Notes from the NWR Solo Meeting of 11/11/97:

NWR Board: The Region is still messed up with taxes, having not done them for a number of years due to Treasurer lapses. May be penalties involved. An accountant who used to help with the taxes is again. Val commented that the Region could use a Region member who is a tax accountant to help. Rally had an event. Race has a driver's seminar coming the end of January. NWR bought some generic Region T-shirts; Solo has signed up for 50 of them to sell to our people. Not much else going on. NWR will not have elections this year since there was just one nominee/volunteer for each position. RE is Joy, Asst is John Forespring, Treas Joan Manley, Sec'y Linda Miklovic; Directors are Ray Damitio, Peggy Kirkpatrick, Val Korry, Mike Lawler.

Region banquet is 1/17 at Emerald Downs in Auburn (the Turf Club)--cost will probably be around $25. This is the week after the Roundtable and the week before Coneheads.

Budget (Bud): Total assets are $xxxxx as of 10/31. Outstanding items are Nat'l Tour income, BEAC site fees outgo, dash plaques and series trophies outgo. Bud has put some of the total into a savings account in order to draw some interest. The site fund is also an interest-drawing savings account. As of today all of our fees to SCCA National and Region have been paid. Expect to be impacted by the Region income tax filings.

Equipment (Ron): We have an opportunity to get more radios cheaply. BEAC may buy some new, different-frequency radios and their "old" ones will become available if we are interested in buying them (they are compatible with our channel usage and our batteries). Ron hasn't spent the authorized funds for the additional two radios from earlier this year, so this might be a better alternative. He'll get a price from BEAC and get back to us. Greg F. comments that newer radios are being built more cheaply so ones from a few years ago are probably better quality.

Novice Program (Glen): Nothing major happening now. Glen is working on the year-end Rookie/Novice award, and getting stuff together to transfer over to Cindi.

Old Business, Tour and Pro (Mike): We are on Denver's tentative schedule for the last two weekends in July (Tour first, Pro second). That schedule should be firmed up later this month. No objection raised to those dates. Gretchen has volunteered to chair Tour, Joe to chair the Pro; Ron Babb volunteers to focal the Pro Challenge workers situation. Planned location at this time is Kent. Emerald Downs isn't big enough or affordable. Discussion on Montlake lot at UW (north of Husky stadium); apparently it's been repaved and smoothed out. McChord would be optimum but unlikely.

As far as organized activities for the week in between, something might be scheduled at Bremerton. Discussion on possibilities for Trials or something; we'd need a volunteer focal. Val suggests we set up a list of things people could do. Brianne could look into tours and stuff. Craig asked if this would include getting them a deal at a motel; he's working on a Healey club activity and volunteers to be on the week-between activity committee with Brianne. Val and Ron Bauer also volunteer to help.

Another concern would be where people could leave their competition vehicles during the week; the Boeing site, a local parking area which would be secure, or at various individuals' homes. Sharon R. knows the people who own a storage place around the corner from Kent, and will look into what they might have.

McKameySchool (Mike): Jim would like to do a school here if he has a free date and enough instructors. The last weekend in May (the one after Memorial Day weekend) might be a possibility. One concern would be where the school would be held. Mike has received around 50 positive replies of interest. The school handles 12 students a day, so a Fri-Sat-Sun format could handle 36 people. Or with a big site we could run double sessions (Bauer reports Kent is big enough) each day. Discussion of possible scheduling; some interest in having it mid-week. Discussion on having it mid-week between the Tour and Pro. Weekdays are tough because people have trouble getting time off from work.

Coneheads Party (Angela): It's January 24th at the General Petroleum Museum in Seattle. $25 for adults, $14 for kids under 12. Angela needs a check for a deposit to secure the date; she'll coordinate with Bud.

Year-end Awards (Mike): We'd previously discussed jackets or plaques with cars on them. Sharon had an example of a plaque. We'll have approximately 40-45 awards. We'd discussed a mix; jackets for 1st and plaques for the rest of the places (we'll have about 30 1sts). We need to decide what we're doing. If jackets we need to work on getting sizes and such. Our budget is based on $2 per entry during the season, and we had something over 900 entries across our 8 events. Sharon suggests that she, Bud, and Mike get together. Craig provided samples of jackets and such; typical prices total would be $45 including 3 lines of embroidery. Setup fee is one-time charge of $60 for the embroidery. Lined jackets are limited in available colors. We could do polos or sweatshirts for the classes below 1st. The plaques with car models on them wouldn't have everybody's car but there should be ones which are consistent with the class. Discussion on what to do for 2nd and down; hooded sweatshirts would be reasonably priced. People like the apparel idea. Gretchen will also help with the committee; they'll get together and pick something.

Class/rule changes for 1998 (Alan D): Alan would like to see us include the Street Touring class in our Regional program. It is apparently going to be included in the rule book as an Appendix next year. It's basically a suspension, wheel, and tire class which still features emissions legality. Alan thinks it would be key to try to promote it outside of people currently in the sport. Discussion on Street Tire and Street Mod; both were fairly well subscribed this year. Nobody has complained about the content of either class. 1st and 2nd in SM were closer than any other race this year.

Supplementals (Bill B): No written policy on double entries. Are we going to allow double entries next year? He'd like to see it applied consistently all year. Discussion on when they should work (before they run); ideally the runs for the second entry should be 4th group. Bud: mixing these people with entrants making competition runs can lead to problems if there is changing weather. Perhaps if there is a set number of entrants for the afternoon at which there is room for double entries (or not). Joe: as long as everyone in a class runs together there shouldn't be a problem. That's a Grid issue. Sharon: if you let people take double-entry (time only) runs, you're taking away from possible regular time-onlies at the end of the day. Ron Bauer: we haven't advertised that these are available, interest might increase if we did. Ron Babb: people have come to assume that fun-runs are a given and something is wrong if they're not available. If people want practice, we should have separate practice events. Discussion on various administrative details of how this might be handled. The previous policy was that we weren't going to do it, but then it became allowed on an event-by-event basis. Greg F: when the event chair has the information needed to decide if there are time-onlies, he/she could decide whether to have double entries permitted. We'll continue this hot topic next time.

New sites (Mike): Susan Collicott, who has connections with the UW, is looking into whether we could use the Montlake lot. Alan will go out and see how big it is. What we could do there would depend on how much we'd be allowed to use. It has elevation changes like Everett, some light poles, and smooth surface. Craig commented that there's a new airport employee parking area being built near the Boeing spares support center; Mike has looked and it's big. Gretchen volunteers to look into possible promotional packets (Denver has one) and help us put together something for a possible pitch to McChord. Mike can get us a chance to talk to the necessary people. We should associate with a charity. Mike: we also need to sell something that we're doing for their people (e.g., a driving school).

Schedule (Mike): Do we want to do Walla Walla again? Yes. Should we try to run an 8-event series, or back off? We'd have 8 points events, a Tour, a Pro, a Walla Walla event, and a Western Washington series which may expand. Yes, we should try for 8 events plus Walla Walla. There has also been interest expressed in having some intermediate practice days. Mike will talk to someone at Walla Walla and see what's going on. Ron has discussed a format for the Wally World expedition which would have a "package deal" for the party, motel, and event. Discussion on whether Wally World should be a points event (1 of 9), and other ways to encourage people to travel over there. The typical schedule is in June sometime.

Next year's officers: Mike L is nominated for Solo Chair. He accepts. He'd like to be around to finish some things. Gretchen agrees to be assistant again next year.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05.