Meeting Minutes 11/11/08 NWR SCCA

In attendance:    Jodi Fordahl, Greg Fordahl, Val Korry, Mark McCooey, Carol Leuty, Mike Leuty, Bud Bohrer, Kevin Dietz, Dieter Beldi, Tim Irwin, Scott Miller, Keith Brown, Alyson Moffet, Ron Bauer, Amy Coleman, Karl, Coleman, Charles Aggenbach, Jackie McInnes, Chris Kmetz, Jerry Lamb, Lou Ann Christensen, Russell O’Connell.  Guest:  Sean Medcroft

Last Month’s minute review—approved

NWR Board Report—Dick not present, Lou Ann was there for second half, most of conversation focused on the year end awards.  LA shared past winners and we need to nominate people for everything but the Solo Cup.  Please give any nominations to Dick or Jackie to be delivered to the board meeting.

WW report—Keith Brown:  SCS 9-26 went well, had great weather, no feedback from group.  Keith shared that there was an overall low turnout with 100 or so attendees not counting double entries.  Relatively uneventful.  All WW positions are open now, everyone has stepped down this year.  Nominations are now and elections and rules meeting are 11-17.  Rules meeting portion is the hour before the meeting starts.  Event was moved and approved to be a championship event.

Drift Report—Russell O’Connell:  10-19 was last event, fun event.  Little over 50 drivers, # of pre-reg might have intimidated some folks so only 36 in the end.  21 non members, 15 member.  Everything went smoothly except pit bikes but used for wrong reason so safety steward brought up as a concern.  People were using the bikes and a few cones to make their own course in the grass. SS’s tended to it and we’ll have to monitor that more closely.  There was a problem with Drift taking autocross helmets for ride-alongs.  There were complaints of the drift attendees taking liberties with speed and showing off at the autocross end.  Safety Stewards addressed it but otherwise good event.  Suggestions for pit bike problems included tech’ing them so that the owners were more aware.  Evergreen Speedway had their awards celebration at the Tulalip Casino.  Julia and Russell O’Connell won a participant award.  Was good exposure and interesting to see all of the figure 8 awards and others.  Good banquet location.  Thursday Russell and Julia fly down to Red Bull Drift Competition in CA.  Big national event with lots of great exposure for a world championship title.  In off season, Russ is working to find worker chiefs to help share the workload.  He estimates 20 people joined SCCA because of drift events.  Most events $60 member, $75 non-member.  Recommendation made to increase the incentive to join like $20 difference per event.  $15 fits what the Solo side does now.

Event #8—Jackie on behalf of Shelbi and Kirk Engle:  Couple of issues reported were the mic cord was not in the box of cords in the SCCA van.  Had to borrow the BSCC mic—thanks to BSCC.  Drift acquired supplies for their event and that left us short—specifically helmets and radios.  We had some radio issues and did not have any replacements.  Grid lines were stopped a few times for lack of helmets.  Timing lights were hit in the afternoon but we did get a $100 check.  Everyone got 4 runs.  Half of the grid workers time was spent wrangling helmets and this was a big problem.  Bud thought the course was way too tight.  He brought it up to Chris and the SS and the change was made on the course.  Chris acknowledges that it was opened but still didn’t meet requirement.  Standing in grid it was evident that the majority of drivers hit that first c-box cone.  Bottom line, was too tight and a good learning experience.  Course was a lot of fun.

Treasurer’s Report—Lou Ann Christensen:  This report combines last 2 months of activity since she missed the last meeting.  Lots of activity with the Evo School, NT etc.  Books don’t look as good because we are waiting for reimbursement from National Office. 

Equipment — Solo bus status still pending.

Old Business:

-need to address Labor Day weekend events b/c Nationals is now on this weekend.  We should consider trading weekends for it—Dick and I should address with Sherri/Bruce BMP.  Consensus is that we should keep the date and use it for a school, let another club use it but it should not be used for a points event.  Could be a great Coneheads Practice date.  Reason to keep would be for future years so we don’t lose the priority spot.

-Keith is still investigating training costs ($450 for 10 people through who we bought it from).  Looking into Red Cross and other partial 4 hour versus 8 hour classes.  Up for grabs is how to pick the 10 people.  Safety Stewards first and then Specialty Chiefs have been recommended as the priority trainees.  To be decided at a future meeting.

-Trophy Coordinator for Banquet. . . no volunteers, yet. . . Alysson Moffet has volunteered to co-chair with Gretchen Everett and Jodi Fordahl as the selection committee.

New Business:

-Rule Proposal #1:  Change to who can qualify for OPAX.  Keith Brown shared the details and much discussion ensued.

-Rule Proposal #2:  Add TOA and TOP indexed classes to accommodate competitive drivers who would normally run TO.  Much discussion ensued.  This would allow those folks to qualify for OPAX next year if #1 goes through.  Jerry Lamb presented and is willing to amend the proposal to make it that all double entries go into an “X” class for indexed TOPM in addition to indexing AM and PM.

-Rule Proposal #3:  Timing light reduced fee to $50 for hitting timing cables only.  Much discussion ensued.  Concerns about how obvious timing cord is visible. 

-Russell will research the cost of new helmets and radios for drift to present at the next meeting

-Jerry suggested that we need a new mic and cord for the announcers in the timing van—let Brian know.

-Ron brought up that we need another display that would make it easier to see finish times either in grid or at finish lights and we’ll need a second one for the ProSolo lights anyways.

-Bring up who will go to National Convention.