NWR SCCA Solo meeting 10/10/00:


Visitors: Katherine, accompanying Michael Lee.


Board Report (Ron): Race had a race, Rally had a rally and a spectator was hit in the eye by a rock thrown by a car.   28 cars started, 13 finished, lots of crashes.  Bremerton discussed, we’ll get to that under New Business.


Treasury (Bud): Not much activity in September.  Regional #7 returned about $2400.   Bud will be retiring as our Treasurer at the end of the year; a replacement is needed to get together with him to learn how the books are done.  It’s much simpler now that it’s done via Quickbooks.  The Region Treasurer may have a few changes to how things are done to better coordinate the Solo books with the top-level one.  Bud will start contacting potential Treasurers for “recruiting”.  The gross income from #8 was $2925 (entry fees).  We also got a $25 check from the Corvette club for their cone rental. 


Equipment (Ron/all): Solo bus self-sufficiency; it now has its own kitty litter.  Val—Race has access to bags of rice hulks for grease sweep, which apparently is cheap and effective.  We may wish to coordinate with them to buy a couple of bags to keep it in the bus.  Fire extinguishers—Greg supposedly has them on order; the guy who is supposed to get them apparently hasn’t come through yet.  Someone from our group should contact Jay Bratton about this.


Old Business (all): NIRA event for 8/13 was cancelled last-minute.  We did however receive a deposit of $500 toward our support.  Most of the work was done already. 


Event #7: this was at Bremerton on Labor Day weekend.  Karl C. and Wayne E. were the chairs, event went well (nobody in the trees this time).


National events: we had something like 24 people at the Pro Solo Finale.  A fun time was had, somewhere, by all.  We had 59 at the Solo II Nationals, a handful less than SFR.  We had one more trophy than SFR.  It was hot in Topeka for the Pro, cooled off for the Solo II.  Ron Bauer learned that he just has a problem with the North end.  The hotel was fine as usual.  Steak fry was good.  Breakfast was moved earlier, apparently for us, on the weekend.  Mike says Carol probably arranged all the goodies.  Thank-you notes would be a good idea.  Dick says that the top 4 finishers in AS were in the top 10 in PAX.  Event was done by about 4 each day, with minimal problems.  Val reports the gas mileage was better via the northern route (via Montana). 


Event #8: Event was going fine, morning was done by 11:40.  An Impala SS dumped coolant over a bunch of the course.  Red flagging was late and behind the car.  Didn’t have any grease sweep in the bus.  Event was delayed by about ½-hour.  The course was tweaked to avoid the worst of the mess, and Kimball Ayer brought over some grease sweep from the BEAC van.  Afternoon had perhaps twice as many people as the morning.  Total turnout was about 175.  Marc was a good event chair, asking questions and trying to learn a lot.   5 cars in the 2nd group didn’t have numbers on them; this caused Grid and Timing/Scoring troubles.    Chiefs of Tech need to make sure they have shoe polish.  Maybe Chiefs of Registration need to make sure there is something like paper, tape, and felt pens so cars could be marked that way.  Scott suggests “window chalk”.


T-shirts (from Tour): Kevin has the receipts for the shirt costs, and has turned all the checks and cash he got into a single one to us, and handed all this over to Bud.  The box of leftover shirts is in the bus. 


Solo bucks:  Ron will get with the event chairs to make sure their Chiefs get their bucks.


NorPac Roundtable Jan 5-7 in Reno:


Ron has been asked to help put together something for the Solo portion of the program.  Peter Brand is helping to plan it.    Mike reports that last year there was no Solo content at all.   We do have some ideas; a Safety Steward presentation, a Course Design one, a letter-writing-to-SCCA one. 


NWR Region Banquet:


Most planning is already done.  Location is Emerald Downs, date is 1/20/01.  If we had a Solo person involved, they might put in a word or two in support of getting them to have a parking lot rental rate for not-for-profit organizations.   Val thinks we should try to have an autocross there that day.  Kevin volunteers to do this.  The Region banquet is usually quite nice, with very good food.  Emerald Downs is an impressive facility.   Price was close to $30 per person; door prizes are typically very wonderful.


Coneheads Banquet:


Date is the 13th of January.  We need a volunteer to represent SCCA: Gretchen is stepping up for this.  Do we want to go back to the same place (Rock Salt Steakhouse on Lake Union)?  Seemed a little cramped.  Ron thinks it would be nice to find a place that also had a bar and a dance floor we’d be interested.  Michael thinks the food was delivered slowly, and portions were small.  Lack of dessert was a problem.  London Broil portions were kind of skimpy but half-chicken was okay.  We did have people who didn’t sign up by the deadline, but showed up late and were fed—this may have had something to do with the portions.  If we’re happy with the location we could work to make that better.  Posts in the room got in the way of the view of some people.   Michael might have pictures of most of the cars, for a presentation.  Scott may be able to find out what rental rates are on digital projectors. 


Year-end Awards:


We need a year-end trophy committee.  Ron votes for jackets, Michael seconds.  Val has neighbors who distribute jackets, etc.  Jodi thinks Porsche Club got a good deal on jackets.  The committee also determines how deep awards will go, whether to go extra-deep here and there.   Jodi says she’ll be on the committee (not chair).  Our typical budget has been $2 per entry for the year, but since we haven’t done event trophies we probably could afford to do more than that.  Last year we also used the sponsorship money toward this.  Jodi suggests that we put the Region logo on the jackets if that’s what we do.  If we allocate $3 per entry, that is about the amount that we didn’t spend on individual event trophies.  Sounds good.  Dick Willy and Scott Miller also volunteer, now that they know there’s plenty of money.   We also need to select winners for the Novice, Worker, and Solo Cup awards. 


Quarterly Membership Meeting:


Dick Willy said he’d be willing to run for Secretary.  Linda Miklovic has also decided to run for that position (Dick doesn’t mind).  It is good to have as much Solo representation on the Board as we can get.  Common sense only goes so far; at some point you need to have votes.  The ballot will be in NWSCN; Solo people should be sure to vote for Dick so we can have additional representation.  RE position: Joy is stepping down, John Forespring is running unopposed.  Asst. RE: Dan Miklovic is running.  Members-at-Large: Joan Manley is one of the candidates; Mike Lawler from race is another.


Area 13 Director Position:


We now have our own position for the Northwest (including Washington, Oregon, Idaho) and Alaska, separate from San Francisco.  John Martinsen, a long-time NWR hardcore, is running for this as is Gary Van Horne from Oregon.  Bud says John has done about everything in SCCA including R.E., TransAm Chief Steward, etc., and was a co-founder (with Bud) of both NWR Solo and BEAC.   John is supportive of our programs and is highly recommended.  He lives in Bellevue so he’d be close to home.  Candidate statements will be appearing in NWSCN.  EVERYBODY SHOULD BE SURE TO VOTE!


Ford/UW Ride-and-Drive, 10/28:


We need about 8 people; we have Ron, Sean, Brianne, Michael, Karen, Kevin, Scott, maybe Mike L.  We need to represent ourselves well at this; it’s a good lot and this might be a foot in the door.  Volunteers will get free lunch, probably a T-shirt, maybe drives in a Ford Focus.  We need a Safety Steward: Mike L. says he can cover this. 


Bremerton, Date Selection:


What dates do we want in 2001?  Typically we’ve had Memorial Day and Labor Day, coordinating with BSCC.  We don’t know if they’d be willing to co-host the Tour again.  Apparently the SCCA/Bremerton User’s Council liaison is not encouraging cooperation between SCCA and BSCC, and providing misleading information.  This person may have been talking to the Port outside of the context of the User’s Council.  He apparently represents SCCA and SOVREN, and some of the BSCC people are concerned about his approach.  Solo should have consideration for BSCC’s needs, since they have been our allies in the past.  At the NWR Board meeting, the Region indicated they want him to abstain from voting on behalf of SCCA.  The date selection meeting is one big political mess.  SCCA is about 4th in line on choosing dates: Handlers, BSCC, PCA, then SCCA. BSCC has had a cooperative relationship with Handlers.  The newer clubs, further down the pecking order, are the ones trying to change how things are done.  Lots of us are in site crunch situations; Race lost SIR, we lost Kent.  People who are trying to get things changed are generally road race and track day oriented groups, often marque clubs.  As soon as SIR becomes accessible again, the groups who are “trying to screw things up” at Bremerton, will leave a mess behind them. 


The previous SCCA representative person to the User’s Council had an official conflict of interest, and didn’t come and talk to all the possible user groups and the Board.  Joy (our RE) has asked our current person to attend the Board meeting.  Apparently he’s proposing something that would limit the number of Solo-type dates (including BSCC and SCCA).  The June/July/August dates typically go first.  Apparently there is some financial interest in making a dedicated race track out there, which is also a factor.   There may be talk at the next meeting about having a different representative, or an additional one; perhaps Solo needs its own volunteer.  Val says he’ll go to the meetings.  Jodi says she’ll also try to look out for us when she goes; when Greg is not in town she can go to represent Porsche Club.


The NWR Board apparently respects that Solo has been out there longer so our date requests take precedence over those of Race.  An additional conflict of interest problem may exist because the current representative also speaks for SOVREN.  Val reports that the User’s Council wants some sort of a management group to handle the facility; some of this may be due to someone trying to go “in the back door” to manipulate scheduling.  Apparently people who are running BSCC now are kind of “narrow” and all they see is SCCA and this one guy. 


The Port would apparently rather have aviation-related users at the location; there has been talk about Boeing coming in.  When the facility was deeded to Bremerton by the Navy there were some community-related stipulations.  


Apparently there was some damage to new pavement the Handlers had put down, due to jacks and trailers at the National Tour.  We’ll probably end up getting billed for that.  Areas of concern include diesel trucks, RV generators that run all the time.   We may need to hand out pieces of plywood and/or drip pans next time.