Notes from the NWR Solo II Meeting of 11/10/98:

NWR Board (Mike): Race is going to have their seminar again, probably on the 30th of January. Itís proposed to be at Car Nutz/Fordahl in Bellevue; location is TBD and will be in the newsletter. S.I.R. hasnít made any repairs or improvements yet, and there is litigation proceeding between ownership and management. They have lost their sanctionability from SCCA. Car show in Monroe this weekend. Race will be running a booth there; if we had enough interest earlier in the month we could have gotten another booth but itís a little late now. Rally had an event on 10/31-11/1. They are putting on a Rallycross on December 5th, at South Sound Speedway in Tenino. Entry fees are proposed to be $18 for members, $20 for non-members. The Rally guys have been told about the Web and the Hotline. There is an open ballot counting next Tuesday at Mitzelís in Kent. Attendance is open and encouraged; primary topic of conversation will be the NorPac mini-convention. The Region awards banquet will be 1/16/99 at Emerald Downs (not Coneheads but the Region-level one). Menu is roast beef and salmon filet; price is $25.

The NorPac Roundtable meeting is 1/8-1/10, at Harrahís hotel/casino in Reno. NWR has volunteered to pick up where Arctic Alaska left off. Joy has registration forms (draft). Sessions will discuss various topics of interest to people from all the venues. Howard Duncan and Fred Slick are supposed to come. We have a reserved party at the car museum in Reno on that Saturday evening. The NorPac series Solo II awards should be given at that gathering. Travel arrangements are on your own; we donít have a group number at Harrahís yet.

Region dues will not go up next year (they did this year).

Rally asked if anyone in Solo is trained in handling post-traumatic stress. They had an incident and would like to pass the word about being prepared for such things. There may be a relevant presentation at the Roundtable.

Calendar: The Coneheads party will likely be moved to February 20th because the preceding Saturdays are booked. National convention is the weekend before, in San Diego.

Region awards: The Mary Pang Unsung Hero, Joe Henderson, and Manley Enthusiast "big" Region-presented awards are open for nominations; Mike will transmit them to the Board if anyone has some.

Budget Report (Bud): Total assets are around $xxx. There are some outstanding obligations (Divisional series trophy fees, Region sanction fees, 2nd half of season trophies, site fees, annual trophies which should be around $xxx) which will put us back under $xxx. Bud will have a year-end summary of the event expenses and income in the future. He has put $xxx of our money into a one-year C.D. at 4.7% and some other into a money market account.

Novice Program (Cindi): We have to pick a Novice of the Year. Many, many new people have run our events this year, with quite a few running more than one. Mike is looking for written recommendations. Various names mentioned, including Tom Edwards, Jim Boemler, Juliet Sykes, Carlo Sparacio, Steve Sampson, Andy Hebert, Patrick Cammack, Karl Coleman, Dick/Bill/other Freiheit, Sam Krauss, Kailee Wheeler, Peter Wong, Katie Olson. We still need a Novice Chair for next year; the people Cindi has asked have thus far declined. 180-some different drivers ran in Novice and another 20-plus in Novice Ladies, a big increase. L class participation: in counting womenís turnout levels, we have to take into account those who ran in Open classes. We may not have seen a big increase in their overall percentage (outside of Novice).

Results (Bill B): Bill wants to resign; Colin Watson is willing to do the SCCA events as his work assignment. He does not want to undertake a significant revision of the current system, but will learn and use the current one. WWSCC will still need someone. Mike L. has been auditing the results before they go to press.

Old Business (all): Regional #8 was 10/18. Craig thanked his chiefs, especially his last-minute ones. He also apologized for his insensitive mispronunciation of Brian Horneís name. We didnít split run groups into threes, and it would have helped the efficiency. Even so, we finished around 5. Discussion followed on using three groups regularly, participation requirements, course station staffing. You need about 80 people in a day-half to cover the work assignments.

Coneheads (Gretchen): Brianne found out that 1/30 is booked at Latitude 47, and it looks like weíll be doing the party on 2/20. It looks like the cost will be right around $25.

Trophies (Dave B): The trophy committee has decided not to do jackets, and is leaning to "something engraved." They have narrowed it down to three choices and need feedback from the group. One of the alternatives is the classic "loving cup" style; another is something like a desk or wall clock; the third is the omnipresent Dave Bell Beer Stein with engraving on it. Discussion ensued on the merits of each. Eventually it appeared that the groupís preference was for clocks.

Computer Committee (Jim B): Jim would like to pass on the job since heís getting very busy at work. Bill B. says we still need to do something about this. Jim will contact his committee members and see if one of them wants to pick it up and run with it.

Chiefs of Specialty (Mike): Mike passed around a summary of the chiefs of specialty responsibilities. We may wish to look at this program next year and see how we could make it work better.

Time-only and Second Entries (all): The rule book does not DISallow this, according to the National office. We need to discuss our policy on double entries (second one is not scored) and time-only first entries. We donít have a provision for the latter, and it could be of value in allowing people to run who arenít after series points, if they want to ride with someone for instruction, or to run if they canít be at the event at the correct time for their carís regular class. We need to discuss this at a rules/supplementals meeting, possibly next time.

New Business (all): We need a Solo chair and assistant for next year; the Region Board needs the names by their December meeting. Mike has recruited Ron Bauer to do the Big Job for 1999. Being no other volunteers, it appears he is our choice. Gretchen will continue as Assistant Solo Chair.

Fordahl Motorsports will have a web site very soon at; Colin Watson will be the webmaster. Bud has sent the invoice for the remainder of the sponsorship. Greg has volunteered to do a car setup seminar, when he has time. If anybody has connections with individuals who could contribute, they may wish to talk to them now. The time frame would be early next year some time, TBD.

Good of the Order: Sponsors are needed for the Roundtable. TotalTel apparently kicks in if you list them as a sponsor. Ad space is available in the Roundtable program; sponsors could acquire a meal or a coffee break. We also need door prizes.

Meeting adjourned to general bull around 8:45 p.m.