Notes from the NWR Solo Meeting of 10/14/97:

NWR Board: Solo I is having an event at Bremerton the last weekend in October. Race has a new Treasurer. Larry Imbeau volunteered to help represent Solo at a Region booth at the swap meet at Monroe in Nov. The Region membership meeting will be at Bremerton October 25th; they will be accepting nominations for the Board positions (including two Director-at-Large spots) at that meeting. Nominations may also be submitted in writing to Joy Kreick. The two Director-at-Large positions being vacated are those currently held by Val Korry and Bill McClarty. The officers slate has all of the existing people (who have agreed to continue); if there are no opponents those positions will not be included in the election. Rally has an event coming up Nov. 8th/9th in the woods near Shelton. They are having a dinner at the Little Creek Casino, Sunday after the Rally. They need workers. The Region is ordering T-shirts with the Region logo and some car stuff on it. Rally is ordering 100 of the 288 total they are getting, for a cost of about $x.xx apiece. They are generic in terms of year. Venues can buy them and sell them and all the profit goes to the venue; if people order them directly from the Region (for $15) the Region gets the money. Does Solo wish to do as Rally has done? Joy says they'd make a great Christmas gift. Craig says we can't lose, and the fact that they are not dated means they could be sold for a long time--he thinks we could probably sell 50-75 of them. Motion seconded and passed to buy 50 for resale. We need to sell them for $15 so we don't undercut the Region's overall price. We could always get more and sell more later. The Region banquet hasn't been set yet; they are asking when the venue parties are. They are looking at Jan 17 or 31. NorPac Roundtable in Reno, apparently at the Silver Legacy, is January 9/10/11. Location is TBD; possibly Tacoma. Emerald Downs might be a possibility. Jodi suggests talking to Sherri Havens, who's been doing some research for the Porsche Club. Angela (and Joy) have a book which contains a variety of banquet facilities. Mike reviewed the information about the Roundtable (mini-convention).

Budget (Bud): We have money. $xxxx.xx in the account Bud set up, to be specific. That includes general and site balances. Since then we have had events 7 and 8, paid fees for event 6, and wound up with about $xxxx. The balance from the leftover old account was about $xxxx, which when added in yields a total fund of about $xxxxx. Denver still owes us for National Tour, we still owe BEAC and the Police Challenge. Jodi reports that Bremerton's paving has been delayed but there has been a recent meeting and they should get it done very soon, at which time we'll owe our pledged amount. Sharon R. reports that Victory Awards hasn't billed the Region for the Regional Series event trophies. Some of the budget is set aside for year-end trophies, other is allocated for site fund. Mike asks if we could channel the site fund separately; Bud reports that he has set up a separate account for this. People need to be aware that some formality is needed in making submittals to Bud, both in terms of incoming monies and receipts for reimbursement.

Equipment: Ron has recommended that Solo buy two more sensors which are compatible with what we have, so we'll have spares. Doug Braun has found a source which costs about $150 apiece (noticeably less than the JAC price). Motion seconded and passed to buy two, coordinating with BEAC. JAC will be using new sensors on their equipment which won't work with our vintage of box, so we need to be sure we are equipped to cover our needs for a while. Ron is already pursuing it.


Novice program (Glen): Reports it's doing fine. Cindi Bell is slated to take over next year. Discussion on turnouts, number of people who moved to other classes, consideration for Novice of the Year.

National Tour followup: Nothing of significance. Bookkeeping followup is in progress.

Event #6 (Bremerton, 8/31): Angela was event chair. Article in NWSCN was written by somebody other than our regulars. We need to get more Solo writers for these things next year. Tim Dutton is still looking for an assistant editor, and someone to help with paste-up of the newsletter.

Event #7 (Everett, 9/21): Peggy Kirkpatrick was event chair. It was a "different" course but kind of fun. For next year we don't know how accessible that lot will be.

Event #8 (Kent, 10/12): Craig Anderson event chair. Course was great; high-speed section into decreasing radius turn with curb on outside might have been a safety concern. Need to be sure about morning Registration crew next time.

Regional Series: This year we had 8 events; 2 at Everett, 2 at Bremerton, 4 at Kent. Turnout at Kent averages about 120, at other sites just over 100. Might want to reschedule so there isn't such a gap from July to October at Kent. There were some schedule changes which some people missed. Jodi: if somebody would get together camera-ready artwork, we could get the tri-fold cards printed up as we've done in past years. Discussion on distribution of hardcopy versions of the schedule. Discussion on avoiding events on 4th of July weekend. Possibilities considered included 2-day events (reducing the number of weekends impacted), having the Walla Walla event be a Regional. Bud commented that the economy is pretty good here right now, and this typically affects our turnout. If we continue to grow, we'll be better positioned to withstand a future downturn.

Course working quality: Several cones were off-spot at the last event. Discussion on how we can train course workers: at the Novice school, during Novice course-walks. Other suggestions included breaking briefly after each run is complete to have the course workers check their areas. Need to make sure cone boxes are nice and dark too. The second group in the morning appeared to have a Novice starter; this might not be a good idea. Discussion on reinstating the Chiefs of Specialty program as we had it in 1996, rather than the more informal C of S program this year. Problems: the Chiefs often ended up doing the work, or picking the people to do the jobs (when it's the Event Chair's job to do that). Need to think about this program and discuss it in the future. Discussion on responsibilities of Starter, Chief of Course (penalty call-in).

Passengers: Proposal passed, will be used next year in the Supplementals. We'll review them before they are finalized next year. Starters and Grid should check belts and helmets. Discussion on whether Novice drivers should be allowed to have passengers. It's within guidelines.

Pro Solo in 1998?: NWR might have an opportunity to host a Pro Solo next year. The preliminary work is about the same, but National Office takes care of most of the day-of-event administration. Host Region has to provide workers for the Sunday Challenge runoffs; this has been a problem at Pros in the past. Discussion on event format, course features, etc. We'd need to look at our schedule to see if it fits. Possibility of proposing the last two weekends in July. Mike will get a copy of the bid package to see what the commitment is. Gretchen: how are the workers allocated? She's concerned about us having enough focal people to provide chiefs for both events back-to-back. Joe has asked people who haven't been involved with the Tour if they would commit to helping with a Pro and has received positive feedback. Discussion on core worker burnout. Val thinks we ought to decide if we want to do it and go from there. Glen: the surface of the Kent lot is not ideal, and some people do not like to run there. Bud: we should have a committee who will take a look at coming up with answers to the issues which have been raised, and try to have proposed answers by a future meeting. Joe thinks we should just put the bid in, see if Denver accepts it, and go from there. He thinks he can put that together. Bid requires an event chair, chiefs of specialty, a proposed site, etc. Mike will call Denver and express interest and get bid packages; a bid is not binding.

McKamey school: They take 12 students per day for a weekend. Brief classroom in the morning, then run their pre-designed course (which has six areas with timing splits). You drive, they drive, more classroom, more driving. Lots of seat time. They do not allow cars with no passenger seat, apparently. We pay for their transportation, their motel, and $75 per student (last we knew). This would be a two-day or three-day item. Mike figures we'd have to charge $125-$150 per person. McKamey is recruiting new instructors, some of whom may be west coast guys so the air fare would be cheaper. Discussion of site: Bremerton might work. Time frame: our people have typically indicated they'd prefer early in the year (May). If we're interested, we need to look into it more. The group appears to support pursuing this. Mike will contact them and find out what the actual terms are and what dates are available.

Rule changes: Next time.

Coneheads party: Angela has researched the Petroleum Museum in Seattle. It's a fun and interesting place to go, which already has a setup with catering and such. Their prices would be about the same as last year. What we would get for our money would be much more than last year, and the atmosphere is better. There should be adequate parking. Angela will talk to them about entree choices (can we have two?). Jan 24 is open. She will have more data next month.

Awards: More discussion next time. Kimball wants a jacket (nylon with fuzzy lining). Supplier from Nationals had plaques with little cars and cones on them. He's in Florida, which means there could be a large shipping bill. We need to get ideas to Wayne & Sharon within the next month.

Solo Chair: We need nominations/volunteers for next year.

Bremerton: Their scheduling meeting is coming up. The model airplane group has gone away. Mike and Jodi will coordinate what dates NWR Solo II wants to submit. We'll try to get the Memorial Day event, and we might also want to try to book it for a possible site for the Pro Solo.

Other sites: Discussion on Emerald Downs, Olympia Airport.


Meeting adjourned around 9:15.