Solo Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2015

In attendance:  Gretchen Everett, Tim Weidemann, Keith Brown, Mike and Carol Leuty, Ron and Alyson Bauer, Charles Aggenbach, Tim Stake, Wayne Reuter, Tim Naugler, Kevin Dietz and Jean Clayton, Karl and Amy Colman.

Guests:  Tim Naugler introduced himself and was welcomed to his first Solo meeting.

Last month’s minutes review - Minutes were approved as written. 


NWR Board Report (Gretchen Everett) –no report for this month

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – We have a positive balance. Gretchen handed out a printed summary for discussion.
Info coming from Torque-Steerers, no charge for the dumpsters that were not on site for the final Packwood event.

Solo Development Committee Report (Keith Brown) – No new news at this time.

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – Event in August. Coneheads practice and Sports car Spectacular.  There was a total of 39 entries. Final event is in late October - the Dawg Dash. They need someone to step up and be the treasurer for next season.  Anyone interested in helping out should contact the President, Jerry Lamb. 

Equipment Report: (Mike Leuty) – New cones all bright and shiny, had time to cure in the sun during our last weekend in Packwood. We need to weed out some of the dead cones so that we have enough space to put them all back in storage for the winter. Timing van needs an oil change before winterizing. No movement on the new display. Some work done to look into getting better antenna’s on the block rockers.  Karl will bring them home for the winter and see if he can make any progress. He has done an initial inspection and they are very sturdy.  It could be difficult to get into them to replace parts, etc.  Note - headsets are available for the radios for those who like to use them. Good for course control and starter.


Region Investment – After a very good discussion, the group got the decision down to recruitment and advertising by  funding a special novice program to increase future participation, a new display that can be used for Pro Solo events, and thirdly having a portion of the money set aside for a long-term replacement plan for the bus. Gretchen reminded the group that both she and John Taylor, our RE would like to see the money invested at least partially in our people with the ultimate end goal of bettering our entire Solo community.  
A motion was made and approved to use $1000 for our novice program/recruitment and $2000 will be set aside to start a five-year plan for future bus replacement. 


Donations to non-profit organizations – During tonight’s discussion the question of donating Solo dollars to continue our region’s not-for-profit status was raised.  In the past it has been simple to do this as all of our Packwood site fees were made through local, nonprofits in Packwood.  Now that we are paying fees directly to Hampton Mills, this is not happening. Gretchen will bring this up for discussion at the next Board Meeting and find out exactly what our accountant says is required. A great idea was brought up that perhaps we can create some type of scholarship program in honor of Chris Kmetz and Tom McDaniels. This idea should be revisited once we determine our tax requirements. 

Retroactive payments into a long-term plan Solo bus fund – At a couple of past meetings we have discussed the idea of developing a three to five year plan for future replacement of the Solo bus.  A member in attendance suggested that we may want to determine an actual dollar amount per entry, whether it be $1 or 25¢, and then go back and retroactively apply that to total entries for this season and place this amount into the side fund that we are going to create.  Gretchen will add this to the October meeting agenda for discussion.   

Event #8 (BMP) 10/4: Mike and Carol Leuty have volunteered to be Event Chairs.  Course Design – Bill Spyksma.  Event Chairs have not contacted Specialty Chiefs but will do so in the next couple of weeks.  Bob Forsberg is our Safety Steward and Gretchen will need to connect him with the course designer.  

First Car Show (Joey) – Joey Jones did a fantastic job of recruiting attendees for the marquee “86” Class at the last Packwood event with over a dozen BRZ and FRS cars and many of the driver’s had a great time running. Joey has also done a car show representing SCCA and has been actively recruiting more people to come out and join our madness.  He and Tasha created a flyer that he handed out and he spoke with 20+ people that seemed genuinely interested in participating in our Solo program. 

Gretchen and the committee would like to thank him for doing a nice job.  It was great to see so many new faces at our Packwood event, and everyone truly appreciated Joey’s efforts.  If we continue to see such good results, with actual bodies showing up at our events, then we will seriously consider creating one Chief of Recruitment position as a season work assignment for next year.  

A big thank you also goes out to our Novice Chair Kurt Rehm.  He did a great job with our last event in Bremerton. He personally emailed anyone who had competed in the novice class this season and we had 20+ new entrants show up. Great support for our novice program and great job by Kurt. Anyone else willing to help out with our novice program is welcome.  There was a Novice who attended our meeting this month (new Tim) and he received one of Kurt’s emails and he shared that he thought it was a very cool gesture.  Perhaps one of the reasons he was motivated to get out to our meeting and start participating more.  

Coneheads – Planning for this year’s banquet has begun. Gretchen and Tim are looking for pictures that can be used in a fun slide show before and during the event.  IF you have pictures from this year please or They will be looking for both car and people images.

Garbage in Packwood - At the last event the garbage cans inside the building at Packwood didn’t get emptied so the animals got into them and caused some problems with Angus.  Gretchen will call him and follow up to apologize. We should consider not using the old metal cans that are onsite and only using ours with garbage bags so we don’t have this problem in the future, although as long as we actually have the dumpsters on site like we are supposed to this shouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately they were removed by Lemay’s prior to our event, and despite several messages Gretchen could not reach them to have dumpsters delivered for the weekend. She followed up with them after they event, and although they apologized, this is really inexcusable as they were included and accounted for in our 2015 contract.  Gretchen will research different options, but there really aren’t many to choose from. 

National’s recap – Some of the heroes of our region are in attendance and gave us a recap of the events.

New meeting location? – The majority of those in attendance liked this new location, so we will be holding our next odd month meeting at Mod Pizza. 

Good of the Order  

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm