Notes from the NWR/SCCA Solo II Meeting of 10/13/98

NWR Board (Mike): National office did an inspection of S.I.R. and said that no more races could be put on there until improvements are made. The current manager is not interested in making changes, but the owners are trying to get new management.

Bremerton Users Council date picking meeting is November 18, 1998. Mike will give the requested dates to Jodi and to Andy Collins.

Nominations were closed for the Director at Large positions. There are 3 candidates vying for 2 positions. Ballots will be mailed out soon. There are a few proposed by-laws changes to be voted on also.

Possible dates for the Region banquet at Emerald Downs are Jan 16 or 23. We need a volunteer for the banquet committee. Joy is the chairman for the event at this point.

The NorPac Roundtable is January 8-10 in Reno. Arctic Alaska Region is making the arrangements. They are looking for sponsors. For $250.00 sponsors get a full-page ad in the program. There is a function at the auto museum that also needs a sponsor. The registration fee for the Roundtable is $75.00. Rooms were quite reasonable last year. The Roundtable is not intended only for administrators; it is a good event for anyone to go to and is a great opportunity to visit with friends from other regions. Arctic Alaska is working on seminars that will be of interest to everyone. Last year we gave entries to the Seattle Tour and Pro for the silent auction. Moved and seconded that we do so again this year.

Budget (Bud): Total assets as of August 31 are $14,412.69, split between the checking account, general savings, and the Site Fund. Trophies for half the year haven't been billed to us, and there is money set aside for year-end trophies. We can bill Fordahl Motorsports for the second half of the sponsor money.

Equipment (Mike): Ron Babb is looking into purchasing a timing sensor like was used at Nationals. It is an infrared sensor and can be put farther away from the course than the sensors we currently use. Price is approx. $350.00. Purchase was OK'd.

Novice Program (Cynthia): We have had about 160 novices run this year. Some people have been staying in Novice for a while but nobody has said anything, as they are not beating the class yet. The next Novice Chair may want to keep on eye on that situation. The people who were very quick right from the beginning have been encouraged to move to regular classes. We will be looking for a new Novice Chair for next year.

Old Business (all):

Regional #5 at Everett – Dave Bell was the event chair. The event ran very late, until about 7:00. Had some great cars show up. Neil Konzen came in from Italy and brought his 512TR. The cooperation with Facilities was very good, but lots of clean up of the site was necessary on Saturday. The Sani-Can was placed close to where we wanted it for a change. The course design was good but did not lend itself to much overlap, which made the event run very late. Other ways to use the site, which would allow more overlap, are being studied.

Regional #6 at Bremerton – Mike Leuty was the event chair. The main thing that went wrong was that we couldn’t communicate with the pits. Mike has spoken with Ron and they have decided to put the remote PA speakers through the pits and use the wired speakers for the grid area. Even with the problems getting people to make the changeovers, we got done at around 6:00 and went to a nice place for food and drinks.

Regional #7 at Kent – Carol Leuty was the event chair. The event got done early, and we would have had fun runs if not for the quarterly Region membership meeting. There was lots of overlap on the course and there were 3 cars on course at a time most of the day. We ran 3 run groups in both the morning and the afternoon, which the majority of people like. Attendance was 142, which was a little light to run 3 groups but it worked out.

Intermediate School – It has been many years since we had an intermediate school and it went very well. Glen has the feedback from the students. Having lots of runs allowed the instructors to work on specific problem areas. Each instructor was assigned 2 students, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each student took 2 runs, then the instructor drove the student’s car for 2 runs, and then the student took 5 more runs. Glen would like to have a couple of this same type of school next year. Many students would like to see split times in the future. One of the most common comments from the students was that now they know it is not the car that is the limiter.

University of Washington Ride and Drive – Had been scheduled for a week from today, but will not happen. The University refused permission to use the north end of the Montlake lot. The organizers will try it again next year.

New Business (all):

Regional #8 at Kent – Craig Anderson and Larry Imbeau are the event chairs. Karen needs help on course set up on Saturday at 1:00. Still need chiefs of Grid, Teardown, and assistant chief of workers. The map was passed around for review. We have had 1103 entries so far, an average of 157 per event.

Year-End Trophies – We need to decide what type of year-end awards we want this year. If it's trophies of some sort, Victory Awards needs to know what we want by mid-November. Volunteers for the Awards Committee are Susan Collicott, Dave Bell, Ron Bauer, and Larry Imbeau. The budget is around $50.00 per award, not including special awards.

Coneheads Party – Brianne and Gretchen are working on the Coneheads party. Brianne has spoken with Latitude 47. They have January 16 and 30th available. We will take January 30. Brianne will secure the date and we will decide on menus later.

Computer committee – Nothing to report now. Committee was suspended during Nationals. Mike would like to see something happen on this during the winter.

Scheduling – Some people would like to see more practice days. It was suggested that we could have Saturday/Sunday events, but in the past that has not worked for various reasons. Since land adjacent to the Boeing lot is up for sale, it becomes a priority to look for new sites. Some of those being looked at are: The Super Mall in Auburn, a Boeing lot in Auburn, the Boeing Renton/East lot, Emerald Downs, and the Emerald Queen. We want to have another Ladies-Only Practice next year. We can't seriously work on our schedule until after the Bremerton date-picking meeting on November 18.

Meeting adjourned to GOO.