bohrer, Lou Ann Christensen, Sharon Reuter, Wayne Rueter, Alan Dahl, Shelbi Zigler, Dick Willy, Karen Babb, Tom LeCoque, Kevin Dietz, Mike Leuty, Jeff Winchell, Val Korry. Fast Mike L, and Jerry Lamb, and Enrique Garcia.

Visitors: Kim Littke, Drew Hanft, Rick Smale, Kyle Freiheit, Matthew Hebb, and Brent Vitolins

Minutes Review – Alan brought back a revised version of his rule suggestion to today’s meeting to be discussed.

 Board Report – The Board held a meeting on Dec. 6th.  The award dinner was held on the 11th of Dec.  There is some question about the actual dinner date.  There is 790 and 350 in the bank accounts.  Solo trials are going to happen the next year.  Aug 14th is one of the expected Solo trials date out at Bremerton.  BMP held their date request meeting, and SCCA acquired all the dates that they requested.  Sand and Sage would like to join the NWR.  They would be a chapter of NWR.  The region banquet will be on Jan 22 at the Larkspur hotel.  Cost will be $35.  Expected attendance should be around 50 people.  Corvette High Performance show is coming up on the 12th-13th of Feb.  We will need some people to help out at our booth.  There is a conflict with the slush series, Torque Steerers is running an event out at BMP.  Kyle F and Fast Mike are willing to help out in the booth. 

Treasurer’s Report – No events in Dec.  275 went to BMP.  Sanction fees went to 8 and 9.  Decided last month to refund Garret for expense of hitting timing box.  50 went to BMP for late payment over a conflict.  The est. for the end of the year we expect to have around 9,000. 


WWSCC Report – Rule book is coming out.  SCCA plans to put an advertisement in the book.  Dick W will hand Karen the needed materials.  Coneheads is coming up, to be held at FX McRory’s.  The date is Feb 2nd.  WW had a rules meeting, and there’s one rule left to vote on.  It deals with posting sheets and completion.  The posting of the scores must be up to date and available for competitors.  There will be a 30 min limit that the sheets are available after the completion of the runs.  There is some concern about delaying the event, and also specifics about how the postings are accomplished.  Dick W proposes to accept the motion about the WW posting board rule.  Alan D seconds.  9 people voted for it, 11 against.  4 slush events are planed for 2005.  Get dates of Slush series.  A door prize has been proposed for cone heads.  It would be a seasons worth of entries to WW events.  Jerry moves to offer a season worth of entries to SCCA events for a door price.  Karen B seconded the motion.  The motion passed.  We’re looking for someone to handle the door prizes.  They would be in charge of collecting other prizes, and managing 1 ticket per person.  Kevin D is going to be our door price chair.  Apr 17th is the first event of the series, at Everett.  Its being held by UW. 


Equipment Report – A spare tire has been found for the trailer.  Tom is looking for a wheel also for the timing van.  Jodie isn’t here, so no update on the radios.  Kevin said he would take the van to Brett and Jasons for the scheduled maintenance.  No update on timing equipment. 



2005 Supplemental rule change proposal  The first rule being discussed is the passenger rule.  Wayne rewrote his rule, the fist half being the same as 2004, the second half was his rewrite.  Competitors would be excluded from running until they have completed their runs.  There is a concern that some people are getting too much of an advantage by having rides comment on their runs.  The motion on the floor is to change the rules to the proposed 2005 revision.  Val motioned for approval of the rule.  10 for the change, 11 against.  The motion failed.  


The second rule being discussed is event safety at BMP.  The issues are being voted on separately.  There is some concern about using the taxiway for use during an event.  SCCA may pull permission to use the site, if the issue about safety isn’t addressed.  One issue is DSQ’ing a driver if the car goes off course.  If a car goes 4 wheels of course the course, the driver is DSQ for the event.  Dick motioned for approval, Kyle seconded.  The motion passed easily.  Course approval is the second part of the issue.  Safety stewards can approve the course.  Dick motions for approval, Karen seconds.  The motion passes.  Discussion about course change to incidents was discussed.  Val motions, Karen seconds, and motion passes easily. 

Discussion about the course design guideline happened.  Val motioned to accept the course design guidelines.  Karen seconded.  The motion passed. 


The third rule is clarification of the STS2/STU rules.  STS2/STU would be moved into running with stock class.  Alan moves to accept.  Dick seconds the motion.  Motion passed. 


The fourth rule discusses scoring for competitors.  This would force scoring to be posted at an event.  Competitors would be able to view the final results for the event.  Rick will change the rule from “must be regularly up-dated during the run” to “should be regularly updated during the run”.  Bed moved to accept as amended. Enrique seconded.  The motion passes. 

Coneheads – Shelby said there’s been no update from Kristi.  On the 5th of Feb.  The cost will be $35.  Drinks are being bought from the bar. 




2004 Season Trophies – The committee met, and everything is set.  We were missing a few contacts, which will be resolved.  The rankings were rounded up due to the number of competitors this year.  The number of consolidated classes actually lowered the number of trophies that needed to be presented. 


April 24thYakima

May 14 & 15 – BMP

May 29 - BMP

June 18 & 19 – Packwood

July 23 & 24 – National Tour Packwood

August 6 & 7 – BMP?

September 4 – BMP

September 24 & 25 – Packwood

October 16 – BMP


WA state Challenge – It will likely be developed next year. This gives NW competitors a chance to compete at different sites and against new competitors.  This challenge would be similar to a “slush series” but held during the summer time period.


National Convention – Will be held in Topeka January 28th – 30th.  Bud Bohrer will be attending in Jerry’s place.  A motion was made and passed that the region will pick up the cost of his airplane fare hotel costs, and registration of the event.  The early bird special has been extended a additional week.  After the special, cost raise to $100


2005 Specialty Chief Positions - Need volunteers for several of the positions.  If you are interested in ANY positions other than Chief of Timing, Scoring or Chief of Workers, please contact Karl Coleman.  A BIG thank you go out to Aaron Pailthorp and Steve Roberts for volunteering for Timing, Jodi Fordahl for volunteering for Scoring, Keith & Kristi Brown for Chief of Workers, and Shelbi Gill for Waivers.  There are still some holes, that need to be filled for the 2005 years. 


NofYear, WofYear – Kevin suggested Steve Roberts.  Kevin was impressed by the effort put forth for with timing and other issues.  Bud suggested Tom and Jodi LeCoque.  Karl recommended Kimm and Shane Jensen for Novice of the Year.  There was additional support for this nomination. 


Theme proposal – Brent suggested having a theme to follow each of the events this year.  This could carry over into dash plaques, tee shirts, and other items.  Fordahl would have to be consulted on the idea of the theme.  Greg has the ability to veto ideas


2005 BMP NTA event Chair is needed for NT.


Pro Solo? – It’s appears that nationals will not support a pro-solo in NWR.  The suggestion is to run our own pro-solo without nationals.    There is some question about getting the equipment.  We may be able to either ‘lease’ the equipment or build or own.  The concern being that we won’t get enough people to support an event. 


Asst. RE - Aaron nominated Jerry Lamb as Asst. R.E..  Val seconded the nomination.  Nomination was approved. 




The meeting was adjourned at 9:58 p.m.