10/08/02 Minutes


Jodie and Tom Lecoque.  Jodie has volunteered to be the novice chair for 2003!  Thank you Jodie!

Board Report


The region is down about $1,200 net for the year.  Several suggestions have been made to help cover more of the costs for next year.  Ron and Karl both felt that before raising the fees charged to each venue, we should be more proactive in managing funds better.  The newsletter has always been a challenge when it comes to costs.  If we were to increase the advertising space available to help decrease the expenses of producing the newsletter, there would definitely be a change overall.  Wildwest Rally was dusty on Saturday and muddy on Sunday.  The event has been protested due to a penalty that was given by a steward that people felt was incorrect.  It was asked that we could put a general calendar on the front page of the webpage.  The elections are coming up for 2003.  Open positions are R.E., Asst. R.E., Treasurer, and two board members at large.  If any is interested in these positions please let someone know at the membership meeting coming up at the next event.  Reno convention is coming up in January.  The annual banquet will be celebrating our 50th anniversary of Northwest Region.  In the future any time when renting equipment to other organizations, it is very important that we request a holds harmless agreement.  The treasurer has stepped down due to health reasons.  Kim Craner has stepped in to take her place for the remainder of the year.  Lou Ann has volunteered to be board member at large to replace that person.

Treasurer’s Report

Please see attached report. 

Equipment Report


Karl has received a newsletter for radio transmissions.  We would like to increase the power to our system so that people will be able to hear it at a longer range.  He has discovered some type of power amplifier that can be purchased complete for $100 that would satisfy our needs.  You would be able to hear the radio station out by the gas station.  This may give us enough power to equal the type of system they are using at Nationals.  Karl proposes that we allocate $100 towards the purchase of this system.  This motion was seconded and approved.  Ron reminded the group it is important that we be cautious of the stations we use and make sure they do not interfere with any “real” radio stations.   


No updates on the PCA display.  PCA is not having their final event until November.  They will not be anything until that time.


Scott reminded us that the gauges on the bus are not working.  The repair has been approved but we need to make arrangements for a repair shop.  Scott Miller has volunteered to take the bus to Seatac Auto Repair.  


Old Business


Site Committee – Scott and Dick fear that the two employees we have been dealing with at the Port have been laid off.  Dick would like to pursue an agreement regarding terminal 5.  Dick is still working with Packwood to try and make arrangements to get use for 2003.  


Timing Software updates - It has been brought to Jodi’s attention there is a problem with the year end results.  She will be fixing this issue as soon as she has some free time.  She will also be posting information for registration for event #8.   There is interest in trying to figure out whether using Paypal to register completely could be an option.  It would be necessary to set-up sub accounts for each venue in our region.  Kim was going to do the research for the region.  Jodi would like to see this option available by next season because it makes everyone’s life so much easier.  Ron reminded everyone that it currently takes longer to stand in line for the pre-registered entrant than someone who hasn’t registered yet.  This led into a discussion regarding lack of volunteers and organization.


Event #5 – Tim Irwin and Gerald Lowe were event chairs.  Everything went well.  161 entrants.  Made $1,000 for the day.


Event #6 – Labor Day weekend.  142 entrants.  Fun course. 


National Championships -  26 trophies. 7 National Champions.  Approximately 60 people attended the event from our region.


Event #7 and Practice – Dick Willy chaired the practice on Saturday.  Solo made $96 for the day.  $1.00 a run or six for $5.

The event was successful and had a total of 166 entrants.  This was the first time that an event was held at Pier 25 at the Port of Seattle. Thank you Scott Miller and Dick Willy for volunteering to chair these events.


New Business


Event #8 – Being held at Bremerton on October 20th.  There will be a general membership meeting at 12:30 during this event.

Nash Johnson and Brad Greco will be our course designers.   We still need an Event Chair.  Scott Miller has volunteered to be a Safety Steward and Mark McCooey has volunteered to cover the morning half.  Thank you guys!  Since there are no volunteers Ron will have to approach the list for volunteers. 


Safety Stewards – Ron feels that we still need more safety stewards.  Gretchen has volunteered to help coordinate this in the 2003 year.  Once we have set a calendar set in place she will coordinate a sign-up sheet so that everyone can work his or her necessary two events.


Coneheads - SCCA needs a volunteer to work with WWSCC to plan this event.  Susan Collicott has volunteered to cover the WW side. 


Trophy Committee -  As we approach the end of the year, we need to form a group.  Jodie Lacoque and Gretchen Everett have volunteered. 


Awards for Chiefs of Specialty – It was suggested at the last meeting that something special be done to reward all of those who have volunteered to do these positions.  These people have stepped up above and beyond the necessary requirements of a competitor and are key to helping our season go smoothly.   Hopefully, this will be a reward and incentive type of situation.  Something that provides visibility at the events may help motivate people to volunteer for these positions in the future.  It has been agreed that something such as a jacket with embroidered title should be given to Specialty Chiefs.  Event Chairs will continue to received to Solo Bucks.


Norpac Convention and National Convention -  A motion was made and passed to provide expenses to cover Karl’s travel and hotel expenses for each of these events.


Supps Review - Bring all submissions to the November meeting.


2003 Schedule – The Choosing date for Bremerton will be on November 20th.  It is currently unclear exactly how this situation will be organized.  The question was raised if we would like to continue using the same dates as we have the past several years.  This would include Memorial Day, Labor Day and National Tour weekend in July.  Everyone agreed that we would like to continue with these dates.  There will continue to be road races at Bremerton along with Pacific Raceways in Kent. 


Specialty Chiefs for 2003 - Chief of workers position is currently available.  We obviously need to find volunteers for each of these positions.  Keith Brown has agreed to continue as Chief of Tech.  Jodi has volunteered to cover Timing and Scoring. 


Assistant to Solo Chair -   Karl has graciously agreed to take over Ron’s position and will need an assistant for next year.


Good of the Order