SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 10/11/2011 (not approved)


Members In Attendance— Jerry Lamb, Jodi Fordahl, Gretchen Everett, Tasha Mikko, Aaron Pailthorp, Karen Babb, Ron Bauer, Mike Miller. Guests: Paul


Meeting Minutes- Minutes were approved as written.


NWR Board Report (Glenn) - Unfortunately, no one was able to attend. Tom sent a short recap to Jerry for review. They are still looking for a volunteer to cover the secretary and treasurer position. The treasurer will not be an “actual” treasurer. This person will now be a liaison between the region and the accountant that will be hired. Anyone interested, please let Jerry know. The region is still trying to figure out a way to send Sherri and Tom to the Convention is Reno. The solo group has decided that the agenda is not strong enough to send anyone from our program.


NORPAC Report (Keith) - No conference calls, so no major updates. When they reduced the number of SEB members, they appointed the Divisional Stewards to help bridge the gap between the board and the community, so at this point they are rewriting exactly what the new and revised duties for that position will be. Keith foresees the Divisional program going away completely for 2012.


WWWSCC Report (Keith) - There is an event coming up in two weeks (10/23) in Shelton. Dawg Dash will be the last event of the championship season. There will be rent-a-students available for those that don’t want to work in the rain. If you have rules proposals for next season, they must be presented at the November meeting. They are still looking for a volunteer to cover the VP position. Limited responsibilities, mainly Coneheads and the practice.


Drift Report - Russell was not in attendance. No report presented.


Treasurer Report (Keith/Kristi) - Detailed report was reviewed and discussed.




Chief Positions - We are losing the current Equipment Chair for the 2012 season, as Shane will be stepping down. Aaron may be interested in filling the position. The discussion was also raised as to whether we want to actually assign a Chief of Teardown position. Getting enough volunteers to help cover all of this load has proven very difficult. We need to determine exactly how to split the day and make sure that if the person is running in the morning, they will be required to work a regular work assignment. Jerry will send a note out the list with more information.




Packwood Practice/Event #7 (Annie Bauer/Mike Miller) - Open practice on Saturday with 50 unique entrants. 80 total entrants for the day. Great event all around. The event on Sunday was well received and fun was had by all. The laser printer in the timing vehicle broke, so a new one will need to be ordered. A motion was made and voted on to spend up to $125 for a replacement. Jodi has volunteered to take care of this.

Ford Focus event - Jerry spoke with this organization but felt they were asking for way to much time, and energy from our group and it isn’t going to be feasible moving forward.


BMP Event #8 (Garret Bickerdike) - Garret has been in contact with the Specialty Chiefs, and progress is moving forward.




Solo Chair position - At this point, we are looking for a full-time volunteer to cover the 2012 season. Jerry has volunteered to help cover a couple of months, and Dick Willy has volunteered to cover a couple of months. We are hoping that if we cannot find a full time person in the near future, that other past directors may step up to help out.


Sound Limits/Regulations - At our last event we had one vehicle that was presenting a challenge to our current procedures. Ron, and many other people felt that the car should never have been allowed to run in the event. The Safety Stewards on site spent a lot of time and energy trying to find a specific rule that allowed us to prevent him from competing in the first place. General discussion ensued and it was brought up that we have the right to refuse service to any person. We get concerned about being the “friendly region” and we aren’t comfortable reminding people that we do have the right to prohibit them from competing in our events. Karen reminded the group that we have a rule in the book that states this exact thing and that we shouldn’t be afraid to use it. The group was also reminded that just because some of our “core people” felt it was a “cool vehicle” it shouldn’t matter because we MUST follow the sound regulations regardless. Another problem was also raised that we have now set a precedent and other people in this group may hear about this venue and want to participate. The final solution may be that we lower the numbers associated with our sounds regulations. Jerry will look at this before the rules presentation.


Region Awards - The time has come for us to nominate people for our regional awards. Mary Pang Unsung Hero, Frank and Joan Manley Enthusiast, Stan Burnett Inspirational. Descriptions can be found on the region website at


Rules proposals - Must be presented at next month’s meeting. Rules will be discussed during the December rules meeting, and then voted on in January. Please be prepared to present 20 official copies to the group. Again, ALL RULE PROPOSALS MUST BE PRESENTED AT THE NOVEMBER MEETING. No additional proposals will be accepted at the December or January meetings.


Ellensburg Event in 2012 - We have been approached by a person outside of our group inquiring about holding an event at an airport in Ellensberg. Keith has reviewed the site and doesn’t feel that there is a spot on the site that is large enough to actually hold an event. The bigger question was raised as to whether SCCA wanted to hold an event in this location. Some felt that if there was an adequate site there is no reason not to at least review the site. Some also felt that it would be more efficient to have a race club on that side of the mountain such as Sand n’ Sage.

Coneheads Banquet - The banquet is coming up and there are a couple of things that Keith needs to get worked out. Weekends of 14/15 or 21/22 of January are available. The banquet will be $2 more per person, but the room charge will be $1700. If we were to move the banquet to a Sunday night then the cost would be exact the same as last year. Most of the group agreed that moving to a Sunday night wasn’t an option, and that we could not afford to pay the dramatic increase in the cost to hold it at Farestart again this year unless they were willing to equal the room charge from last year.


Power at Packwood - Mike Miller felt there may be someway to figure out how to create power at Packwood next year. Being in his line of work, he has some experience with this, and felt that it was at least worthy of additional research.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.