Solo Committee Meeting Minutes 11/11/03

Visitors -  Alan Dahl, Mike Lillejord (Fast Mike), Shelbi Zigler, Glen Hernandez, and Annie Bauer. 

Minutes Review - Minutes have been approved as written.

Board Report – Race has put together a schedule for 2004 with a single and a double regional in April, along with a performance car clinic.  Double National will be held in May at Pacific Raceways. A Double Regional will be in August along with another car clinic.  Nascar will also be coming back in the month of August.  Rally held an event in Hood River in October.  Because of political reasons, right now the Wild West Rally is not on the calendar.  There will continue to be discussions regarding this subject moving forward.   The Rally banquet will be on the same day as Coneheads, January 31st.  The Regional banquet is currently scheduled for Bison Creek on January 17th.  It will not be the extravaganza it was for the anniversary last year, but it should be fun.  The region is looking for a volunteer to help out with the Corvette show in 2004.  Val has offered to help consult for the event, but will not be running everything by himself. 

Treasurer’s Report - Please see attached. No unusual activity for this month.  Paid remainder of balance for insurance for the bus.  Lou Ann is going to contact the insurance company to make sure that we have current insurance cards to put in the Solo bus. 

WWSCC Report – The season is finished.  They are looking at re-vamping some equipment.  They may partner with BEAC on some equipment and then store in the BEAC van, specifically a hand-truck and a wagon to carry cones around.  The date for Coneheads will be January 31st; more details will follow as things have been finalized.   There are three events currently planned for slush events by ACE, Torque Steerers, and the UW FSAE club.  There has been discussion that these will be members only events again this year.  December 2nd is the date for the rules meeting.  It will be held at the Rogue Brewery in Issaquah. 

Equipment Report   Tom is the only person who has driven the bus since we’ve repaired the battery.  The bus starts just fine, but it is still having radiator problems, even in the cooler temperatures we’ve been seeing lately.  The radiator is probably marginal, and we may have a thermostat problem too.  A proposal was approved at a prior meeting to take the bus in for repairs in this area.  Karl replaced the fuel filter.


Timing Equipment   The new equipment was not working at the last event.  It is unclear exactly what is wrong and whether it is actually broken, or if it was an icy weather problem.  Kelley is currently trying to determine the status of the situation.  Jim Daniels hit them at event #7.  At event #8, he went out of his way to tell Karl that he had replaced everything that was damaged.  We will continue researching the situation and get everything up to date.

Old Business


Event #7  Jerry Lamb was the event chair and felt that everything went reasonably well.  He learned a bunch of important information, number one being it is very important to call people into grid before the drivers meeting.  There were 152 entrants who all received four runs and the event was done before dark.  He was extremely appreciative of the Specialty Chiefs, also wanted to thank Jodie and Tom LeCoque for going way above and beyond the call of duty.  Jerry also felt that an important focus for next year should be to address the area of “waiver patrol”.

Core worker Practice /Port of Shelton – Beautiful day and most everything went well.  The scheduled EMT did not arrive. Fortunately, Scott was able to find someone at a local fire department.  There were about 10 people there to work and run a few events.  Found some exposed fence ends that will need to be ground down and covered.  The course design will be important to make sure that we have enough space to pit all of the entrants.  This will require some additional coordination.  Dick has suggested that the executives at the Port of Shelton contact BMP for a model of how this sport may be a viable business alternative for them in the future. 


Event #8 - Aaron Pailthorp was the event chair.  There were 134 entrants.  Everything went well and he had a great time.  Would like to see the Event Chair checklists updated.  Could thank about 50 people for all of their help.  He felt he could have known more about the “course design” process.  He was unclear exactly what his role as Event Chair should have been.  He did enjoy himself and may possibly be an Event Chair again in the future.  He also wanted to remind people how fortunate we are to have such a great community of fantastic people in the Solo scene and we truly are the friendly region.  The group agreed that the event went well and Aaron did a fantastic job!


New Business

Coneheads – Coneheads will be held on January 31st.  


Year-end Trophies – Gretchen will be handling this again.  The group agreed that they would like to look at clothing again for 2004.  A suggestion was made to look into some type of folding, and/or directors’ chairs.  Annie Bauer has agreed to work with Gretchen to help accomplish this.


Reno Convention (1/9 – 1/11)  A motion was made and approved to pay for Karl’s airfare, hotel and registration fee. 


National Convention (2/5 – 2/7)  Everyone should have received a flyer regarding this event.  It will be held in Kansas City at the Hilton Hotel.  Karl will not be able to attend and would like to find someone who would be willing to go in his place to represent our region.  Bud Bohrer is willing to volunteer for this position.  The region will cover the cost of his airfare, hotel and registration fee.


2004 Schedule – Proposed dates (unofficially) for next year will be March 7th (BMP), March 28th (Packwood),  April 18th (Yakima), May 9/16/23 (BMP), May 30th (BMP), Looking for a June date (possibly at BMP), July 24/25 National Tour (BMP), August 8/18 (BMP), September 5th (BMP), and October 17th (BMP).  We may also have an event at BMP on October 3rd.  Packwood will also be a site possibility.  Karl’s intentions are to hold more practices and schools throughout the year, so he is trying to reserve as many sites as possible.  He has coordinated the regional schedule with the National schedule.  There are currently no conflicts between the two schedules.


04’ Specialty Chiefs – We are going to need a few replacements.  Keith will return as Chief of Tech, Erika will return for the stock half of the day for registration, Aaron Pailthorp is interested in being the Chief of Timing, and Glen Hernandez is willing to cover Grid if that position is open.    Karl has not heard back from everyone yet, but will keep everyone posted regarding our needs.


SCCA National office - Topeka has created an outdoor patio at the National Office.  They are selling engraved bricks on this patio for $100.  Karl would like to see the Solo committee purchase one of these bricks.  A motion was made and passed that the “Northwest Region Solo – Friendly Region” purchase one of these pavers. 


Perpetual Awards - There are several regional awards that are given away on a yearly basis.  A suggestion was made to create an annual award for Solo.  Karl suggestion based on the hard work and dedication that Bud Bohrer has shown to this region over the past several decades the award be named in his honor.  Bud suggested that rather than just using his name, John Martinson also be included with this award.  He suggested calling it the “Founders Award”.  We currently have the Solo Cup which is awarded to a person who has done an outstanding job of participating in the Solo venue administration for a period of five years or more on a regional and national level, but people felt it was important to award to have one to present every year.  A motion was made and approved to move forward with this award.  Karl will work with Bud to come up with a plan.


2004 NWR SCCA Solo Supplemental rules –


First idea presented is to change the current classing structure shown in 15. SCCA CLASSES.  The proposal suggests that the classes will be broken out as follows:


Stock Ladies (SSL, ASL, BSL, CSL, DSL, ESL, FSL, GSL, HSL)

Non-stock Ladies (All other ladies classes)

Stock 1 (SS, AS, FS)

Stock 2 (BS, CS, ES)

Stock 3 (DS, GS, HS)

Non-stock 1 (ASP, BSP, ESP, BP, CP)

Non-stock 2 (CSP, DSP, FSP)

Non-stock 3 (AP, DP, EP, FP, AM, BM, CM, DM, EM, FM, F125, Formula Jr., Spec. Formula Jr., Formula SAE)


The idea behind this proposal is to improve competition depth in the regular classes.   Street Tires, Pax, ST, and SM have not been addressed in these changes due to high participation levels.   An in-depth discussion was held regarding this idea.  The group did not agree with breaking woman’s classes into one large group.  They felt the woman’s classes should correspond with the open classes.  A suggestion was also made to remove the formula junior classes from the non-stock 3 class and create a separate class for them alone.  Tim will remove the new numbering and classing from the proposal and will leave this to be addressed should be left to timing and scoring.  A motion was made to vote for the above proposal taking into consideration the three mentioned revisions.  The proposal was voted on and approved.


Second idea presented is the change the passenger allowance rule section 4.  Parts of Section 4 currently state that a passenger is permitted on any run during the event provided:


(1)     The driver is an event entrant and the car has passed Tech inspection;

(2)     The passenger is a non-competitor or has completed all of his/her competition runs or is competing in a PAX class as defined in sec. 16.


The proposal suggests that section number 4:2 be deleted from the rule.  The rational behind this proposal is it would allow all drivers to have the learning experiences that is currently allowed for the PAX drivers in riding before their runs.  An in depth discussion was held.  A vote was held regarding option #1 and it was NOT approved.


An amendment was made to create an Option #2 proposes to replace section 4:2 with the following language – If the driver is a novice, the passenger must be PAX competitor as defined in sec. 16, or a novice instructor approved by the Novice Chair or Event Chair.  The revised proposal (option #2) was approved by vote.


Third Proposal - Delete SCCA regional Open Street Class.  A vote was held and the proposal was approved. 



Chief of Waivers -  Nash Johnson this year’s Chief of Workers suggested that to help eliminate all of the trouble of finding someone to cover waiver patrol during the entire day, a new specialty chief position be created – Chief of Waivers.  The group agreed that this was indeed an issue to deal with.  Karl will put a call out for volunteers for this position.  A second suggestion was also made to hire a local organization to cover this position, such as the UWSAE club.  He also suggested that Grid now be responsible for controlling helmet check-out.

Adjourn - The meeting was adjourned at 9:57 p.m.