Solo Meeting Minutes
September 11 2018
La Hacienda Renton

In attendance – Gretchen and Tim Weidemann, Tim Monk, Charlie Morales, Theron Langel, Crystal Stegman, Mike and Carol Leuty, Keith Brown, Taylour Wargo, Tim Naugler, Tim Irwin.

Last month’s minutes review – Moved to approve.

Meeting Location: La Hacienda-Renton Next Meeting Location: Mod Pizza - Bellevue

NWR Board Report (Gretchen Weidemann) Street Survival Oct 22. Neither Gretchen or Tim were in
attendance for an update.
Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) Break down of our accounts are on printouts at meeting. Still waiting on
some reimbursements from our National events. We will personally deliver a donation check to the Packwood
museum. Keith will connect with Karl or Kevin.
NORPAC Report (Jessy Gauthier) – not here
WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) Understeer/Oversteer held in Shelton coming up next weekend. One day, two
events so come out and play.
Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) - not here, bus coming back this weekend.
Recruitment Report (Joey Jones) – not here.

Old Business

Core worker’s practice Recap - Great time. Lots of runs.
Event #7 Recap – (event chair (Taylour Wargo) morning runs only. No fun runs/afternoon runs due to not
having enough entrants to cover and afternoon heat.
Event Chairs for few remaining events. We still need a Chair for Event # 8 (BMP) – 9/30
Gretchen and Tim stepping down as Solo Director and Solo Secretary in 2019 – Gretchen is still looking or
someone to take her position. They will be retiring this year, so it is important that someone step up start
learning how to do some important upcoming activities.

New Business
Old logging facility in Arlington – Tim Naugler found out about this site from a friend. Check google maps for
overview. Someone take a look at this site for future use.

Schedule for AED and first aid training - Evening of October 15 th 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. $420 for class of 10
people. Confirm participation for safety stewards and then open to additional entrants. Will be held at the
Taco Time Corporate office.

Open Discussion
Street Survival will be held Nov. 11 th at Pacific Raceways. Come help out with a great program to help teach
young drivers how to avoid hitting us on the road. Possibly making a Street Survivor class in Packwood in the
middle of the Pro and the Tour. For the local young drivers and using the drivers that are staying over for the
week as instructors.

Meeting adjourned 7:30 pm