SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 10/9/2012

Members In Attendance— Gretchen Everett, Jodi Fordahl, Tim Weidemann, Dick Willy, Karen Babb, Bud Bohrer, Ron Bauer, Travis Boyle, Tasha Mikko, Charles Aggenbach, Keith Brown, Shane Jensen, Eric Hyman, Russell O’Connell, Dan Podhola, and Val Korry.

Meeting Minutes-  Minutes were approved as written.

NWR Board Report (Glenn) -  Treasurer report was interesting. Moving closer to resolving the non-profit status issue.  NORPAC Convention is coming up in three weeks.  Details that need to go into the bylaws need to be added to make the not for profit status remains okay.  Yearly special awards nominations are open. There are descriptions available on the nwr-scca website.  These need to be done by the end of this week.  There are currently some legal issues between the owners at The Ridge. The race group is very anxious to hear the outcome to plan moving forward.  November 2nd is the Regional Banquet. It will be held at the Emerald Queen Casino.  You can register at Motorsports Reg.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi) - We have received all of the checks for the National events this past summer. She has not collected for the past two events.

NORPAC Report - (Keith) - No contact with anyone, so nothing new to present.

WWSCC Report - (Keith) -  Need a President, VP, and Treasurer. Zane is willing to stay on as Secretary.
Event coming up on the 20th in Shelton - DAWG Dash.  The day before the SCCA event at BMP.  You will be able to rent-a-student. 

Drift Report - (Russell) -  September 30th event at BMP. Weather was fabulous. A total of 37 drivers. A little lower than the past, but very strong for a late fall event. October 28th is the final event at BMP. It was nice to have their own drift fire extinguishers.

Russell’s wife is going to have a baby. This means that he will not be available to run the Drift program next year. He is holding a meeting later this month where he will give an overview of all of the different positions and what is required to conduct them.  He is suggesting that we not book any dates if a person has not stepped up to replace him.  The safety stewards, Ed and Mattia will be remaining, so there will be some experience available.

Pro Solo #3 -  Dan was not aware that Jodi was not going to be in attendance, and was very concerned because he needed to rush at the last minute to find an alternative lap top computer. Unfortunately, Dan was not aware that Tim had one available for him.  He reminded the group that it would be very nice to have one that belongs to the club available for these events every single time so that we are not dependent on someone’s personal property.

Core Workers Practice - Great event with very few people.  Eric went through 25 gallons of fuel. Great course.

Event #7 - Several comments regarding this event. Morning competition wasn’t aware of their times or penalties prior to continuing competition. Not enough time between cars being run. Grid was being processed way too quickly.  It is extremely important that we wait 5 minutes between ALL cars, not just the reruns, especially when there is such a small group of cars in grid. The timing display wasn’t visible from grid.  Overall discussion ended with the conclusion that there was a communication issue in general and this needs to be addressed on a larger level.  In total there were 88 people at this event and a majority of these issues were mostly due to not having enough people.
Event #8 -  Travis Boyle is the event chair.  His only major concern is finding a bus driver. The group suggested that he start hunting for one now since it will be his most challenging thing to accomplish for the event.  It was also suggested that he speak with Joe Goeke.

Old Business

Portable fans for Solo bus (Dick Willy) - Dick has not done anything about this since our last meeting. 
Sound Meter Calibration - Karen gave Matt the information for the unit that she has that is very reliable.  Matt needs to report back with a confirmation that the current unit we own is either out of calibration, or broken. 
Timing Repaired -  Dan is convinced that our timing problem has not solved. After sending the two sensors off to be repaired they will no longer speak to the box.  The group agreed that we should now send the AC4 unit to them as well.  If the one sensor was upgraded, it may no longer be compatible.  Dick will follow up with Race America.

Meeting Location - Still looking into finding an alternative location to hold these meetings.

New Business

Solo Chairman Elections -  The elections are supposed to be held next month according to our bylaws. At this point Glenn can no longer be involved in this position, and Dick and Jerry will NOT be continuing in this position either.  The positive sides are we have a hardy Specialty Chief program put in place.  There are ways to make this an even more efficient position by breaking things into smaller increments.  As an example this year Gretchen and Geoff have volunteered to take care of the scheduling so we don’t run into a problem like we did last year with things waiting until the last minute.  The downside to a volunteer organization is the that “stuff” roles up to the chief when it doesn’t get done, so if things don’t actually get accomplished then it does become this persons responsibility. 

It was also brought up that we may provide compensation to them in the form of free entries at events, or the ability to not have to do any additional work on an event. Meaning there are other things that can be given as a reward.  It was also brought up that it would be extremely helpful for us to create a job description of exactly what has to be done to accomplish.  Some felt that without a very clearly, defined path no one will step up to volunteer for the position.

Gretchen reminded the group that we are desperately in need of a leader for this region. We need a vision for where we want to take this organization in the next ten years.  Writing a job description down on paper is definitely something that can be accomplished, but it should not be the only thing that this volunteer uses to lead this group.  Dick will contact Jackie to find out what she has already gotten down in writing. He will then distribute out to Gretchen, Karen, Ron and a couple of other key people for review.

Rules proposals - All proposed rule changes for the 2013 season must be presented for discussion at the November meeting.

Specialty Chief Jackets - It was brought up at the Core Worker’s practice that we are no longer giving out these jackets, and Tasha proposed that we think about doing this again.  Dick reminded the group that as a region we excel in this area compared to other regions. Our Specialty Chiefs work very hard throughout the year and make the job of Event Chair much easier. The group also brought up the fact that having a jacket was a nice identifier that helped new people recognize someone that may be able to help them.  It was also brought up that we now hold a “Core Worker’s” Practice event to recognize and reward this group of people. That is an $1000 expense already being accrued.

After much discussion it was decided that at this point there was no consensus about how to move forward.  It would be nice to do some research and find out from our core group of workers exactly what might be interesting to them as volunteers rather than us trying to decide what we should by for them.  It was also suggested that this request be made publicly on the nwauto cross list so that everyone understands this type of discussion is happening regarding rewarding our volunteers.

Dollies - It was suggested that perhaps we purchase some dollies to help remove broken cars off of course.  We would only need a pair and should probably be kept in the Solo bus so they would be available at BMP also.  A motion was made that we spend up to $100 for two dollies.  Karen Babb has volunteered to take care of this.  Val also said that he would be willing to donate his. Karen has asked that he bring them to the region banquet and let her look at it.

Equipment - Wireless router has been broken for the whole season.  This needs to be replaced. A reliable one could be purchased for $80.  A motion was made and approved to make this purchase.  Dan would also like to purchase another laptop that can be available for timing and registration for future events, specifically Pro Solos.

Scanners - Dan has determined a plan to try and create a system that would allow us to use bar codes and scanners.  He is willing to work on the programming and Eric Hyman is also willing to donate some equipment to get this accomplished.  Dick appointed a committee consisting of Dan Podhola, Tasha Mikko, Jodi Fordahl and Eric Hyman to further research this opportunity and report back to the group.

Plug n’ Play Timing Equipment - Dan is recommending that we hard mount a lot of our equipment into the Solo Bus so that set-up and tear down of timing isn’t so difficult.  Dan is willing to donate his time this winter to help do the actual work. We need to find a contractor that could help design and construct a plan that would help accomplish this. Scott Engler would be an extremely helpful consultant with this project. Dan will speak with him at the next event and try to work on coming up with a cost.

CAN-AM Events - Eric suggested that since we no longer run divisional events it may be fun to create a new challenge between us and our Canadian counter parts. It could be a double series two-day event with one held here and one held up there.  As long as they are acknowledging SCCA rules and tech procedures then this would be possible. You could have some fun with trophies, and categories, etc. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:59 pm.