SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 12/09/03

Members in Attendance –  Karl Coleman, Lou Ann Christensen, Gretchen Everett, Ron Bauer, Aaron Pailthorp, Alan Dahl, Scott Miller, Keith Brown, Tom LeCoque, Jerry Lamb, Val Korry, Dick Willy, Bud Bohrer, Mike Leuty, Greg and Jodi Fordahl.

Minutes Review - Minutes have been approved as written with the following changes regarding the new classing structure that was approved at the last meeting.  All of the new classes will be paxed using the current PAX/RTP index. 

Board Report –.  Howard Allen was elected as the Area 9 Director.  Rally has 16 events scheduled for next year.  They will have a full calendar for 2004.  No one showed up for the race rules meeting.  They are unfortunately planning on losing $10,000 in the next season.  They are working on ways to correct this problem, but they are losing competitors on a regular basis and the expenses for running these events are only increasing.  They are facing some serious challenges in this venue.  A suggestion was made that we investigate whether Race may be able to rent Solo a decent amount of property to use while they are running events.  Ron Bauer felt that there wasn’t enough space available, but this is certainly an interesting idea.  Every month there are extra newsletters available, so if anyone has any ideas about where these can be distributed for “free” as a marketing tool for our region, please let one of the board members know. The regional “banquet” is on January 17th at Bison Creek Pizza. 

Treasurer’s Report –  Please see attached.  Scott Miller made a proposal that NWR SCCA SOLO II choose northwest Harvest as our new 2003 charity.  Another suggestion was made to allocate funds to the Seattle Milk Fund another organization that we have supported in the past that Val is remembering in Kent that supports “Mother’s on drugs”.  A motion was passed to split our donations between these three organizations.  Lou Ann will write a check to these organizations

WWSCC Report –  The Coneheads banquet will be at the Mountaineer’s Club on January 31st.  Slush events will be held on January 18th, and February 8th, there will also be a third event but the date has not been finalized.  WW is also looking for a new WW Secretary.  If anyone is interested in this position, please contact Susan Collicot.  Rule change proposals have been presented for approval.  Changes to section 2.5.15 were approved.  Changes to section 4.5 were approved.  Changes to section 8.4 were approved.  The rule to add the WRX Sti 04’ and Mitsubishi Evo VIII to Stock A was approved.  Spots are available in the WW rule book for $10 a piece.  You will need to provide an 8” x  5” black and white pdf file to Karen Babb.  A motion was made and approved that SCCA purchase an ad for the 2004.  Dick will create the ad and send it to Karen.

Equipment Report –  Our equipment chair was not in attendance. 


Timing Equipment –  The timing equipment that Jim Daniels thought he had repaired was not actually repaired.  Jim unfortunately, did not understand that the equipment wasn’t repaired, but has assured Karl that everything will be repaired and ready to go by Event #1.  There are a few minor repairs still necessary to the Solo Bus.  Kevin will make sure this is accomplished by Event #1.

Trophy Committee -  A general decision was made to stick with trophies that are similar to last year.  Meaning, a nice, zipup jacket for first place, a pullover for second place and a denim shirt for third and below.  Also, attention will be paid to purchase a nicer patch, that had less white space and maybe a few more colors that match the jacket better.


Any questions, comments, or concerns for the Reno convention or National Convention – We have heard that someone from the National office will be working with the general membership regarding “site allocation”.  The group would like Bud and/or Karl to find out additional information and forward it to our site committee.  A discussion was raised as to exactly how the dollars for Solo are allocated on a National level.  Bud will ask some serious questions when he attends the National Convention in February.     


Dates/Number of events, practices and schools for 04’ –  Bremerton dates have been finalized:  March 7th (BMP)   March 27th & 28th (BMP, although the site committee is still working with Packwood for this date),  April 4th (Sundome),  May 22nd and 23rd (BMP),  July 21st – 25th (BMP), August 15th (BMP),  October 10th and 24th (BMP).  Karl is working with BSCC to coordinate events for Memorial and Labor Day weekend.  We may also have additional opportunities with Packwood and Shelton.

New Business

Solo Committee Chair -.  Karl Coleman has volunteered and been voted in as our 2004 Solo Committee Chair.  He is giving fair notice that he will be happy to do it again for 2004, but would like to try to find a volunteer to take his place in 2005.


Assistant Solo Committee Chair    Jerry Lamb has volunteered and been voted in as our 2004 Solo Committee Assistant Chair.  Thank you Jerry!


Sponsor Award    We would like to make sure that trophies are created to both of our sponsors Fordahl Motorsports and Jim’s Detail Shop in appreciation for their efforts to support our venue.    Greg Fordahl seems to be happy with the level of support that we are providing back to his company for his efforts.  One thing they would appreciate is to be contacted by our “Party” committee for donations in a more professional manner and maybe a little sooner notice than in the past.


Worker of the Year/Novice of the Year    The time has come to vote for these specialty awards.   We are currently accepting nominations for these two positions.  Tom and Jodie LeCoque have been nominated for Worker of the Year.  Kim Littke and Drew Hanft have been nominated for Novice of the Year, along with Abe Douglas.   


Perpetual Trophy Nominations –  The Solo Cup will be addressed by the past recipients.  We have also created the new “Founders Award”.  Karl and Bud are still working on the criteria for this award and will work it out.  A suggestion was made that Bud and John Martinson, the two people the award was dedicated too, should determine the first recipient.   Another award available for nomination is the “Mary Pang” and “Frank and Joan Manley” and the “Stan Burnett” Award.   If anyone has any nominations that you would like brought to the board, please send an email to Karl Coleman explaining why you think the person is worthy of receiving the award.

A suggestion was made to nominate John Forespring for the Joe Henderson Memorial Award.


04’ Event Chairs –  Now that the schedule has been created, Karl would like to see us make an effort to delegate event chairs a little sooner this year than we have had in the past.  Karl would like to at least create a list of people who are interested in chairing events to be contacted in the future.  Aaron Pailthorp has volunteered for the August 15th event. 


“What is a class?”  -  Aaron Pailthorp brought up a discussion regarding the new classing structure that was approved at the last meeting.  Since he was very strongly opposed to this new proposal, he felt it was important to look at the definition of a “class”.  He would like to remind the group that regardless of the car that some people drive, in most situations it is the talent of the “driver” that controls the situation overall.  He wants to argue that the presence of the PAX class has created some challenges to our region, and asked that people at least reflect on the situation to see if there is a better solution that we can come up with other than the prior approved new classing structure.   Aaron wanted to state for the record that he has some very serious objections to paxing “all” classes during the 2004 season.  A discussion followed.  We have all agreed that as this new situation is presented, there is going to be a great number of confused people.  A suggestion was made that a serious effort be made to help educate people with this new process by writing articles for the newsletter and addressing the issue on the northwest autocross list.      


Revised regional classing proposal –  Mike Leuty would like to address the way that the non-stock classes were split up under the class structures.  The class breakout that Tim Irwin presented with his “approved” classing proposal mixed DOT-tired cards and slick-tired cars in the same non-stock classes ( NS1, NS2 and NS3).  Mike felt they should be separated, if possible, as should closed – and – open-wheel cars.  Mike felt the November rules meeting didn’t seem to be the time to hash it out.  After reviewing the bumping order and applying it to the types of cars.  He has developed what he feels is a more equitable breakout. 




NS3:  AP, BP, CP, FP

NS4:  DP, EP, DM, EM

NS5:  AM, BM, CM, FM, FSAE, Karts


The group did not seem extremely interested in making these changes, but we will further this discussion as we get closer to the end of the year after seeing exactly what happens with the classes that we approved at the last meeting.


Streamlining the registration/tech process –  Mike had some suggestions regarding how to streamline this process.  Wanted to have an open discussion regarding this topic.  Rather than forcing everyone to follow through the three-step process in a specific order, he would like to see us open this up to entering whichever station has the shortest line.  Another suggestion was made that a computer be used at registration to start entering the competitor information before the cards reach timing.  We could use the tear-off currently on the timing cards that could be adjusted to include the important information.   This process will NOT replace the hand-written process!

These ideas need to be brainstormed and addressed at future meetings.  Jodi also suggested that we finalize the “paypal” process that will also help expedite the process.  Ron and Karl will set-up this situation for us before the first event. 


Specialty Chief – Scott Miller has volunteered to be Chief of Course Design for next season.  One new thing that Scott will be working on is finding course designers long before the event takes place.  He will also be helping mentor new people who are interested in learning more about course design.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:37 p.m.


GOO - 


Solo II needs to find volunteers to represent our venue at the Corvette show in February.