Solo Committee Meeting 
October 11, 2016

Attendees: Steven Ouk, Jim Zhu, Tim Naugler, Jean Clayton , Mike and Carol Leuty, Wayne Reuter, Brent Vitolins, Kevin Dietz, Ron Bauer, Charley Spyksma, Tasha Mikko, Keith Brown, Tim Irwin, Karl and Amy Coleman, Val Korry, Bud Bohrer.

Last month’s minutes review - Approved as written.


NWR Board Report (Gretchen Weidemann) - Region is looking closely at our CPA.  She has been inactive and disconnected with our group. Looking for a new volunteer to step up to take over as treasurer.  With the recent name change, we are still in the process of getting the status of non- profit conformed. Kito is involved at the region level for the rally program, 2 events coming up the 13th and 19th. One at Riverdale and one at Dirt Fish.  Race program is still undergoing growing pains. They are trying really hard to get consistent attendance at events so that it pays its own way. Track night in America has been going on in the region put on by the national office with no advertisement for continuing to attend events in our region. Banquet time is coming up in January.  The co-hosted event seemed to work, and the group agreed to hold at the same time as Race/Region. Currently 832 member, still growing at a higher rate than most of the other regions. Solo is still growing, 

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) 
We have monies, we are slightly ahead of our last year end finances. Slight hiccup with the national reimbursement. Got sent to the region account rather than our solo.  Found it quite interesting that nobody noticed until Kristi mentioned it to our RE.  Final accounting will be available at Nov. meeting.  Gretchen will print out copies of the full report for discussion before the end of the year.  

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) - There is an event on the 23rd. Dawgtoberfest. 

Equipment Report: (Kevin D.) The Honda generator is missing from our region equipment. We will need to find or replace the generator. It was last seen at event #6 at BMP.  It is time to prep the bus for storage over the winter.  The group suggested Kevin pull out the electronic items, AED, Displays, radio batteries, and sound meter.

Recruitment Report: (Joey Jones) - Show season seems to be winding down. Some off season cards are available for all to hand out to others that may have questions about the upcoming season. Next season cards start off with 500 cards and some magnetic cards.  Joey made a motion to approve $110 for magnetic cards to handout at events.  Moved and approved.  Survey going out to the novices that attended this year to find out how they liked our system and what we might improve to help out novices in the future.
There is an upcoming event at the Monroe track that some of our members are going to attend. Maybe some recruiting can happen at this event and see if they want more autocross action the upcoming year. 

Event #8 Review (BMP) Event Chair: TJ McGeary.  Wet and dry day. 118 entries for the day. Nice straight forward course, good for short day and marginal weather.  Ended the season on a positive note. 

Site for Sale at the Port of Seattle – Site Committee - Gretchen would like to see the Site Committee become active again.  They all agreed to continue, and said that if sites were suggested to them, they would check them out.  The group suggested several site for investigation: The Port of Seattle, the former location of the Emerald Queen Casino riverboat, the White River Amphitheater in Auburn. Also, the Kent trucking lot seems to be getting of use. Anyone seeing a lot that could be used or have a contact to any of the previously mentioned lots please let us know.  This will remain an open agenda item so we can keep up the awareness.

Save Packwood Committee - So far Kurt, Kevin, Brent, Gretchen, Ron and Tim have shown an interest in getting together to discuss Packwood.  It is important for us to try and stay ahead of the next time this site gets put on the auction block so that we can be more prepared, IF there is any solution we can come up.  Gretchen suggested the group get together for dinner some time before Thanksgiving and will try to pick a date. 
2017 Schedule - Packwood rates are going up this next year to $1500 per day. No news yet from BMP.  It was suggested that we could possibly get another event at Bremerton and dropping one of the Packwood events.  The idea was also brought up that we may be able to share weekend dates with other clubs and run dual day type events.  One club Saturday, one club Sunday.  Perhaps OR SCCA might be interested in running simultaneous events.  Is that possible?
Other suggestions were - possibly using 2 weekend days at Bremerton, dropping one region Pro and holding a practice instead, although we don’t bring in many dollars with practices either.  Keith also reminded the group that Evo is coming to our region this year if we can get an available date at Packwood. 

2017 Specialty Chiefs - Gretchen is going to start recruiting earlier this year.  Anyone willing to step into a spot or interested in learning more about a specific area should let her know.  Any current Chiefs that want to repeat will have first right of refusal.  Please let her know if you are willing to stick around for another year.  We are currently looking for a Chief of Registration, and Timing so far.  

Coneheads - Do we want to have it at a different location? Jill and Scott Miller were looking at Lemay’s auto museum, but the cost will be more expensive.  Are we sticking to the current location? The group agreed to look into this option, but suggested it wouldn’t be as feasible if the cost per person went over $30- $35.  Research for other options is ongoing.

Moved to adjourn 8:30