Meeting Minutes 11/09/99




The Ricepecks, the Sawyers, the Firoellos.


                Board Report:


Awards banquets being combined for RACE.  They will arrive early and do awards before regional stuff.  Bremerton choosing-date is coming up soon.  National Tour at Bremerton is questionable.  Jodi will be present for the choosing?  Jodi doesn’t believe there will be any changes that would cause problems for NT.  Normal Bremerton dates for standard SCCA events should be okay.


No pro-Solo for Bremerton: Ron Bauer


Rally – may not have places to race next year.  Salmon rights and erosion problems may prevent racing at usual places:  Ron Bauer


Suggestions for perpetual awards needed:  Ron Bauer


                Treasurer’s Report:


Net assets close to $xx.  Old $xx CD rolled over; interest accrued was well over $xx.  Second $xx CD has been bought; as has a $xx CD.  Both are 1 year / 13 months long; and have a rate between 5.8% and 6%.  Extra $xx was paid to NWR from SCCA for Pro-Solo and N.T. events on Nov. 1st


                Equipment Report:


No P.A.  Updates.  Ron Bauer couldn’t get ahold of contact for P.A. equipment.


                Old Business:


Event #8:  223 Entrants.  Carol not present for meeting.  Random lines generally thought of as a good idea.  Should be rolled into “Operating steward” (or “grid” – suggested by Karen Babb) -type position if it becomes regular.  Switch on the fly changes worked well.  PA probably needed for driver’s meeting (Bullhorn or small portable mic & speaker combo?).


NWR General Meeting: Mike Leuty is now a director-at-large?


Site Committee Update: Sites are being checked out.  Next meeting is at 7:00pm at Factoria Mall Meeting Hall on Nov. 17th.


Year-end award committee update: Had a meeting.  Budget is close to $3k.  Gretchen reported this.


Coneheads Banquet: Rock-Salt Steakhouse on Jan. 15th  6pm – happy hour, 7pm dinner.  Sit-down meal.  Brianne and Gretchen have done much of the work.


Bremerton Dates:   Already covered.



                New Business:


Treasurer:  Bud willing to volunteer for one more year.  So nominated. 


Novice of Year and Worker of Year awards:  Banquet awards.  Possibly involved with year-end awards committee.  Email or contact Ron Bauer for nominations and ideas.


Norpac Convention:  Jan 7-9th in Reno (Harrah’s).  $75 per person.  Several break-out sessions and key-note speaker is “Satch”; an infamous auto journalist.


Nat’l convention:  Feb. 3rd thru 6th at Double-tree in Denver.  Several breakout sessions and is $195 - $250 depending on registration time.


Corvette club: looking for event happening that they can partner with next Sept. around Nats. time.


                Good of the Order at 7:54pm