SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 9/9/08

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Russell O’Connell, John & Laura Kimball, Mark McCooey, TJ McGeary, Jackie McInnes, Enrique Garcia, Dieter Beldi, Ron Bauer & Alyson Moffat.

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved as written.


WWSCC Report – Keith Brown was not in attendance, so Enrique will report in his place.  Dawg Dash will be held at the Southend of BMP on September 28th.  Non-stock AM/Stock PM.  A motion was presented by BEAC to ban Daniel Morrison from all future WW events until he has paid his outstanding fee of $100.  SCCA has voted on and approved this motion.  A question was raised as to whether someone who is DSQ’d in the afternoon would lose their morning times?  To clarify, the rule states that you are disqualified for the session in which you are ruled “out of bounds”, so morning run times would still stand.  A decision has been made that you must give 36-48 hours notice to use the WW equipment.  Next event will be Sports Car Spectacular on October 26th at BMP.  SCCA is responsible for covering the Chief of Workers position.  All of the groups are each donating something to this event.  SCCA will donate use of fire bottles and red flags.  Jackie has volunteered to be the Chief of Workers and will cover the SCCA responsibilities for this event.  It is very unlikely that we will have a Coneheads practice due to a lack of site.  There is a possibility that they can hold it at Shelton, but that is tentative. 

Treasurer’s Report – Lou Ann grabbed the wrong folder when leaving her office, so she was unable to present an official report.  She received a phone call from Kim and is thinking we have received our money for National Tour, but this has not been confirmed.  She will get a copy of the contract from Jackie to confirm everything we can be compensated for.


Drifting Report – August 31st was the last event held.  It was a great event with 25 total drivers.  Russell wanted to remind our group that if someone wanted to run all day, they could run the Solo event in the morning, and the Drift event in the afternoon or vice versa.  Initially, he tried a revised course design which did not work out, so they ended up back in a tried and true course layout. The website connected to our NWR-SCCA site is still up and running and has been updated on a regular basis.  Thanks to Brett Wilson, online registration was available for this event. Another big thank you goes out to our Safety Stewards, Dick Willy and Glenn Austin, along with another handful of people who were extremely helpful.  Russell has done a great job facilitating any spectators, which helps to ensure overall safety.  We even received a random comment from, John Quartermass complimenting us on their organization.  The next event will be on September 28th, while the next WW event is going on. 


National Tour – Chris and Jackie chaired a successful event.  Since there is a light attendance at the meeting tonight, we will have a brief discussion with intent to get into further detail at the next meeting.  A big thank you goes out to all of the great chiefs! Also, to all of the people who donated prizes for the auction, which was also a great success. The banquet went well, the food was delicious and we did not run out!  Next year, if we have a really hot day, we will need to do a better job of communicating the expectations from the fire department regarding the cooling system.  This means that we need to keep the doors closed.  The Cop Challenge was held with a local representative, who had a blast.  They even donated all of the leftover bottled water from the past flooding emergency supplies.  


There were a few issues with communication between, us, the National Office, and the Evolution pre-school that happened first thing in the morning. Apparently, no one was aware that we were even having this “pre-school” until a few days before the event.  A big thanks goes out to Keith Brown who set-up the timing for the Test n’ Tune.  There needs to be a bit more structure next year in terms of work assignments, especially for the first run group.  Jackie would really like to see a pre-registration in the future, which would help organize this.    


Pro Solo Report – Keith was not present.  This report has been tabled until next month.


Evolution Schools – Keith was not present.  This report has been tabled until next month.


SCCA #7 – John’s course was very pleasant to drive.  The course was pre-driven and adjusted to fit within our guidelines.  Everything ran very well and on schedule.  A total of four runs were completed by everyone.  Other than the fact that the bus was abandoned because of miss communication between Sean & Brianne and Brian & Jess, there were no major issues.  Karl and Amy were able to drive the bus home to their house and Brian & Jess picked it up from there.  A suggestion was made that we provide Karl a free entry for a future event for helping out. 

Street Survival Event 9/27 (BMP) – Since Dick was not in attendance, this will be tabled until the next meeting.


NORPAC Convention – Hosted by NWR Region January 09’:  Anyone with ideas for a workshop or round table forum discussion, please contact Dick Willy.




Electronic Course Maps - Jackie has currently collected almost 250 course designs.  She is looking for feedback as to whether these should be posted for the public to access, or limited to the people we know are interested in designing courses.  The group basically felt that the maps should be posted for everyone to see with a simple definition that explains the maps are available for educational purposes, not to be used again in the future, and that they would need to contact the appropriate person within each individual organization to ensure the proper safety rules are followed. It was also suggested that somewhere within this designated area is a link to the “course design” manual that was created by the national course designer, Roger Johnson. Jackie will coordinate getting these posted on both the WW and SCCA websites. 


National Tour and Pro Solo Chief Guide – This was the first year for Jackie & Chris to chair a national event and they discovered there was very little support for completing this task.  Jackie would like to produce a Chief’s Manual that provides an overview for each Chief’s position. She would appreciate any help from anyone that has previously worked on any of these positions. 


Sports Car Spectacular – Dieter Beldi is looking for rules steward to help cover this event being held on October 26th at BMP.  Stock runs in the AM. Ron can cover the afternoon. 




Meeting was adjourned at 8:34 p.m.