SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 10/10/06

Members in Attendance – Jerry Lamb, Jodi Fordahl, Gretchen Everett, Mike and Carol Leuty, Randy Ayers, Jackie McInnes, Shelbi Zigler, Kevin Dietz, Tom LeCoque, Glenn Austin, Bud Bohrer, Keith Brown, Tim Irwin, Mark McCooey,

Amy Olson, Karl Coleman, Lou Ann Christensen.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved as written.

Board Report – Rallycross will be held on October 15th.  Wild West is December 2nd.  Race has a Memorial Day event next year and they’ve been promised the date.  Time Trial had 42 entrants at the Norpac Divisional championship.  Mark McClusky won his class and we had one additional winner from our region.  The regional website has a history section and they would appreciate people looking at it for accuracy.  We currently have 1064 Members in our region.  We will be having a silent auction at the Norpac Convention and our region would like each venue to make a donation for a door prize.  A suggestion was made to donate one FREE entry to the 2007 Pro Solo and one FREE entry to the 2007 National Tour.  A motion was made and approved for these donations.  There is now merchandise available on the NWR website.  Please feel free to take a look. 

Treasurer’s Report – Please see attached.

WWSCC Report – Keith was not available to attend the last WW meeting.  Dogfight was held right before everyone left for Nationals.  The event ran fine and after a vote the event was approved as a Championship event.


Equipment Report – Brian was not in attendance but he has purchased the batteries for this weekend.






October 15 (BMP) – Shelbi & Kevin are the event chairs.  We will use the course presented by Karen Babb.  Kevin has misplaced the course map and will contact Karen to find a replacement. 


2007 Solo Chair – We are STILL looking for a replacement for Jerry next year.  Someone needs to step up and take their turn helping this region move forward.




Norpac Convention – It is still being held in Reno the first weekend in January.  We are still looking for volunteers to help cover the Roundtable discussions for the Solo venue. 


Rule Proposals - Any new rules proposals should be brought to the November meeting (20 copies total).  All proposals will then be voted on at the December meeting.


2007 Specialty Chiefs –


Course – David Lewis may be interested

Waivers – Tim Irwin or Erika Cowan may be interested

Equipment – Brian Norton may be interested

Timing – Glenn Austin has volunteered for next year.

Workers – Keith and Kristi have volunteered for next year.

Scoring – Jodi Fordahl have volunteered for next year.

Registration – Jason Spore or Dick Willy may be interested

Tech – Still looking for a volunteer

Grid – Glen may be interested

Trophies – Amy Olson

Novice Chair – Jackie McInnes/Chris K. will probably help co-chair


Coneheads – The last weekend in January is the Boat Show so it will not be available then.  It looks as if we will have the banquet the first Saturday in February. 


Year end Trophies – While at Nationals Keith and Kristi found a really cool idea for an award.  It’s a miniature HJC fully functional helmet.  The idea is that we can have all of the place/class information done in vinyl and put on the face shield.  They also have checkered flag umbrellas that could be used for 2nd and below.  Another idea was discussed to have jackets for first place and helmets for 2nd and below.  The trophy committee will make a decision based on today’s discussion and feedback from current trophy winners.


Year-end Awards - We are currently taking nominations for Rookie of the Year and Novice of the Year. A nomination was made for Jackie McInnis, Mary Lee and Chris Kmetz.  Any additional nominations should be sent to Jerry BEFORE the November meeting.  Nomination for Worker of the Year is as follows Brian Norton/Jess Lynch, Gretchen Everett,

and Jodi Fordahl.   A nomination was made for the Mary Pang Unsung Here award for Tom and Jodi LeCoque.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.