SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 10/13/2009

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Keith Brown, Dick Willy, Bud Bohrer, Ron Bauer, Glenn Austin, Mike & Carol Leuty, Val Korry, Russell O’Connell, Charles Aggenbach, Karl & Amy Coleman, Jerry Lamb, Rik Vomenici, Sean Medcroft, Joel Ferguson and Jackie Kmetz.

Minutes Review – A motion was made to approve August minutes with one revision. In the last sentence, change the word Bus to Bud.

Drift Report – Sean Medcroft ran the event in September since Russell was out of the country.  There were a total of 39 entrants.  It was cold and raining the entire time.  Apparently, while the event was underway John Quartermass drove across the yellow caution tape designated for spectators, parked his car in the middle of corner one, then got out of his car and walked right onto the course. Although John represents BMP, and has every right to be there, this behavior is absolutely unacceptable. It shows disrespect towards our program, is certainly UNSAFE and we would be willing to be that this would certainly not happen during a race event. Russell was the Chair for the October 4th which had 35 drivers.

They saw the highest number of spectators in attendance at this event.  There were tons of runs for everyone because the weather was beautiful all day.  They had a brainstorming session and came up with a few ideas for contacting media outlets to create stronger buzz for the drift and SCCA program in general.  BIG thank you goes out to Bob Forsberg, who rearranged his schedule and covered the entire event, since no one else was available. One of his goals for the winter will be to have two licensed safety stewards before the start of next season.

NWR Board – The Bremerton dates meeting is set for November 4th.  There are currently 975 members in our region. Work continues on the plan for our regional convention in January. The Divisional convention has been cancelled. The region board retreat is set for November 15th.  The new Area Director election is currently in process.  The Solo Director (Dick Willy) has decided to support John Forespring. 

Treasurer’s Report – Please see detailed report presented.  There is no change on a region level. Kim Craddock has not been returning anyone’s phone calls. They are currently trying to determine who the person responsible for the audit is and contact them directly. This is obviously a serious issue and needs to be resolved immediately.


WWSCC Report – Two events Sportscar Spectacular and Miata cross have been held since the last meeting. There was decent attendance at each event, with an average of 100 entrants.  The weather was gorgeous all weekend.  A motion was made an approved to keep them both as championship events. The final two events are being held this weekend.  Attendance is very light with only about 54 entrants for each event.  The rules meeting will be held in November, so think about any changes you would like to present now and get them organized.  Karl is resigning as President, and Kelley Picasso is also retiring as Treasurer, so there will be a couple of positions available.  Coneheads January 23rd is a date that seems to be working with the city schedule, and also FX McCrory’s.


NORPAC Divisional Steward Report – The Division Cup award for highest Division attendance at Nationals has not been defined, so it has not been awarded.  The Tri-ad award was won by six people this year. All six of them came from the East Coast.  The Western Championship event will be held in Wendover next year, NOT Vale, so this may help increase the participation on the West Coast side.  Tentative dates for the 2010 NT and Pro Solos series so far are - San Diego:  NT 4/11 & Pro 4/17. Wendover: NT 5/15 & Pro 5/22. There dates are fairly firm, but could shift a week one way or the other. There will probably be a Pro Solo event held in Lincoln on May 1st.  There may also be a Tour in Colorado the end of July. Packwood: Pro 7/21  NT 8/27. The National Convention is scheduled for January 30th.  We will be working with SFR and Helena to coordinate dates so more people can actually compete in the Divisional series.


Leftover Trophies – There are several trophies (glasses) leftover from the past couple of seasons. They have been offered to both Fordahl Motorsports and Jim’s Detail shop. Fordahl has expressed an interest, but we haven’t heard from Jim’s Detail.




Year-end Inventory – Kimm and Shane Jensen have already volunteered to be Equipment Chairs for 2010.  They will be acquiring the bus sometime in November and will take a complete inventory.  The drifting group also has equipment that will need to be included in the final inventory.  Russell will check and send a list to Dick.  It was also requested that they do a complete check on the radio inventory and report back to the committee at the December meeting to determine IF we need to purchase any new ones.  The group felt this was mostly a “charging” problem due to lack of Equipment Chairs, rather than equipment failure, but a check should determine the extent of the problem.  


Checklist Updates – Kimm Jensen has volunteered to update the Event Chair checklist. Jackie Kmetz is working on creating and/or updating the Specialty Chief job descriptions.  Karl said that he has some materials that Mike created several years ago and he will forward this information to Jackie.




Rules Meeting - New Rules process will start in November. Please be prepared to present all new rule proposals at this meeting. All new proposals must be submitted in writing and you must bring 20 copies.  Proposed rules and the rational.  The final voting will take place in December.  Based on discussions at the November meeting author may revise the rule, but NO NEW RULES will be accepted in December.  The question was raised as to IF NS4 is becoming too large? 


Nominations for Committee Chair - Jackie Kmetz was nominated by Dick Willy.  The group seconded this decision.


Additional Chargers for Wireless Timing - Ron proposed that two additional chargers for the Wireless Timing system be purchased.  The cost for each of the chargers is $87 plus shipping. The motion was voted on and passed.  Glen Austin will contact the company and arrange the purchase.


Blower for Packwood - A suggestion was presented that we purchase a GOAT blower for Packwood.  This is an incredible piece of equipment and works very well. The Oregon region has also suggested they may go in on this purchase with us and then it could be stored on-site.  The motion was tabled until next month, until further research can be done to determine costs, etc. Carol Leuty has volunteered to do this research.


Split costs of lighting at Packwood – We have confirmation from our treasurer that the Oregon region has paid for one half of the lighting purchases made for the pit building in Packwood.


Meeting adjourned at 8:48 p.m.