SCCA Solo Meeting

November 13, 2001


Visitors: Trever McDermott


Board Report: Race and Rally didnít report much. Dan Miklovic resigned as Assistant R.E. (Frank Hamilton took the vacant position). There was a discussion of increased Solo II representation at board meetings.

Non-profit tax status issue was discussed. Individual venues need to include their minutes into Board minutes. Individual venues will still have separate budgets. Individual venues need to report inventory including inventory held at memberís homes.


Treasurerís report: See attached report. This includes a summary of Event 7. P&L for October was a net income of 1389.22. Balance Sheet is a new item in the report. Currently known inventory is included. Call was made for people to report additional inventory they know about. Solo II will get a Visa/MC for expenses. Janelle, LouAnne and Ron are authorized to sign.There is a $ limit where the board has to approve it. Not sure what that limit is.

Equipment Report: Karl discussed enhanced announcement system. Equipment is readily available. One product discussed would be audible for people within a ľ mile at a cost of $280. Ron Bauer will investigate what national office does with their similar product. Karen found the original package for the timing display and suggests we use it. One of the easy ups is broken, but we have two good ones.


Old Business: Voted to pay the airfare, registration and hotel costs for someone from NWR Solo II to attend NorPac and National conventions. Need more door prizes for NWR Banquet. Voted to contribute a free entry to 2002 Bremerton National Tour to the auction at NorPac convention. Reports on Event 7 and 8 with 89 and about 140 entries. There was a suggestion to publish 2 run group and 3 run group schedules ahead of time. Will autocross banquet be Jan 12 or 26? Discussed National Tour date.


New Business: Season Points for PAX Ė 5 of 7 was voted in. Intent vs Strict interpretation of the rules was discussed and suggestions made for changes for next year. Mike Leuty suggested a Time Only Indexed class and will propose this at the next meeting. Schedule for next year. Cheney, Yakima, Bremerton, Emerald Downs and Everett are the likely sites. There were suggestions for novice school tie-ins with BEAC, practices and intermediate school. Best sites for schools are Bremerton and Emerald Downs. We could use other end of Bremerton during a normal event for a practice. The plan is to have a published, confirmed schedule before the season starts. Discussion of alternative sponsors. Discussion of buying a used trailer to hold the cones. Suggestion of 8 width x 10 length x 6.6 height so that you can walk in with cones stacked on each side and a ramp in the bottom.