SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 10/12/04

Members in Attendance – Karl Coleman, Gretchen Everett, Aaron Pailthorp, Dick Willy, Bud Bohrer, Mike Leuty, Shelbi Zigler, Lou Ann Christensen, Jodi Fordahl, Jerry Lamb, Keith Brown and Fast Mike, Tom LeCoque, Nash Johnson, Terri Johnson, Sharon Reuter, Wayne Rueter, Tim Irwin.

Minutes Review – Approved as written.

 Board Report – The region is going to keep an unused credit card machine around for website merchandise.  Newsletter postage to foreign members is getting too expensive.  Kim will write a letter to these members letting them know that they will not receive anymore by mail without an additional fee.  The newsletter will be available on-line.  Race has paid all of their bills and are working on getting enough funds to hold three events next year.  A decision was made that Solo I will remain within the Solo venue.  Rally held the Wild West event with 30 entrants.  There will be a new design completed for a fresh look and feel for our NWR website. Race is still looking to keep their dates at BMP.  Family memberships have increased this last quarter.  Two BOD positions will be up this year.  John Forespring has agreed to hold office for one more year.  Kim Craddock is working with the National Office to hold university classes here in the NWR.  Roundtable will be held the second weekend in January in Reno.

Treasurer’s Report – Lots of activity for the past two months.  Cleaned up most of the Evolution School refunds and also received the bill from the UW guys for gate patrol at NT.  We paid for our NT shirts and should break even.  We sold a box of wristbands to race ($60 deposit).  Event #6 fees were deposited.  Received a partial check from the National Office for the NT.  We have not paid for event 7 and 8.  Should be paid in November.  Still have some outstanding bills from NT.  Lou Ann is expecting them all in SOON! Karl will contact BMP regarding port-a-potties.  Jodi brought up the fact that since Skookum had raised there fees for the port-a-potties, BMP felt that they should be able to increase the fees charged to all of the clubs using the site.  BSCC, PSC and SCCA have all been charged the same fee increase although all three clubs have used the site a different number of times.  Since this fee is supposed to be included with our site fee, some are very concerned that they are forwarding this fee on to our clubs, without amending any of our contracts.


WWSCC Report – Since the last meeting three events were held.  Enduro, Ace Dogfight, and Sportscar Spectacular.  Alan has changed his mind and is willing to be the web master until he gets a new job.  The BMW club is interested in holding an autocross.  They are not looking at being a WW Club, but are interested in contacting other local clubs to learn how to hold a successful event.  They may be interested in piggy backing with another club, but would prefer a closed BMW event.  If the numbers are not too high, WW has suggested they may be able to entertain a BMW Club Class.  This club is also interested in holding a “drift” event, but are not covered under the K & K insurance.  They have their own policy that does allow them to race though.  Stay tuned for more details.  A vote was taken and all SCCA members attending approved all three of the above events.  They will be holding a rules meeting sometime the first week of December.  They are currently looking for a President, a Vice President, and a Treasurer.  Anyone interested should contact Susan Collicot or Enrique Garcia.


Equipment Report – Fast Mike did create the boxes for the timing lights.  Aaron felt the boxes were not stable enough and we need to do something different.  We do need to order some more equipment.  Steve Roberts has begun the process and also given him a down payment.  Jodi has placed an order for BSCC, and will see if she can remind John about our order.  Aaron would also like to remind everyone that there would be a $150 charge for anyone hitting either side of the timing lights.  Tom has agreed to take over procuring the spare wheel and tire for both the Solo bus and the trailer.  Karl has picked up a couple of foldable sawhorses that will help mark off the spectator areas.  The SCCA blower is still missing.  Karl wants to make sure that no one decided to borrow it and just hasn’t returned it yet before we purchase another one.  If anyone has any idea where this may be please contact someone on the board.  Karl also felt it would be nice to purchase some regular flour to use to line courses rather than lime because the course drain off goes into a Salmon River down in Packwood.  Flour would work fine and would be better for the environment.



BMP – We received correspondence from BMP.  They are still arguing with Lou Ann regarding the payment due for the Evolution racing schools.  They have finally agreed to give us the lower ($495) fee for this year.  They have made it clear that they will NOT be charging us this price next year, it will be $1200.  Because of this, we will be looking for alternative sites to hold the event next year. They also reminded us that there is a fee for not leaving the site in the exact condition that we received it.  They will be charging us for leftover garbage and also unauthorized line that were used for grid at our NT weekend.  The event dates selection meeting should be held sometime in November.


Event #6 (BMP) 8/15 – The event seemed to go well even though the Solo bus was not on-site.  Aaron felt that although he did change his mind regarding whether each competitor would receive three runs or four runs, due to a timing incident, he did feel this was the proper choice, but he does recognize that it caught a few competitors off guard.  SCCA wants to give a big thanks to BSCC and PSC for stepping up with both equipment and facilitation of moving that equipment.  Thank you!!


Event #7 (BMP) 9/5 – Tim Irwin was event chair.  He felt that other than a miscommunication over the course designer, the event overall was good.  Several people in attendance felt that two specific issues with the course were not legal.  Although Karen Babb felt that the sideways gate on the access road was legal, both Greg Fordahl and Wayne Reuter looked in the rulebook and found a rule that it was not legal.  Although Dan Barnes is a new course designer, people felt that several other people had the responsibility to ensure that the course was correct.  Several people also felt that since this was the event prior to everyone leaving for Nationals, we had a lost opportunity to put this event to good use.  Greg Fordahl was also concerned that the event did not have any printed results.  He is fearful that this is a sign that our administration has become laxed with our regional series and has become more like a practice for out of town events.  Since we have now “paxed” all of our classes it is even more important that people see exactly where they fall in the class.  The group agreed that it is more important that we have an official poster person that is responsible for running the times and not sit at the finish line to hand out sticky notes.  This brought up a discussion that we are having a very hard time filling core positions.  A major discussion was held regarding how we can help improve this situation and maybe create a better incentive program to get people to step-up to the plate and hold some of these positions. 


Pro Solo Finale – The event was well attended by NWR members.  Very interesting course.  All had fun and did well. 


Solo II Nationals – We went we saw… We kicked butt…  27 NWR members from our local area brought home trophies, more if you include Canada and Oregon.  Several National Champions.  Keith Brown, Stacy Molleker, Annie Gill, Angela Moffett, and Karen Babb.  Congratulations to all of you!!


Practice (Packwood) 9/25 – The town is still standing and for the first event held on this new site, all were very pleased.

There were over 100 people in attendance.  The Pizza Place was a bit overwhelmed with all of us at once. 


Event #8 (Packwood) 9/26 – The event went very well.  The town was VERY excited to host us all.  We did not hear one complaint from anyone regarding all of these racers descending on their quiet little town.  The covered parking grid space was excellent.  The only two issues brought up by competitors were the fact that everything had to be packed up and removed from the site Saturday night, and the fact that spectators were not allowed on-site. The site is very concerned about the liability of allowing people not associated with racing on the site.  Karl, Scott and Bud have all communicated with the site owners and feel that these issues can be dealt with in the future.  The Mill is very flexible and is open to dealing with these concerns.  TMC Properties own several cabins that are available for renting.  Each of these cabins has a hot tub and is fairly comfortable. It is important that SCCA make a donation to the local economy, both in terms of taxes and public relations.  Since there was no event site fee, Karl suggested that $500 a day be donated to the charity of their choice.  A motion was made that a total of $1,000 ($500 for each day) be donated to the Adopt-a-Family organization. The motioned was approved.


Event #9 (BMP) 10/10 – Gretchen Everett was the event chair.  144 entrants all received 4 runs for the day.  An attempt was made to post results for each run group rather than using sticky notes at the finish line.  The group agreed this was a good thing.  Gretchen wanted to thank Kevin Dietz for becoming her Co-Chair on the fly.  He was extremely helpful in ensuring everyone received four runs. She also wanted to thank everyone for cooperating with the worker exchange on the fly.  A discussion was raised that it was important that although we have incredible people who volunteer as Specialty Chiefs, it is important that regardless of which event it is, that they fulfill all of their responsibilities, specifically filling their worker positions. This should not be the responsibility of the Worker Chief.  Jodi suggested that one of the things that stalls us the most is waiting for the timing cards.  It may be nice to think about closing grid officially and warning people that if their car is not in grid 10 minutes after the driver’s meeting, their first run will be disqualified.  Bud brought up the issue that it may be easier to fill the waiver patrol position if we purchase a set of radio that will actually work for the entire site.  There is a five-mile radio available that would be beneficial for us to purchase.  A motion was made that Jodi Fordahl will purchase a pair of these radios that can be used and/or tested for the waiver patrol people.  If they prove successful, additional radios should be purchased for next year.




Event #10 (BMP) 10/24  – Jerry Lamb will be the event chair. Non-stock runs in the morning, Stock runs in the afternoon.  Tom LeCoque has volunteered to drive the bus. 


Rules Meeting – We will be holding a rules meeting during the November meeting.  Karl will post a note to the auto-x list reminding people that they must attend the meeting with 20 written copies of their proposed rules.  All rules should be submitted at the November meeting.  If the rules do not require any additional discussion, a decision may be made be made.  Rules that require additional thought and discussion will be held for vote until December. 


04’ Season Trophies -  Kevin Dietz, Gretchen Everett, and Fast Mike have volunteered to be on the committee.


Coneheads Planning – We need a volunteer to cover the SCCA portion of the banquet.  Shelbi has volunteered to fill this position.  They are currently discussing which date the event will be held.  Kristi Brown has volunteered to find the event hall and is currently working with FX McRory’s to hold it in the whiskey bar.  The price would be around $33 per person.  The venue is very cool, the food is very good, and the location is centralized.  They are only available the last weekend in January.  The committee will meet to discuss and finalize a date and location.  Shelby will bring additional details to our next meeting. 


2005 Calendar - The question was raised how many events we should hold next season, and where these events should be held.  Karl suggests that we look at three regular events at Packwood, along with an NT and maybe a Pro Solo.  He would also like to book a similar number of events at BMP.  The group agreed that we should hold one event in Yakima, being mindful to switch the half of the day that people ran there last year. 




So far for next season, we are in need of a Specialty Chief of Tech since Keith Brown has volunteered to move to Chief of Workers along with his wife Kristi.  We will also need a Novice Chair.  Thank you to Tom and Jodie for handling the last couple of years.