SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 9/13/2011 (not approved)

Members In Attendance— Mike & Carol Leuty, Jerry Lamb, Dick Willy, Bud Bohrer, Mark McCooey, Keith Brown, Aaron Pailthorp, Russell O‘Connell, Tasha Mikko, Charles Aggenbach, Jodi Fordahl, Val Korry.

Meeting Minutes-  Minutes were approved as written. 

NWR Board Report (Glenn) -  Glenn was not present, so no report presented.

NORPAC Report (Keith) -  The Divisional program by name is going away.  They are encouraging inter-regional events to continue, but there will be no official program.  No more qualifying for nationals. They have also removed the waiver fee.  There were approximately 40-50 people who paid this fee each year, and those dollars were sent back to support regions on a Divisional level.  This does not mean that there will be additional National Tour type of events, National Office feels they have reached the limit for the number of events they can put on each year.   They are currently trying to determine exactly what will happen to the Divisional 
Solo Stewards responsibilities, they are hoping to increase the level of communication.

WWWSCC Report (Keith) -  Ladies practice on Saturday with 14 attendees. 10 Ladies with four helpers. Two of the ladies were actual novices with no experience at all.  Sportscar Spectacular was on Sunday. Pretty decent turn out  with a total of 109 entrants for the day.  Ended up being one of the bigger events held at Shelton this year.  Hopefully, the turnout for these events will continue to grown next season, since many of the WW clubs use these as fund raising events.  Voted on and approved as a Championship event (whether we actually need to do it or not). 

Drift Report - Held an event on September 4th.  There was some concern leading into the event because there was only 6 people  pre-registered a couple weeks before the event.  They ended up having a total of 29 entrants though, which is similar to most events, so most people just waited until the last minute to register.  The Lions club did show up and seemed to be okay with the total income they received for the weekend.  Great weekend had by all.  The key ring that is stored at Kevin’s place does not have the correct key for the padlock used on the Bremerton gate.  Russell continues to solicit help for people and key positions next season. He is interested in bringing in fresh blood to help the program to continue to move forward.
Treasurer Report (Keith/Kristi) - We actually received the full payment from National office for both the Pro 
Solo and National Tour.  Looks like we did okay in terms of covering costs. Keith didn’t remember exactly off the top of his head though.


National Tour/Pro 
Solo -  No remaining outstanding business.

Hampton Mill site power status -  There is no power in the building, and Hampton has no plans to change that situation.

Bank issues-  Everyone connected to the region is now going to have to use Quick Books to do all of our accounting.  Kristi does not know anything about this program, and she is looking for a volunteer who is familiar with the program that could help her set all of the accounts up properly so that we can produce the correct reports.  Kristi is now receiving all of our statements, but NOT the savings account.  Lou Ann removed Kristi from the account, and she has not been able to get back on again.


Packwood Practice/Event #7  (Annie Bauer/Mike Miller) - Tasha Mikko has volunteered to be the SSS for the morning session of the practice.  Aaron has volunteered to help with event.  Annie had a couple of questions - the first being do we need sound?  Yes. She assumed that we would need it, but wanted to double check.  She also asked about bus drivers. She is looking for volunteers and will send a request out to the NW list.  Mike Miller contacted Annie stating that he will not be around on Saturday, and he wanted to make sure that someone would be able to charge any of the necessary equipment.  Aaron volunteered to help with this.  The cost will be $25 for people who show up, but non-members will be required to pay the additional $10 weekend membership fee. 

Please note for Event#7 STOCK will be running in the morning session.

Ford Focus event -  Ford is running a special event trying to advertise their 2012 Focus. They would bring a few cars out and offer them to the group.  Everyone felt it might be more appropriate for the practice on Saturday.  Jerry will follow up with the contact and see how this might progress.

BMP Event #8 (Garret Bickerdike) - Hopefully Garrett will be in attendance at the next 
meeting to cover any questions.

Solo Chair - Due to a family situation, Glenn Austin is no longer available to continue on as our Solo Director.  Jerry has volunteered to cover the remainder of 2011, but has a very difficult time getting to the Board meetings in Fife the first Monday of the month.  Both Jodi Fordahl and Dick Willy have volunteered to help attend these meetings.  Everyone agreed that now is the time for us to become a community and ALL of us should gather together to help accomplish whatever needs to be done.  Our thoughts are with Glenn and we hope that every thing  ends up as best as can be.   A motion was made and approved to spend up to $150 to purchase flowers for Kelly Austin.  Gretchen will take care of the purchase.

Meeting adjourned at 8:36 pm.