SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 10/14/2014
Members in attendance –  Gretchen Everett,  Tim Weidemann, Bud Bohrer, Keith Brown, Tasha Mikko, Laurie and Eric Hyman, Karl and Amy Coleman, Mike and Carol Leuty, Shane Jensen, Charles Aggenbach, Tim Stake, Karen Babb.
Meeting Minutes – Tim W. moved to approve the August minutes, Laurie H. Seconded. No corrections.
Northwest Region Board Report (Karen Babb)– General status reports – not  a lot of action at the moment, NWR banquet will likely be at Emerald Downs in late Nov. or early December (note that the Coneheads banquet is where the Solo Awards are presented).
Treasurer's Report (Kristi) – Documents were presented and discussed. 2014 budget projections were good. Event 8 is not yet accounted for. Anyone interested in reviewing the budget report can request it from the treasurer, Kristi Brown.
 NORPAC Report (Keith) – nothing much exciting, unable to find any NORPAC convention information and the convention is unlikely to occur. The NORPAC representative now has a new title, “Solo Development Coordinator”. The rep is tasked with writing an article about the NORPAC region once per year. Keith will submit ours in the early months of 2015.
 WWSCC Report (Keith) – US/OS at Packwood. The weather was great both days. Saturday night social was well received. TS provided main dish and a gas bbq. Guests brought side dishes. TS hung lights inside the building on paracord and powered the lights with generators set outside of the building. It was suggested that in 2015 the paracord and some lights should be hung at the start of the season and placed high enough for trucks/timing van to clear. Lots of people went above and beyond and the events ran smoothly. Attendance was low, but there were two other autox events going on that weekend and the Global Rally Cross was in town as well. The courses were excellent, some competitors liked them better than the 2014 NT courses. The events were approved for the championship. Last event of the season is this weekend 10/19/14. WW needs officers – pres, sec, maybe vice pres. Meeting is the third Monday of each month.
 Old Business
Event 5 revisit – The stock registration chief wanted to clarify the issues that registration had at this event. At event 5, PM registration had a database issue that was concerning, but was managed and did not cause a significant delay. The only other technology failure that registration has had since the club changed over to barcodes occurred at the first event it was used – Event 1 2013. Minor issues with linking to the wirelessnetwork to merge the databases after registration have occurred 2-3 times over the last 2 years but that issue has been resolved. The group discussed concerns with registration and timing systems and determined that the best solution is to have registration and timing chiefs and workers meet during the off season to discuss what is working well and what is not and work on solutions. The group agreed that all the chiefs need to do a retreat to discuss operations during the off season.
 Equipment Report – still need to get the second barcode scanner back from Jodi Fordahl
 Core Worker Practice Recap – 8/16/14; went well, cones were hit, cars were driven quickly and there were lots of runs. The Leutys checked on the bus prior to event 8 and it was in good shape and they refreshed supplies. Brandon and Arika Nadeau have done a great job as NS setup/teardown chiefs. Still need stock setup/teardown chiefs. Van needs to be winterized (windows closed, put stay dry in helmets, need access to winter storage site). The Leutys will follow up with Kevin about access to power over the winter.
 Event #6 Recap -  8/17/14; 96 entrants – event Chairs, Jill and Caitlin Snell, not present at the meeting to provide report.
 ProSolo #3 Recap – 8/20/14 –  event chair Shane Jensen. Contacting chiefs for pre-event check in was a bit difficult (people were slow to respond to emails). BIG THANK YOU to Scott Dixon and Joel Ferguson for leading the charge with running timing and taking the time to learn the timing system prior to the event. Overall the event was good, but there were some timing light issues with certain cars (possibly light reflections or something else). Jerry found a manual work around so these cars could run. Need to make some equipment upgrades and investments (for pre-stage, stage, start lights in particular); Jerry Lamb is investigating this.
 Event #7 Recap – 9/21/14; 105 entrants; Packwood – event chair Karl Coleman – only big issue was that stock grid was not set up on time despite multiple reminders from the event chair prior to the driver’s meeting. During event discussion it came to the group’s attention that the stock grid chiefs have not set up grid for their half of the day for the whole season. Event attendance was low, but the courses were good and no other issues were discussed.
 Event #8 Recap – 10/12/14; 119 entrants; Bremerton, Event Chair Tim Stake – The start of the event was delayed for safety reasons; the fog was very thick and course control was unable to see the course in its entirety until about 9:40am. There were significant timing issues that were caused by low 9 volt batteries in the finish trip lights. There were replacement 9 volt batteries in the bus, however they happened to be very old and dead. It was difficult to trouble shoot the problem, and multiple solutions were tried. When brand new 9 volt batteries purchased the issue was resolved. There were concerns expressed about unsafe start releases.
 New Business
 Coneheads – Gretchen will follow up with Jill Snell. Plan is required to be presented at the November meeting.
 Rules Meeting – proposals due in November (bring 20 copies to the meeting), proposal discussion and changes in December (20 copies), voting in January.
 New Meeting Location – Gretchen will scout new locations
 Dick’s Replacement – Gretchen volunteered to be the Solo Chair for 2015.
 Chiefs for 2015 – Scott Dixon has volunteered to continue as stock timing chief, need a new NS chief of Workers (Browns returning to stock half of the day), Eric Hyman is stepping down from chief of course after 3 years, Tasha Mikko is stepping down from NS registration chief after 8 years – Brent Glad has been trained and will be taking over the position.
 Nationals Recap – lots of NWR trophies, good attendance from first timers, fun parties, overall decent weather, lots of breakage and hero repairs, welcome party was onsite and generally fun (could have used better entertainment).