SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 10/14/08

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Russell O’Connell, Mark McCooey, TJ McGeary, Jackie McInnes, Dieter Beldi, Mike Leuty, Bud Bohrer, Shelbi & Kirk Engle, Keith Brown, Rik Vomenici, Dick Willy.  Visitor: John Murphy.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved as written.


Board Report – Our region currently has $11,816 in the bank. This reserve is based on several factors, the main being we no longer produce an actual newsletter. Convention topics related to Solo should be provided to Dick, as soon as possible. A rally was held in Palmeroy, and plan to hold at least four rally-crosses their as well.  The Street Survival school was a big success.  Dick does not have many details, but people were told that parents and students were both pleased. Val Korry is currently running for the board member at large, so when you get your ballot, please vote for him. It is important to maintain a Solo presence on the board, so please remember this when the time comes. We will probably have a new treasurer next year, named Norma Woods. 


WWSCC Report – Sportscar Spectacular is coming up in a couple of weeks at BMP on October 28th.  They are still looking for a morning rules steward.  They are also looking for a club to cover Grid (each club typically covers a specialty position) – this year the attendance has been low for most of the individual clubs themselves, so volunteering has been difficult.  Jackie suggested that Dieter contact Chris Kmetz to see if he is willing to cover this since they will be there all day anyway.  The rules meeting will be held the same day as the December “regular” meeting.  All proposals should be written in final format and presented with 15 copies.  It does not seem likely there will be a Coneheads practice, due to lack of sites and high overhead costs. Although Keith really likes the idea of raising money, it doesn’t seem possible this year.  If someone has an idea on how to make this work, please let someone know.  The idea of holding it much later this winter was raised, perhaps late November or early December.

Treasurer’s Report – Lou Ann is stuck at work, and is not currently present. Jackie has reports for her to submit for our NT/Pro Solo expenses.  Dick reminded the group that it is important to contact him first, so that he can forward the information to her new work email address, either that, or just make sure you are sending it there to begin with.


Drifting Report – It has been a busy winding down of the season.  The last SCCA Drift event was held on September 28th on the big side of BMP.  Everyone was pleased about this.  They had 43 entrants that each received 13 runs a piece.  They used a three group format for the first time which was handy since people actually had a down group.  The lock was changed on the BSCC trailer, so fortunately TJ was able to open it for us.  It would have been nice to hear that from BSCC, since we are renting those cones and depend on them.  Russell would like to give a big thank you to Craig Anderson and Karl Coleman for covering the event as Safety Stewards.  There was a total of about $2800 profit net.  The next event will be held on October 19th in conjunction with our Solo event.  There are currently over 40 people pre-registered for this event.  There will be a 50 entrant cap.


Event #7 – TJ McGeary – John’s course was very pleasant to drive.  The course was pre-driven and adjusted to fit within our guidelines.  Everything ran very well and on schedule.  A total of four runs were completed by everyone.  Other than the fact that the bus was abandoned because of miss communication between Sean & Brianne and Brian & Jess, there were no major issues.  Karl and Amy were able to drive the bus home to their house and Brian & Jess picked it up from there.  A suggestion was made that we provide Karl a free entry for a future event for helping out.  A motion was made and passed to provide Karl free entry to our next event.


National Tour – Things seem to go pretty well.  To recap from last month, there seemed to be a lot of issues regarding communication between the National Office, our chiefs and those in charge of the other things happening throughout the weekend, such as the Evolution pre-school on Saturday morning.  Jackie would like to create a manual that covers each of the Chief positions, and would really appreciate anyone who has done this in the past to get involved and write up their section.  Another suggestion for next year would be to hold a Chief’s Meeting outside the Solo meeting so that better communication can hopefully happen.  A big thank you goes out to Jackie and Chris.


Pro Solo Report – The event went well, other than some major timing issues, which were extremely annoying.  Jim Daniels’ course was great – most found it rather ironic that after being told by National office that the course couldn’t have a cross over, that after test driving the course Howard felt it should have a cross over.  Jim stood his ground and pointed out that he had reworked the course to eliminate it based on their request and he absolutely wasn’t going to rework it. A big thank you goes out to all those who volunteered to cover the challenges.  We were told this was the highest level of participation seen all over the country.


Evolution Schools – Lots of weather issues. 70 students over three days.  After expenses we made about $3400.  There has been a challenge filling the Tuesday Challenge school.  Keith wishes they would do is Phase 3 school.  They have experimented with a Phase I/II full refresher course. $335 in parking fees was collected for people leaving vehicles over the week.  National Office also added an additional $100 for this fund. A big thank you goes out to Keith Brown!!!


Equipment Report – Dick is wondering what the status of the Solo Bus is.  The last issues were turn signals, windshield washers, and the gas gauge.  We believe the windows have been fixed.


Packwood Lighting – This has been accomplished.  The bill was just over $1900, so we are within our $2000 budget.  Oregon region will be contributing to this cost, Dick believes at a total of 50%, so he will send Andy a notice. 




Defibrillator - Kristi now has this in her possession. The training is $450 for 10 people.  She may be open to additional people “observing” from the background, but they will not be hands on. Since it is now the end of the season, there is no hurry, but we will need to be figured out who will get trained before the start of next season. 




Dawg Dash Event Status – The weather was beautiful, but running on the small end of Bremerton presents a lot of challenges.  It is also challenging for the new members of the UW Club. Comments were made regarding parking/visual issues upon arriving on site.  There were also timing issues due to having the timing cables stretched a long ways.  This created a lot false trips, but things got much better in the afternoon after issues were discovered, researched and solved.  There were a total of 98 entrants which was probably just about right for the small end. A vote was held and the event was approved for championship status. 


BMP Dates to Sherri – Dick was approached by Howard Duncan with regard to holding our National Tour and Pro Solo events be held in Packwood the last two weeks in July.  Now is the time to request dates for BMP.  Dick would like any input sooner rather than later. 


Event #8 BMP – Shelbi & Kirk will be the event chairs.  They are looking for the event chair keys, but they will not need them since the Porsche event is being held on Saturday. 


Rules Meetings Proposals – Our committee meetings in Nov and Dec will deal with updates and changes to the Supplemental Rules, with the following procedures:

  1. All proposed rules and changes must be presented at the Nov meeting.  The person proposing a rule must bring 20 typewritten copies of the rule, including the current version of the rule (if any) and the proposed rule.  An emailed copy to me and Jackie McInnis (, before the meeting, will be appreciated.
  2. Rules will be voted on in the Dec meeting.  Changes to proposals, or alternatives, may be submitted at the Dec meeting -- but, no new subjects will be considered. The reason for this is to ensure that everyone has advance notice of the subjects being voted upon and have an opportunity to attend the Dec meeting.

     As for the Nov meeting, all proposals must be typewritten and the presenter must bring 20 copies for distribution.
  3. Everyone is welcome to attend either meeting and participate in discussion, but only regular (i.e., annual, not weekend) SCCA members are eligible to vote.

The current supplementals are on the NW Region website (


Election of Chairman & Assistant in December – Elections for both positions will be held in December. Anyone interested in running for either of these positions, please let Dick know. 


Coneheads – We need someone who can volunteer to order and coordinate the year-end trophies.  We also need to start thinking of an event date.  FX McRory’s is available January 17th, or February 7th. Keith has volunteered to coordinate the Coneheads Banquet.  Anyone interested in coordinating the trophies please let Dick know.




Dick will be MIA for November & December meetings.  Jackie will chair the meetings. 


Meeting was adjourned at 8:34 p.m.