11/12/02 Minutes


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Board Report


On the racing side there is probably going to be a Winston cup race and they will need plenty of corner workers.  There will also be a Speed Vision competition.  Double Nationals will be over Memorial Day weekend.  Divisional Convention is coming up in January.  The event organizers would like a pair of entries to National Tour for use as a door prize.  There is no longer going to be a date selection meeting, requests should be sent in via mail.  Apparently, our site in Bremerton may be coming to an end since the site has been zoned for an industrial area and racing may no longer be possible.  Dick has already contacted the Race R.E. and let him know that we are trying to establish a relationship with the site in Shelton and we may want to collaborate on our agreement. .  There will be a banquet celebrating the 50th Anniversary for SCCA on February 22nd.    Solo will have the ability to use Pay Pal for entries at our events as soon as March of 2003. 

Treasurer’s Report

Please see attached report.   

Equipment Report


Scott Miller is taking the bus in for repair on Thursday.  Scott has asked that everyone think about what types of repairs and/or changes we would like to see added to the Solo bus.  Ron suggested that a fairly inexpensive stereo with a couple of cheap speakers would make the bus driver’s experience much better.  Especially when driving to far away locations such as Yakima.  Scott is going to have work done to the gauges, battery replaced, coolant changed, breaks checked, value adjustment may be necessary, steering gear repaired, oil change, and other misc. work such as a general engine check and tranny service.  Karl suggested we might have the company look at the way in which we use the bus and offer suggestions for giving the van more power.  Bud suggested that we purchase a set of jumper cables and chocks for the wheels.  Other suggestions for purchasing in 2003, laser heads for the timing system, a second timing display, and a laser printer.  A motion was made that we allocate $1,000 for Scott to use repairing the bus on Thursday.  Anything above and beyond this total should be approved with Karl, Ron and Lou Ann.


The FM transmitter booster is here.  The cable connectors were incorrect.  Karl has purchased new ones and we should be live at the next event. 


Old Business


Site Committee – Scott and Dick have had difficulty trying to reach the Port of Seattle.  The Port of Shelton is going to bring up Motorsports clients at their January annual meeting to see if this was a relationship they feel comfortable with.  Dick is suggesting that we develop a public relations campaign that will help heighten the awareness of SCCA before we try and finalize arrangements with the Port.  Potential new sites are Packwood, Whidbey Island Naval Station, and a freight airport in Moses Lake.    


Event #8 – Ron Bauer was event chair since there was NO other volunteers.  147 entrants total.  Had quarterly membership meeting.  Kevin Dietz was volunteered for the NEW Board Member at large.  Thank you Kevin!


Practice November 8th – Benefited the ASE program at the UW.  Entrants were able to get 14 runs total and the weather was incredible.


Coneheads Banquet – Will be on February 1st at the Maplewood Golf Course.  Same venue as last year. 


Trophy Committee – Jodie and Gretchen have collected the list for trophy winners.  First place will be jackets with REGIONAL champion on the backside with name, place, date and Fordahl Motorsports on the front left chest.  There are also wind pullovers for second and denim shirts for third place.  The total cost of the trophies for all regular classes will be approx. $2500.  This includes ALL artwork set-up charges and embroidery cost.  The group made a motion to approve that total plus tax and shipping.  Jodie and Gretchen will move forward.  Specialty Chiefs will receive jackets with name, year and Specialty Chief on the front, left chest.


Supplemental Changes – Recommending that we strip out all unnecessary language from the rule regarding double entries at regional events.  He would like to see it basically read that the double entries will be allowed based on the Event Chair’s recommendation and not a hat, or a committee, etc.  The group agreed that it should continue to require a committee consisting of the Event Chair, Chief of Registration, and Chief of Timing before a final decision can be made.  The change was approved.


Number 13: Out of group runs.  Would like to remove the words “required form is available at registration”.  There is currently no form available.  The group suggests that rather than removing the words a special form should be created and made available to our competitors.  Remove the words “this allowance applies to Regional events ONLY.  Group agrees.  Also changing the requirements to read request MUST be posted on the scoreboard rather than should be. The group agrees.


Novice Classes: Would like to add sentences that read a Novice is an individual competitor who has not competed in more than three (3) SCCA Regional events.  A competitor that has run as a Novice three (2) times MUST move to a regular class.  Group agrees with these changes.


SM2 -  This supplemental can be deleted because this class has now been listed in the National SCCA rulebook.


Section 15:  SM, STX, STS, F125, Formula Jr. – These classes have been added as National classes and can be removed from our regional supplements.


Chiefs of Specialty for 2003 -  We have had a couple of people who have volunteered.  Still need timing, workers, and registration.

Karl has contacted John Galfano.  John suggested Nash Johnson for some type of position in 2003.  Anyone interested, or with names of people who are interested should contact Ron Bauer.  Mike Leuty has suggested that the Specialty Chief positions should be split into two halves with one person responsible for each half of the day.    




Ron Bauer is looking for nominations for both Worker of the Year and Novice of the Year awards.  Karl nominates Scott Miller for Worker and Matilla Boscollo for Novice.   Bud nominated Jerry Lamb and Dick Willy for Worker.  


Mike Leuty has suggested that an award for Course Design of the Year be created.  This may help motivate people to volunteer for the position. 


Good of the Order