SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 10/14/03

Visitors -  Aaron Pailthorp. 

Minutes Review - Minutes have been approved as written.

Board Report - More issues with treasury.  The region only has a $1,000 balance, which is not even enough to cover the monthly printing of the newsletter.  Solo, as always is the only venue that is consistently making money.  The region is still brainstorming ideas to make more money.  Before increasing fees for anything, the region would like to look at cutting costs first.  There may be a way that we can increase our advertising revenue for the newsletter.  If this is not successful, the idea of only printing ten issues a year has been discussed.  This would dramatically decrease the total cost.  Rally needs more workers now that their events are growing.  Karl suggested holding a rally cross to help our two venues to mix together better.  Rally was open to this concept and may hold an event in January or February.  It will be a regional event with proceeds going to the general fund.  The region is looking for a treasurer trainee for next year.  Kim Craddock feels it is important to find someone who can help cover her responsibilities in case something were to happen.  It is important that this person is proficient with Quickbooks and an understanding of tax laws would be helpful.  We are also looking for another member at large for next year.  Both Dick Willy and LouAnn Christensen have agreed to hold the position for another term.  The board held a retreat at Salish Lodge.  Several issues were addressed.  The Regional secretary is going to work with Joe Goeke to see if we can update our web site.  We need a new membership chair.  Linda Miklovic will be retiring from this position this year. 

Treasurer’s Report - Two months shown together because of Nationals.  We are actually in the black this time.  Please see attached reports. In the past it was decided that since Acura covered two days worth of site fees the region would give a reimbursement to the Evolution school entrants.  Lou Ann suggested that rather than writing checks to each person, we provide a coupon for a FREE Solo II event.  Ron Bauer reminded the group that we have already told the Evolution entrants they would be receiving a refund and that this school should not be considered a fund-raiser for our event.  A motion was made and passed to refund a total of $25 to each entrant attending the Evolution Racing Schools.      

WWSCC Report – They got paid for the generator.  They must discuss on the Ace Dogfight event.   The event was held without incident.  The course looked very interesting on paper, but once you got out on course and actually drove it, it was a very enjoyable experience.  The event was passed without exception.   The council series has now been completed.  There will be a rules meeting in November.  There has been some preliminary discussion regarding a slush series. 

Equipment Report – Do we need a Specialty Chief of Equipment?  Ron Babb held this position in the past and watched out for the radios, antennas, etc.  The group decided that this is an appropriate position.  Having one person be responsible for all of our stuff would be very convenient.  Kevin Dietz has volunteered for the position in 2004.  Thank you Kevin!  We have received a complete list for approved bus drivers.  It includes Ron Bauer, Bud Bohrer, Mike Leuty, Karen Babb, John Leuty, Karl Coleman, Scott Miller, and Joe Goeke.  Kevin Dietz, and Tom and Jodie LeCoque will be added to the list.  Tom distributed a bus supplies equipment checklist from Jodie.  Any changes should be given back to Tom ASAP who will coordinate with our new Equipment chair Kevin Dietz. 

The electrical problems on the van have been addressed.  Karl was told that there should be no issue with parking the van for a long time without a problem.  Once tested, it was determined the battery is toast.  Karl called Interstate and they replaced it without any problem.  Now, we are having a fuel problem.  Once it starts it begins to starve and then immediately shuts off.  It was decided at the last meeting that once the electrical problems were fixed, we would bring it over to the shop that Jason and Brett Spore work.  So, expect that we will have additional problems in the near future.  Kelley is still working on the broken laser head that was broken at one of our earlier events.  Once she determines the exact damage an invoice can be forwarded to Lou Greenberg. 

Old Business

Site Committee Update – Packwood has become a potential site once again.  Dick will know more about this in February.

The site is in incredible shape because nobody has ever parked on it before.  It’s simply stored a bunch of lumber.  He has a meeting with the Port of Shelton to address a few concerns they have regarding our responses to their questions.  Most of the issues arise from their lack of knowledge regarding what exactly it is that we do.  If all goes well, there may be a practice held on Saturday to see whether this site can be used for future events.  This event will not be opened to the autocross list.  It will be an invitation event only to evaluate the site.    


New Business

Safety Steward ClassWayne will be holding a SSS class sometime after the first of the year.  Gretchen is collecting a list of people who are interested in training and will contact them once the details have been finalized with Wayne Rueter.  Jim Wilson is no longer our Divisional Safety Steward.  It is now Chuck Jarvie from the Oregon region. 


Event #7 10/19   Jerry Lamb is the Event Chair.  We still need a safety steward for the non-stock half of the day.  Val Korry has volunteered to cover when Scott is running.  Thank you Val and Scott!  Jerry is still looking for a bus driver.  Tom has agreed to cover this position.  Thank you Tom!  There is a Porsche event on Saturday and if it were possible for us to run their course backwards, it would be much more efficient.  This way it would be possible for the van with cones, equipment, etc. to be used down in Shelton.  Jerry will coordinate with Leeds Gullick and Karen Babb.  Tom has agreed to drive the bus from Shelton on Saturday to Bremerton before Sunday’s event. 


Event #8 11/2   Still need an Event Chair and Safety Stewards for this event.  We are fortunate enough to have an incredible group of Specialty Chiefs that make the experience fairly simple and almost enjoyable.   


04’ NWR SCCA Solo II Supplemental Rules   We need to come up with any rules proposals for next season.  Karl will send a note out to the list that asks people to bring any ideas to the November Solo Committee meeting.


2004 Schedule – It’s time to start thinking about what we want to try and accomplish for next season.  Bremerton site meeting is probably next month.  Bremerton has an advisory panel that Karl has been appointed to.  This will give him a much clearer understanding of how the event coordination goes from the inside.  Please start thinking about where would like to hold our events and possibly how many will might have.  It will probably be important to hold as many events in Bremerton as possible.  We may want to hold more practices or schools. 


Director of Area 13 - John Martinson is running for re-election for Director of Area 13 with opponents this year.  Bud has had the opportunity to work with him in the past and he has been instrumental about keeping Solo strong in our area.  Bud would like to make a motion that this Solo Committee endorse him in this election.  Bud will address this on the list and will also give a list of the names in attendance of today’s meeting.  Ron Bauer has asked to be kept off this list until John has an opportunity to address a specific issue he has brought up.  This does not mean he will not endorse him, but would like to wait until his issue has been addressed. 


Year-end-trophies – Gretchen has volunteered to help coordinate this.  She will check with Jodie LeCoque to see if she is interested in helping out.  We should also be thinking about nominations for Novice of the Year and Worker of the Year. 

Adjourn -  The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m.