12/10/02 Minutes


Mike Trumbord.  He is the ASE rep. for WW.

Board Report


Mike Trumbord. 


Race has there schedule all determined for the year.  They will have a total of three double regionals at Bremerton and a double nationals at Pacific Raceways.  Rally didn’t do anything.  Talked about the regional newsletter.  With the new editor, the format will not change.  A contract has been set-up with the actual printing company that will leave the format as is it.  The newsletter should be less expensive to produce from past years.  They are seeking more advertisers that may actually pay for the entire cost of producing.

There are currently 1586 Northwest region members.  Linda M. is curious what will happen to that number now that a majority of the new WRX owners memberships are due to expire.  Solo will be sponsoring a quarterly membership meeting at our Bremerton event in October.  Val is heading up the Corvette show (Feb. 7-9) in Puyallup again this year and is looking for volunteers to help with the booth.  This is the 50th anniversary for the Corvette, so it should be a very exciting show.  New board members were officially put into place at the end of the meeting.   

Treasurer’s Report

Please see attached report.   

Equipment Report


Bus Repairs –  Scott Miller has the bus repaired.  The total cost was 808.65 plus tax.  This is not a complete repair of the things we allocated at last month’s meeting.  Several fuel issues and also the drag link for the steering have been fixed.  Scott reported that the changes that have been made are incredible.  It also had a lube oil and filter done, the transmission looked fine.  Some of the things we discussed having repaired will put us over the $1,000 budget that was approved at the last meeting.  With the new trailer in place mirrors have become a very serious issue.  There are no additional mirrors that we can purchase to help this problem.  We will need to go to a universal mirror and try to determine exactly how it can be attached onto the bus.  The mirrors will be $85 a piece.  The battery also needs to be replaced for a total of $110.  It was recommended that we replace the glow plugs, controller, fuel filter and air filter. These

are considerable expenses, but should be replaced.      A motion was moved and seconded for an additional $1100 for repairs.


New generator – Nash Johnson has done the research for a new generator.  He looked at the 2000 watt, which is computer ready.  Ace will be purchasing one along with BEAC.  Pricing for a single varies between $900 - $1000.  He has one vendor who has agreed to a cost of $925 if two are purchased.  He has not approached anyone regarding a total of three, but expects he may be able to negotiate a good deal if SCCA would like to be involved in the purchase.  Based on the problems we’ve seen this year, it is important that we purchase a larger generator.  A motion was made and seconded to give Nash permission to purchase a generator for a $1000 plus tax.



Old Business


Site Committee –  A meeting was held last week.  The first scheduled date is at Bremerton on March 9th.  Would like to get the Yakima site for sometime in April when temperatures are not too terribly hot.  We’ll aim for terminal 5 for a weekend in late April or early May as the next scheduled event for us is Memorial Day weekend in Bremerton.  Currently June is wide open, so we are trying to plan some type of event this month.  July is booked solid with out of town events, National Tour and Evolution, so they are not looking for additional dates that month.  Packwood is still an option that the committee is working with.  According to our contact this is still a very promising site for SCCA.  They are also working closely with the Port of Seattle for terminal 5.  There are still some potential sites that may be used in 2003 to come up with a stronger schedule than we’ve seen in the past couple of years.


Bremerton Choosing Date – BMP had decided that the Evolution Schools are now a commercial event and have increased the site fees for the schools almost 4 x’s what we’ve been paying in the past.  Ron is meeting with them to try and change this situation because he feel this is not a for profit event.


Coneheads Updates  (2/1/03) –  will be at Maplewood Golf Course.  The prices have increased over the past several years which may raise the banquet costs to closer to $30.  There is a minimum purchase that must be met to keep the room costs down.  Susan is working with Scott C. to see if it is possible to have an on-line registration available.  Susan is also trying to arrange a situation where people can pre-order drinks along with the dinner which will help bring to overall cost of the banquet costs down.


Trophy Committee Updates – Everything is all ordered and in the process of being produced with plenty of time for our banquet.


Special Awards for Chiefs of Specialty – A decision was made at the last meeting.  Jackets will be purchased with the Name of each person embroidered, and then a patch will be produced to display any specialty areas worked. 


Sponsor Award- A motion was made and passed to produce a plaque for Fordahl Motorsports. A discussion was held regarding an increase in the sponsor contributions.         


Supplemental changes – Ron prepared and distributed copies of the supplementals with all changes discussed at the November meeting.    


Chief of Specialties for 2003 –  Nash Johnson has volunteered to be Chief of Specialty.  Gretchen Everett has volunteered for Chief of Registration.  We are also looking for a Chief of Timing.  Anyone interested should contact Karl.  Bud Bohrer made a motion that all Specialty Chiefs should receive a FREE rulebook for volunteering.  Motion was seconded.    


Worker of the Year - Three people have been nominated.  All three of these people have been incredible this year.  A silent vote was held and the winner will be announced at the Coneheads banquet. 


Novice Driver of the Year - Three people were nominated.   A decision could not be made due to the fact that we cannot confirm that all three people are actually considered a Novice. 




WW rule change meeting will be held on December 17 at Factor Mall.   More information can be found on their website.

This is the one time that rules will be addressed.


Slush events – Starting in late January.  First event is January 26th and will be held at Bremerton.  The event will be pre-registration ONLY and each entrant must be a current member of WW council club.  You must be a member at least one-week prior to the event date.   


Jerry Lamb has volunteered to be the official WW representative for SCCA.


This is officially Ron’s LAST meeting as our fearless leader.  Karl will be taking over as the Solo Chair beginning in January.

Karl is looking for an assistant to help him throughout the year.  If anyone is interested please contact him directly.