SCCA Solo Meeting



Visitors:                None



Board Report:      Newsletter is getting expensive.   Raise dues to compensate or make it smaller or online newsletter.    Craig Anderson suggested to produce it bi-monthly.  

Bud suggested that it be monthly during that part of the year in which we are doing events then publish is less during the off season time.    Mike Leuty suggests maybe skip a month or two.

Bud suggests we check for less costly publishers.

Most agree it is best to change the newsletter rather than raise the dues.

Bud suggests checking with Highline CC printing department to see if they can undercut the current printer.  He also suggested “Sudden Printing” as a source.


Ron:   Rally has a highway cleanup at milepost 99.    We are encouraged to help them out “last” Sunday.  Hee hee hee

Race is having a driver seminar on Feb 3 at ParkPlace.  They will have a road race

Double National May 26+28

Val Kory mentions that Solo 1 national wants to have their own insurance due to minimum entry levels.



Treasurer’s report: 

Handed out a copy of current report.   Made a deposit on banquet for Coneheads.  Banquet is the big thing for last month.   At end of Nov we had $xx.xx plus $xx.xx in checking for total of about $xx.xx for total.   Still have not been reimbursed for National Tour.    We still have an $1,100 bill for repair work at Bremerton.   

Happy news!   Louann Christensen has agreed to be the treasurer for the Solo group.    She works for Salish Lodge in the accounting department as manager and also is the IS manager for their network.

Bud recommends that the treasurers position be a work assignment for our regional  events

Bud described what the assignment entails and believes he spends from 2 to 3 hours per event, which qualifies it for a work assignment.   This is a formal motion by Bud, no one opposed So I guess it passed.




Equipment Report:

Mr. Babb will not be the equipment chair next year.   Ron called for volunteers.



Old Business:

Norpac Roundtable will be Jan 5 – 7th in Reno.

Conehead banquet updates:  Jan 13th at Maplewood Golfcourse at Rockbottom Banquet facility.

There will be a DJ there for dancing.  


Region banquet is the following weekend.   Still need nominations for Mary Pang Unsung Hero, Frank and Joan Manley Enthusiasm and Stan Burnett Inspirational life style award.  Currently there are no nominations for these awards.


Nat convention Feb 1-3 in Denver, Ron will attend.   There will be a free national tour entry for a door prize.


Awards Committee updates:

They have a budget as well as trophy winners.   Jody remarks that possibly there could be patches for jackets and asks if having them digitized and embroidered on the jackets is a good ideal.   It was decided that this ideal should be investigated further.

It was discussed how deep the awards should go and what type of awards should be given for each place.

West Coast Awards in Kent will be contacted regarding awards.

Ron stresses that it is important to get going on this.


Area 13 Director:     John Martinsen won.

People who won board positions.  Directors at large are Mark Lawler & David Nevin


Bremerton Choosing Meeting:

At that meeting it was decided to go forward with Solo week.   Porsche Club on 22nd and track day on 23.   We will do Evolution and Geez school later that week.

Course setup and practice would be on July Friday the 27th with 28th and 29th the National Tour.

Jodi states that we were shorted one day so we will count one Bremerton day.

Ron states he will do his best to keep the communication open with BSCC.

We had 3 dates that could be chosen in the 1st round.   There will be a road race on the weekend of the May 19th and 20th.

Also, Feb 11th was chosen and will likely be given for the ACE slush series.  Also, Jan 21st Bremerton & Feb 24th at Everett.


Site Committee update:   Next meeting is next Wednesday the 20th at Factoria Mall.  




New Business:

WWSCC rule change proposals were handed out and reviewed.

Ron went over the proposals which basically mirrors the SCCA classes including the addition of an SS class in stock.   A handout describing the changes was given to all who attended the meeting and a vote was taken as to support the changes or not.   Ron called for anyone opposed to part one.  No one opposed part one.   Ron ask for anyone opposed to part two.  No one opposed part two.

Street Tire Class changes:    No one opposed.

Bad Check Rule:   No one opposed.

Toyota Celica all will be classed in “D”   No one opposed.

Reclassify Neons as:   SOHC non-ACR to Stock E  and others to “D”    No one opposed.


Co-chiefs of specialties are needed for 2001.

Ron is looking for an assistant to his position with the ideal that they will take over the position in 2002.

Evolution Schools will be during Solo Week and a coordinator is needed.

Supplementals for 2001 are online and Ron requests everyone to look at them.

Val discussed the need for cars and people to represent Puyallup car show on Feb 10th & 11th.