SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 11/14/06

Members in Attendance – Jerry Lamb, Gretchen Everett, Amy Olson, Tom LeCoque, Mark McCooey, Lou Ann Christensen. Sean Green, Dieter Beldi, Val Korry, Alan Dahl, Mark Snell, Mike Leuty, Randy Ayers, Mary Lee, Ron Bauer, Keith Brown.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved as written.

Board Report – Rally is looking for an EMT.  We currently have 1040 Members with 40% rejoining after the first of the year. The BMP scheduling meeting is tonight.  Race made $9000 last year.  The Time Trials group would like to give Solo a big thank you for helping them cover their year end expenses.

Treasurer’s Report – Please see attached.

WWSCC Report – Not much happening.  They are trying to find a new webmaster.  Alan is currently working with Glenn Austin, but it’s been difficult to find someone that has enough time to commit to the project.  There are some preliminary dates for the Slush series, but it will depend on the Southern California events.  Coneheads will be held on February 10th.


Equipment Report –  Brian will be taking the Solo bus into the repair shop.  He will address all of the things that were voted on and approved at past meetings.






October 15 (BMP) – Shelbi & Kevin were the event chairs.  93 entrants.  The weather was horrible and with it being the last event of the year not many showed up. 


2007 Solo Chair – We are STILL looking for a replacement for Jerry next year.  Someone needs to step up and take their turn helping this region move forward.  Jerry has come up with a plan to help divide up the responsibilities.  Splitting up the responsibilities may lessen the load for one individual person.  He would like to see a BoD Liaison, and an Operations Manager added to support the Director position.  Mary Lee has volunteered to be the BoD Liaison.


NORPAC Convention – It is being held in Reno the first weekend in January.  We are still looking for volunteers to help cover the Roundtable discussions for the Solo venue.  So far we have discussed the following ideas:


Data Acquisition – Bud has been working on this.  He has been in contact with three vendors with one committing to showing up.  It may be added with a couple of the subjects below based on the amount of time that Andy Hollis will need for his discussions.

Car Classification theory/issues – Andy Hollis

Regional Car Classification – This may be added to the Data and Car Classification theory round table. 

Solo car setup I & II – Andy Hollis

Trophies – This has already been added to the agenda.

Regional Issue Round Table –

Party Planning – Gretchen has agreed to cover this roundtable.


Coneheads Banquet – Will be held February 10th.  Save the date.  The menu has not been planned, but Keith and Kristi will keep the group updated.  The cost will be $30 to participate.


Trophies – Kristi has ordered the small helmets for 2nd place and below.  Jackets will be distributed for first place positions.




Rule Proposals –


#1:  Combine STS with NS4. – When we started the consolidated classing idea a few years back, STS was a large enough class to stand on its own and did not need to be grouped with the other Street Touring classes.  Now the numbers just don’t support having the separate class. 


#2:  Administrative Clean Up Issues – Rule 11 add the following line; Failure to complete a work assignment may result in restriction from future events, at the discretion of the Event chair and/or Solo Chair.  Rule 16 revise line for consistency.  Change to state Street Touring cars run with the Stock Classes.  Rule 17 Edit the last line to read Street Touring classes are not eligible. 


#3:  Team Competition Proposal 2007 – Team competition was once a regular part of the WWSCC season.  Currently, there is no team activity in either the WWSCC or SCCA series.  Mark Snell has talked to several newer competitors who were not only unfamiliar with the concept, but expressed interest in participating in this additional element of the Solo II pastime.  Mark Snell feels there is sufficient appetite among our racers to re-introduce this fun activity to the SCCA event participants, and submitted the following team competition administration/scoring outline:


I.                    Launch – Each team needs to be named and assembled NLT event #2

II.                  Team Make-up – Four members all permanent

III.                Scoring

a.      At each event, total of best 3 members’ point

b.      Teams can discard their worst event performance (e.g. keep 7 out of 8)

c.       Points by position in class, F1 system (10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1)

d.      If only two members of a team are present at an event, a ‘virtual’ 3D member will be counted, whose points will be equivalent of lowest scoring of all the opposing teams’ members, excluding bonus points.

e.      Bonus points

i.         1 for team whose scoring member had the closest margin (e.g, Joe got fifth in class by beating the 6th place person by .002 seconds)

ii.                   1 for team whose member had the smallest variation in their raw run-times

iii.                  1 for team with fewest penalty seconds.

    IV.       Misc.

a.       Disputes will be submitted to the team competition administrator for resolution. 


Mark Snell has volunteered to be the team competition administrator.


#4:  Course working proposal 2007 – Typically, workers are assigned with some thought, cone-spotting is remorselessly demonstrated at every drivers meeting, and some sort of general oversight of on-course action takes place.  But, it does not appear to be sufficient.  The person who wrote this proposal felt there were too many disruptions penalty errors, communication snafus, and safety let-downs.  Although all this breaks up the event flow, the bigger issue is that it undermines the competitive atmosphere, i.e. it is a disservice to the drivers.  The proposal would be to create a station “Chief” for course segment definition and maintenance, worker training and monitoring, flagging, radio, extinguisher, and chalk.  Then you would establish a course “marshall” position to actively monitor each station’s performance, and work in conjunction with current ‘course control’ position.  This proposal would also eliminate all novices from working the course. 


#5:  Full-season prepayment/registration – Allow a competitor to pay for an entire season all at one time.  When someone does sign up they would receive one free entry.  There is a possibility of using an “ID/punch” card or sticker that would cover you for tech inspection and registration. 


#6:  Ideas for Novices – 1) No course working  2) Course working training included in course walks 3) Closer watch on novice event limit. 


Points #3 - #6 are not actual rules proposals.  They will be taken under consideration and addressed, but will not be added to the rulebook at any point.


2007 Specialty Chiefs –


Course – David Lewis may be interested

Waivers – Tim Irwin and Erika Cowan may be interested

Equipment – Brian Norton may be interested

Timing – Glenn Austin and Enrique Garcia

Workers – Keith and Kristi Brown

Scoring – Jodi Fordahl have volunteered for next year.

Registration – Jason Spore or Dick Willy may be interested

Tech – Mary Lee may be interested in covering the stock half of the day, but would need training.

Grid – Glenn may be interested.

Trophies – Amy Olson

Novice Chair – Jackie McInnes and Chris K.


Packwood Assistance – An idea was presented to help with the flood relief in the hardest hit areas of Packwood.   Highway 12 was 5’ under water and there were several cabins that have been completely destroyed.  The downtown area seems to be okay but several of the outlying areas have been affected.  Lou Ann reminded the group that it was important that IF we donate supplies that we run it by the Region board.  This is simply because donating actual merchandise may affect our non-for-profit status.  A motion was made and seconded to donate $1000 to either the church group that is coordinating the relief efforts, or there is also another coalition that we could possibly donate the money to.  Jerry will find out exactly where the money should be sent.  Jerry spoke with the coordinator and their first need is MAN-POWER.  This might be shoveling mud out of people’s houses, hauling garbage, or whatever needs to physically get done.  There are several people interested in going down to Packwood and helping with this in person.  Jerry will send a note out to the list and see if we can organize a group of “SCCA” people.  Once we get a total he will contact the church group and let them know how many of us are coming.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:29 p.m.