SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 10/11/05

Members in Attendance – Bud Bohrer, Keith Brown, Jerry Lamb, Fast Mike, Karl Coleman, Alan Dahl, Kevin Dietz. Amy Olson, Lou Ann Christensen, Jake Nygaard, Mike Leuty, Scott Miller, Bill Buetow, Val Korry.

Minutes Review – Approved as written.

Board Report – The newsletter will be moving to every other month. Since we are moving to a new production company, they will also be posted on the web for those that are interested in reading them online.  Both of these changes should save a decent amount of money.   The board retreat was held to discuss the state of each venue.  Time Trial broke even for their first year, which is impressive for their first year in operation.  Race is having their supplemental rule meeting on October 23rd.  Dan C. is stepping down from his position.  We are now back to being a large region rather than a jumbo region.  They are looking for board nominations.  Several positions are up for re-election and the solo group agrees that Scott, Lou Ann, Ananda, and Kim should all remain in their positions. 

Treasurer’s Report – Since there was no meeting last year see combined September and October.  Most activity was from the Pro Solo and NT.  The remaining balance for the bus has been paid.  BMP deposit for final event this weekend.  All donations for the Packwood Adopt-a-Family Fund have been made for 2005 site usage.


WWSCC Report –  Enduro, Miatacross, were all discussed and approved as Championship events.  Dog Fight was held two weeks ago.  Although the Chief of Weather was fired, the event was good.  They are having issues with finding rules stewards for their events and are trying to gather a list of people interested in holding these positions. There is some confusion regarding who is responsible for filling these positions.  The FM transmitter is now in their possession.  Glen Austin has volunteered to take over for Kelly to put it all together.  The Coneheads practice will be held on October 23rd.  The co-host agreement is still being finalized since this is a fundraising event things may end up a bit different, but a meeting will be held to discuss the options.


Equipment Report – Karl reported that we may be having a problem with the transmission on the bus. We will be able to get it to the final event, but then it will need to go to EKC for a check-up.  It’s also time for it’s general maintenance, oil, etc.  Karl reminded us these problems started after its return from EKC.  He feels that they should be approached because we should not be responsible for covering the entire cost to replace.  It was also brought up that we need to spend some time and money to help maintain the Packwood site, if we want to keep it in good running condition.  There are several cracks that need to be dealt with before winter comes.  Karl suggested that first we contact the mill and/or Angus to make them aware of the situation.  A suggestion was also made that we purchase some type of boom box so that our FM transmitter can be heard in the pits. 




August 14 (Bremerton): Kevin and Gretchen were the event chairs.  Five runs were had by all and the event was fabulous. 


September 4:  (Bremerton): Erika Cowan and Fast Mike were event chairs.  Mike stated that being his first event, he learned that he should have taken more responsibility when inspecting the leaky cars.  A comment was also made that the event chairs need to make sure that things are constantly moving and attention is paid to every detail to ensure that things stay on schedule. 


September 24 – 25 (Packwood): Jake and Shalyn were the event chairs.  Awesome event!  It was nice to see Madison with her Katrina fundraising efforts.  The course was interesting and seemed to run a little smoother on Saturday than Sunday.  Bud reminded us that the yellow no trespassing signs should be better distributed throughout the site, with one being posted at the entrance.  Bud also brought up the fact that the courses should run away from the building to help avoid some of the problems with the surface. 


October 16 (Bremerton) - Jerry Lamb will be the event chair.  Karen Babb has agreed to be the course designer.  We still need a bus driver. 


August 13th Club Trial– Didn’t have as many entrants as the first event, but they did break even.  Everyone involved has a blast.




2006 Specialty Chiefs – We are looking for next year’s Specialty Chiefs.  The Browns have already volunteered to cover Chief of Workers.  Kevin will cover equipment again.  Shelby is not interested in being Chief of Waivers unless someone can come up with a way to help cover the AM shift.  A suggestion was made that we offer free entry to someone who might be interested in covering this on a regular basis.  This raised on issue about bribing people to cover crappy positions. This may set up a precedent that we are not comfortable with. 


Time Trial Seed Money – This new venue has proven they deserve the opportunity to exist and are in need of seed money to help ensure this group stays in existence.  Race has already agreed to offer $1000 to help cover this and Jerry would like to see Solo offer an additional $2000.   A motion was made that we donate $2000 as seed money to help get this group on their feet. 


2005 Specialty Awards – We are looking for nominations for both the Worker of the Year, and Novice of the Year.  The following people were nominated for Novice of the Year – Shalyn Morrow, Amy Olson, and Jackie McInnes.  The following people were nominated for Worker of the Year – Keith Brown, Karl Coleman, Bob Forsberg, Glen Hernandez, and Aaron Pailthorp.  Any other nominations can be emailed to Jerry Lamb.


2006 Rules Meeting - Our rules meeting will be held during the October meeting.  If you have any new rule suggestions, please bring them to the meeting with at least 10 copies so people can review for discussion. 


2006 Pro Solo - Jerry wanted to see a committed from the group that everyone is willing to work their butts off to hold this event next year.  We are hoping to see the event the weekend after National Tour.


2006 Events and Locations – How many events do we want to hold at Packwood next year?  There are more dates available at BMP since race seems to be cutting back.  People were very excited to hold as many events in Packwood as possible, but it was also brought up that we need to hold Novice schools at a local site to help encourage attendance.  Weather was discussed as an important factor, along with separating the weekends we run in Packwood so that people don’t get burned out from too many out of town events.  The group agrees that we should pick up the new BMP date in April and not hold an event in Yakima this year.


Race Supps Meeting - This will be held on October 23rd at Andy’s Diner is Seattle.  It would be nice to have several Solo people show up to help show our support.


Articles for NWSCN – One of the goals for the new newsletter will be to have more regional content articles included. Please feel free to offer more personal articles in the future.


Coneheads/Trophy Committee – They are currently looking at holding it January 21st.   It will be held at the same location as last year. Now that we understand how the visual equipment works, we should be able to have a much better trophy presentation this year.  Alan Dahl has volunteered to chair the committee, along with Amy Olson, and Kevin Dietz.  Gretchen has agreed to take care of the Specialty Chiefs jackets.  It was also agreed that we will add Equipment Chair to list of people receiving jackets.


Speaking to community groups – One of the main focuses of the region is education.  With this comes the opportunity to speak to local community groups.  So if anyone here is a member of any group that might be interested in this situation let Jerry know because the region is creating a lot of new presentation materials and would be happy to provide someone to attend their meeting.  Kevin is speaking this Thursday at a high school in West Seattle.


Laptop Upgrade – A motion was made that we spend up to $1200 to purchase a new Solo laptop.  It was also agreed that Ron Bauer may purchase the old laptop for a $200 donation if he does the research for the new laptop. 




A suggestion was made that we hold a “Core Workers” only practice.  This may help increase the number of volunteers. The group agreed that this was a great idea, as long as we constantly offer these positions to the general public to avoid a situation that seems like people much a part of the “in-crowd” to be involved with these types of situation.


Meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.