11-14-00 SCCA meeting


No visitors. RRRrrrrr


Board Report:


 Ron and Mike Leuty.  Tax situation.  We’ve had 2 years of no profits, waiting to hear about the profitable year. 


Race had given more information about their financial status.  Double National and Bremerton made money, Monroe and Mission BC lost money.


For 2001 they are having a school @ Park Place on February 3rd.  They are looking at the State Patrol area in Shelton, might not happen.  Rally co-sanction event.


Jack bailey was @ the meeting, damage from National Tour, estimate is $1,100+ tax.  Better than it could have been.  Jacks and jackstands went into pavement from jacking of cars.  There are 56 holes, tack and repair then seal with tack.  National office said insurance could potentially cover but would not be worth it to pursue.  There is also damage from the Mckamey school.  Can’t do anything on new pavement.  Had out stuff on hottest days of the year.  Never did the plywood stacks, would be a good idea for next season.  Val said we should use the other side as pits.


Because Jack was there and Ron wasn’t going to be there, there were concerns voiced.  We didn’t get a whole lot of insight.  Jack after own agenda.  Jack primarily represented the race side.


Banter back and forth.


Newsletter is late.  Publisher issues were why it was late.  We may get new publisher.  There is another person who could publish for less but he’s in Shelton.  We’d have to do the layout also.  Linda might be willing to do that according to the emails.


The secretary had a stroke the night of the membership meeting.


 Joe: candidate statements added to web?


Banquet committee roster


Change in dues for 2001?  We’re one of the most expensive regions, newsletter over web?


We have 1,340 members now.  More than ever.  We have 60 more members than this time last year.




Treasurer’s report: 


We are all paid up on bills, including late fees and sanction and insurance for practice (next months report.)  Regional #8 had $2900 in entry fees. Few National Tour bills still left.  Made transaction with Jim’s Detail for t-shirts.  Paid Regional 7-8 fees. Bremerton practice received $490 and paid race for the site fees of $190.


National Tour – we still haven’t requested reimbursement from National Office.


We are waiting for a bill from BEAC for Boeing site fees and portapotties.


We received payment from ACE for old timing equipment of $500.



Val suggests to put somethiong on the www telling people to come to the meetings

Equipment Report:


Solobus:  Ron explained what happened with fire extinguishers.  The person Greg was going to get them through no longer is able to get them.  Curt’s girlfriend’s relative works for a fire extinguisher company, so he’s checking into getting what we need.  It’s not a big deal to have them asap now that the season is over.


Discussion starts about things to be done to the bus over the winter.  It’s been suggested that we use the money from the Arrive and Drive to build a table into the bus professionally.  Heater is out of the bus.  Getting holes filled would be a good thing.  Ron notes that a mouse family moved into one of the loaner helmets.  Need storage in van.  Bud: folding table.  File cabinet behind driver.  As much floor space as possible.  Overhead cargo bin from 767 is suggested as a storage area.  Spend time laying out stuff in bus.  Place for display?


Karl asks about criteria for getting additional drivers qualified to drive the bus.  Explained that generally it would be a co-driver situation so that one person could drive the bus while the other drove the race car or tow vehicle.  Bus driver also gets free entry to event along with counting it as their work assignment.  Karl and Bill volunteer to be on the list of approved drivers.


Tie rod ends, and other things on the front end should probably be replaced.  We have the money to spend, we should get the bus in good running order.  It’s suggested that we talk to John Leuty about going through the bus.


Old Business:


Norpac Roundtable and National Convention are coming up January 5-7 and January 30 – February 2, respectively.  Dick moves and many second to reimburse Ron (airfare, lodging, convention fees) for Roundtable and National Convention.


Ron says he will continue to be the Solo RE for 2001.  He says this will be his last year and that he would like to find an Assistant to groom as his replacement.  He has made an instruction manual about what the position entails.


Coneheads Banquet.  January 13th .  Gretchen says she’d prefer to keep at the RockSalt Steak House but they are booked for the 13th.  River Rock in Renton is available the 13th, but the cost is about $28-$29.  Choice of 13th and $4 more at River Rock or the 27th at RockSalt is put on the table. Noel votes to put information on the NW list and let the “people” make the choice.  General opinion is that we should avoid that.  $25 seems to be the pain point.  Bill suggests that the clubs could split and subsidize the difference.  Keep it @ $25 a head.  Go after a sponsor?  Mike would like the date to stay the same.  There is also the golf course idea.  River Rock seems to have a lot of room.  Looks like nice place.  The attendance at the banquet has been growing.  Karl likes River Rock because he can stagger home.  Ron says that the WWSCC treasury should be able to cover it.


Region Banquet is January 20th.  Pretty good time last year.  It will be held at Emerald Downs.


Awards Committee:  nothing’s happened.  Ron will send e-mail to people involved


Vote in regional election.


John Martinson is the guy to vote for in the Area 13 Director slot.


UW Arrive and Drive.  9 attended and shagged cones.  All day…  Made $800.  Ford told us to stop driving our personal cars after the Neon kicked butt.


Day after Ride and Drive we had a practice @ Bremerton. We had about 34 people attend and things were very laid back.  People that were there all day got 12 runs for $15.  We need to buy 4-5 big cones.


New Business:


Nominations for Regional Awards are requested:


Mary Pang Unsung Hero:  Works behind scenes to forward regional activities. 

Manley Enthusiast Award:  enthusiast and willingness to be involved in activities.

Stan Burnett Inspirational Award:  lifestyle award for SCCA. 


Awards generally alternate from one venue to another.  Manley and Stan Burnett awards are what we could nominate people for.  If anyone has any suggestions, bring those to Ron’s attention.


Site Committee needs to get the rear end in action.  Val: we need to move on Whidbey or outside the hangars.  We need to go to the Port of Seattle again.  Satsop nuclear plant is asked about.  Oregon Region has checked it out and says that the pavement is in poor condition.  Banter about sites.


National Tour for 2001?  General concensus is that we want to hold one for 2001.  We need a site now.  Ron’s thinking Bremerton.


Date selection is tomorrow night (11/15) for Bremerton Raceway.  Ron goes over how dates will be chosen for 2001.  First round of selection involves “Speedweeks.”  Basically a club or clubs takes a one week period of Saturday through Sunday and holds a week of racing.  Basic premise is that these events will bring people into the community to spend money.  Two of these are allowed in the first round.  Drag racers are planning to use one of them in May.  2nd round, clubs get a certain number of picks during the prime summer time (April 15 – September 15.)  There are 50 prime dates available.  Ron has talked with BSCC about sharing the dates for the Tour again, but they’d rather not do this.  Their proposal is to do a Solo Week between PCA, BSCC, and SCCA.  We could then hold our Evolution schools during this week.  BSCC would then select our normal Memorial and Labor Day weekend dates as practices, and then co-op those with us.  Jodi thinks we should take the 3 days that SCCA is allotted for ourselves.  We would then only need to share one day with BSCC.  Everybody is in favor of Solo Week.  Ron explains politics of the whole thing and the fact that Race wants to do a SpeedWeek.  If they do this, then we probably wouldn’t get the Tour dates.  The only available dates nationally are the final two weekends of July.  General concensus is to let Ron go forward and see what he can work out.  It’s also noted that we may be able to get a date before April 15th or after September 15th for additional events.  Bill also suggests using the Tour as a pair of Regional events.