SCCA Solo Meeting

October 9, 2001


Visitors:  Joy Krieck our former R.E. and solo competitor decided to visit us and donate two metal equipment carrying cases for the solo bus.  A presentation was also made on her behalf to thank her for her years serving our region.  Solo purchased a jacket.  We also have another guest, Will Vasser, a new transfer from Texas.  Drives an 88’ RX7 turbo.


Board Report:  We are still looking for Solo topics for the SCCA convention in Reno.  A suggested topic was how to deal with volunteer burn out.  Automated timing and scoring was also a suggested.  If anyone has additional subjects they can contact Mike Leuty.  Val reminded us that the staff from National Office will also be attending this event.

So it is a great opportunity to communicate any national level topics.


Treasurer’s report:  See attached report.  This includes a summation of last two events.  We have done well over all.  National Tour stuff is still trickling in.  John Karwoski has yet to return in his receipts for the party.   


Equipment Report:  The FM transmitter is the only thing we had to carry over from last event.  Karl has determined the location that we may be able to purchase a system from.  He will continue to do research and will get back to us at the next meeting.  It was also suggested that we look into the purchase of a trailer that can haul cones, tables, etc.  This will help prevent damage to the inside the Solo bus.  Deanne Beardsley has donated a HP Laser printer for our new timing and scoring system.   Leeds Gullick has been working on a new wireless timing system.  Jodi will look into it.


Old Business:  A site committee meeting must be set up immediately.  Other than current members doing research, nothing has happened in the past few months.  Kim said that a huge area has been plowed and being prepared for asphalt at a location down in Chehalis. Mike reminded us that all of our military sites are obviously not accessible at this moment in time.  Susan Collicot however has continued her relationship with the Arlington airport.  Emerald Downs is also impressed with how the relationship with the Solo community has developed and would like to work more with us in 2002. 


The Boise Divisional was held after our last meeting.  We also held event #5 at the Sun Dome in Yakima.  Karl and Scott were the event chairs.  They received huge response from the water that was provided (left over from NT).  Saved a lot of people because the weather was extremely hot!  Karl recommends that water be supplied for all future Yakima events.  Karen Babb did a great job of designing the course for never seeing the site before.  Event #6 was held in Bremerton over Labor Day weekend.  Mike Leuty was the event chair.  The course was fantastic; compliments to Greg Fordahl.  There was even an opportunity to for fun runs.  We have also had the Pro Solo finale and the 2001 Nationals.  The event was obviously postponed by the events that occurred on September 11.  SCCA was asked to leave site until the Wednesday night banquet where Steve Johnson, SCCA President announced the event would continue with all competitors getting the opportunity to run three runs on the South Course.    The NWR banquet will be January 19th at the Fort Lewis Golf and Country Club for $20 a person.

It has been asked that each venue donated door prizes.   


New Business: 


Because of a schedule change, we actually have a date available on October 21st in Bremerton.  Jodi Fordahl has volunteered to be the Event Chair.  She would like to continue doing live scoring so she will look for an Asst. Event Chair to help out.  Ron will expect that everyone who has not volunteered to chair an event will help expedite things since this event will happen on such short notice.  We are trying to determine the final date for our Coneheads banquet.  The two choices are January 12th and 26th.  This is an event that is shared with WWSCC.  We need a person from SCCA to volunteer to help Noel Wade the WW V.P.  Dick Willy has volunteered for this position.  We also need volunteers for the trophy committee.  Randy Lawson has agreed.  We will need more than one volunteer.  Ron will try to recruit people off the auto-x list.  The Bremerton date choosing meeting will be held on November 14th.  The system will be going back to how things were done in the past, so we must decide what dates we are looking to hold and whether we would like to have a Solo Week again in 2002.  The group agreed that we would like to pursue having another National Tour at that site.  Apparently, BSCC did enjoy sharing the site with SCCA, so that could be something that happens again in the past.  The SCCA National Convention will be held on February 7-9 in Denver Colorado.      




Ron reminded the group that he still needs a volunteer to take over his position.  He will not be holding this position again next year.