Solo Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2018

In attendance – Tim and Gretchen Weidemann, Taylor Wargo, Jaejun Yoo, Tim Monk, Mike and Carol Leuty, Kevin Dietz, Crystal Stegman, Charles Aggenbach, Bud Bohrer, Kit and Jessy Gauthier, Tim Naugler, Tim Irwin, Jim Zhu, Karl and Amy Colman, and Keith Brown.


Location: Mod Pizza - Bellevue

Last month’s minutes review – moved and approved




NWR Board Report (Gretchen Weidemann) – mission of the board is under review, how can the board help and re-energize the region?  Discussion about new website and rally program, and working together with other groups to figure out a good schedule for all venues.  Also discussed the region helping to obtain new site since all venues seem to be having this difficulty.


Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – Balance is good on the banking side, Good start on the bus replacement fund. Still some money coming from the HOT T’s for the tee shirt sales at the NT and PRO. Gretchen send a reminder email, so please let her know if Kristi does not receive a check.


NORPAC Report (Jessy Gauthier) – The team hasn’t met since before Nats. Jessy has Kart tech list. Code of Conduct has come up it regards to regions running nationals course before the event. National convention Jan 17-19.


WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – One last event for the year. Dawgtoberfest in Shelton. Port of Shelton date selection coming up this month. Understeer/Oversteer. Approved and Championship event. Rules season coming up in Nov. for WWSCC. Jerry staying on as President. Karen still onboard till late next year.


Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) – Bus is back at Jim’s Detail. Pencil in a PM in the spring. AED is with Tim and Gretchen. Need an extended range antenna for timing heads and get a wireless system for displays. Kevin will look into this purchase and bring information back to the group. Farm TECH has the antenna, cover for the displays for rain protection. All chiefs review your needs and bring anything to the next meeting to make our club better.


Recruitment Report (Joey Jones) – Not in attendance. Nothing new to report.


Old Business


Event #8 Recap - (Event Chair: Dee Carter) – Fun time. Good event, Dee did an incredible job. Time of registration might need to be adjusted.  Possibly change to 12:00-12:45 registration time for afternoon. This will be good to discuss with the Chief of Registration over the winter and determine a final schedule for 2019.


NEW Solo Director 2019 - Gretchen and Tim are stepping down. Who will replace them? 5 year term is over. Time for a new team to step up and figure out how to run the Solo program. This means we need a new Solo Director and a Secretary. Gretchen and Tim will gladly stick around to help out the next team, but we really need some new volunteers to step up.  Gretchen will stay in position through the end of January, which covers the rules proposal process, and also the Conehead Banquet.  Tim may be stepping down at the end of the year.  IF you are interested in either of these positions, please let Gretchen know.  She can be reached at


First Aid Training - Currently signed up Mike and Carol Leuty, Tasha, Tim Irwin, Karl & Amy Coleman, Taylour Wargo, Tim Weidemann, and Charlie Morales.


New Business

Coneheads Banquet – Currently looking at 1/26 at Bahama Breeze, Jessy has agreed to chair this.


Rules Proposal – Process starts next month. All rules must be presented on paper giving an example of the rule to be addressed as currently written, and then again showing all proposed changes. Please be prepared to share 20 copies at the meeting.


Open Discussion

Street Survivor school coming up at pacific raceways. Still need help with instructors. Great way to put your skill to use and impart your wisdom on car control and how to survive on the street.


Time trials coming to Oregon Region. Some possibility to run time trials at NWR race events. Check into the latest rules for class structure.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM