SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 11/13/07

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Dick Willy, Mike and Carol Leuty, TJ McGeary, Bud Bohrer, Val Korry, Charles Aggenbach, Amy Coleman, Glenn Austin, Aaron Pailthorp, Keith Brown, Jerry Lamb, Tim Irwin, Dieter Beldi, Ron Bauer, Russell O’Conner.  Visitors: Victor Moore, Tyler Archaleta, Danny Sullivan.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved as written.

Board Report – There was a date mentioned last month for the region banquet, but it is now erroneous.  They do not have a location and no one was really in attendance to make that decision.  Membership is leveling out right at 1,000 members. 

Treasurer’s Report – Information was presented and discussed. 


WWSCC Report – Not a lot happening since we are done with the season.  January 19th will be the date for the Coneheads banquet.  The only minor drawback is that it could potentially be a playoff game day if the Seahawks actually progress far enough along, but there is a very small chance of this happening due to various factors.  The fallback date would be Sunday the 20th, but the plan is to not advertise this and leave it for the 19th.  The rules meeting is next Monday the 19th at Goldie’s.  This is a change since it is typically held on a special date, but it will now be included in the regular monthly meeting. 




Weekend Membership Program – Dick presented a letter that he wrote to the National office regarding this new program.  There is a small typo where data is being referred to as 2008 but it is actually 2007 as stated in the prior sentence. Dick will be calling Duck Allen to determine his feelings about the situation.  Dick had not been receiving much feedback from our region board members until the meeting last week and apparently this is going to be a difficult program for several regions around the country.  Bud commended Dick for his efforts for a well written letter but reminded us all that SCCA does not respond well to data and feels we will be better off if we get the support of those higher up.




All suggested rule changes must be presented at tonight’s meeting.  The vote will be held at the December meeting after authors are allowed the opportunity the make any revisions after tonight’s discussion.  NO new rules will be taken under consideration at the December meeting.


2008 Supplemental – Proposals


1.                   Add the following paragraph to Section 21. SCORING of the NWR Solo Supplemental Rules:


Competition Runs:  The first three runs at any given event are considered to be the “competition runs”, and only these three runs will be scored for the event and for the year-end awards.  Other runs allotted for the day, at the discretion of the event chair are NOT scored although the times will be made available to the competitor.


The rationale:


Three runs are the norm at Solo events including Divisional, National Tour and the Solo National Championships.  It is appropriate to adopt this standard for the NWR regional Solo series.


When more than three runs are allotted, auditing of the times can begin while the later runs are performed.  The number of runs possible depends on many things including the number of entries, hours of daylight, course length/run time, weather, etc. and is at the discretion of the event chair.  These non-competition runs are practice runs and can allow opportunity to take passengers, try a different car setup, different driver, etc.


Per Section 7.3 of the National Solo Rules, “Each driver shall be allowed at least three official timed runs per course.  Only the fastest official run per course will be scored.”



2.                   Ladies Index Class

Section 15.


Combine most Ladies Classes into two indexed Ladies classes, Ladies Index Stock (SL), and Ladies Index Non-Stock (NSL). This does not eliminate the existing Pax Ladies classes which would remain as the upper level or Pro class.  It does not include Street Tire Ladies.



There were a total of 22 ladies that entered one of the classes that would be affected.  Of these only 5 attended enough events to quality for a season trophy.  3 in Stock and 2 in Non Stock.




Drifting Event Supplemental rules – A set of supplemental rules was presented by Russell O’Conner for the pilot NWR Drifting program.  A discussion was held and it was determined that the rules created for Drifting by National Office in cooperation with San Francisco Region SCCA and Middle Georgia Region SCCA are “official” and must not be changed.  He can add to these rules in the form of the supplemental rules, but nothing can be deleted, specifically the fact that entrants must be 18 years of age or older to participate.  Dick reminded the group that since this was a pilot program we will be a little more lenient and expect that things will change as the year progresses.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.