SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 9/11/07

Members in Attendance – Gretchen Everett, Dick Willy, Glenn Austin, Charles Aggenbach, Keith Brown, Mike and Carol Leuty, Karl and Amy Coleman, Jackie McInnis, Val Korry, Russell O’Connell, Scott Miller, TJ McGreevy, Jerry Lamb and Fast Mike. 

Minutes Review – Minutes were approved as written.

Board Report – Mary Lee was not in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report – Lou Ann was not present because she currently has a job!  Please send any outstanding invoices or reimbursements to her attention as soon as possible. 


WWSCC Report – Keith was not present at the last meeting, but not much is going on. Ron Bauer submitted his immediate resignation.  If anyone would like to step up and become President for the end of the year, please let Karl Coleman know so that he can collect all nominations.  If no one steps up, then Karl will be forced to fill the remainder of the year.


NT (Brian and Jess) – Brian and Jess did one heck of a job!  A big thank you goes out from the group.


Eva & Pro (Keith & Kristi) – Keith spoke with Jr. regarding a Phase III school.  He was told they may be offering them again sometime in the near future.  He also inquired about the Data Acquisition school which may also be available. This could be a very expensive school for our region since it is limited to 10 students and is two days.  There were a total of 74 students that attended this year.  After lunches and other expenses we made a profit of about $4200, although there are a few people who still need reimbursements.  The Pro went well.  We were done at a reasonable time on Sunday.  The courses were very technical and seemed a little slow.  Things were softened a little on Friday afternoon.  The challenge was won by Kinch Reindl.   There were not a lot of problems with the exception of the hold up in Impound on Saturday morning.  It was difficult especially since L1 ran last and the stock cars got stuck in Impound which made the turnover frustrating for some.  The fact that we didn’t have printers issuing 60 foot times was frustrating as well.  Thank you to Keith and Kristi for a job well done!


Event #8 (BMP) 10/21 (Jackie & Kevin) - Things are currently being planned.




BMP Course Design Taxiway Guidelines – Nothing has happened since the last meeting.


Packwood Lighting – This is still in the air and has not been finalized one way or the other.  This is a moot point for the rest of this year anyway.




Donation to “Merry Mountaineers” – A motion was made to increase the donation to the Seniors Citizen Center for covering our waiver duty for both the Pro Solo and National Tour.  Bud, although not in attendance, presented a proposal to increase the amount to $300 a day.  A comment was made that this increase would be $30 and hour and Karl felt that we could find all kinds of people to cover this position for much less money.  Karl also felt that if the dollar total stayed at this amount that we should offer the position out to our autocrossing community next year.  The group discussed the fact that hiring the Senior Center is a wise community relations decision, but the question was raised as to why Bud felt we needed to increase the fee.  The group felt this was not addressed in the email.  A motion was made to table this motion until next month’s meeting when Bud can be present for the discussion.  A second motion was made to move forward with paying the original $1500 that was agreed upon since we have an obligation.  Any bonus dollars above and beyond that will be sent in the future. Gretchen will send Lou Ann a note asking her to take care of this immediately.


Wireless Timing Gear – As long as our current timing system is a current Race American AC4 system, it looks like we can get the wireless upgrade TLINK2 to upgrade our timing system to go wireless.  The cost for the upgrade (TLINK2) would be $2,213, plus we’d probably want the additional case for storing them (6070T1), which is $189 plus tax and shipping if necessary.  They also have a wireless RF Timer-to-Display link, but those are $375 each (one required for each end).  Jerry felt the total cost seemed very high and wasn’t reasonable considering someone could easily destroy the system.  The group discussed the fact that it would allow us the opportunity to change our S/F areas and possibly eliminate the taxiway.  It would also allow us to put the receiver on either side, rather than being forced to put it on the “dangerous” side where someone might be more apt to hit it.  This type of equipment is kept in inventory at the vendor and we could easily get it in the future, so the group agreed to keep thinking about the situation.  It was brought up that we could connect two spools of wire and go as far as 2000 feet, which could also address some of the above issues.  Thanks to Glenn for doing this research.


Draft Letter from Dick to SCCA – Dick presented a letter he wrote to National Office regarding the current issues with staff communication during our National Tour/Pro Solo for discussion before he decided to mail it or not.  He felt it could be interesting if our Division took the position that we would not do any National events next year.  Fast Mike felt that we should address the issue with Cindy and/or the National Office on a one-on-one basis before bringing out the big guns.  One of the larger issues is the way course designs were changed without any coordination with the course designer.  Things should not just be changed without any explanation.  A suggestion was made to soften the letter up a bit to add more suggestions rather than demands so it could come across on a more positively.  It was also noted that the final paragraph seemed like a threat.  Several points were raised in support of both sides of this situation.  How many entrants will we have?  Are we willing to back out of the NT and actually hold a Divisional event?  The group seemed to feel more comfortable with sending the letter once the final paragraph was removed.  This would allow National Office an opportunity to address some of our issues before we make a final decision about our moves in the future.  Dick suggested that he have a one-on-one with Howard Duncan at Nationals before he “officially” mailed the letter. The group agreed this was the best choice.


Street Survival – A Street Survival program is currently being offered by SCCA. Dick would like everyone to read the information presented at the meeting.  This is not performance course, but rather a street driving course to teach teenagers how to be more defensive drivers. 


Solo Trials – Dick found a section in the Solo rules that applies to Solo Trials.  Dick felt this would be something that we would run and execute under Solo regulations and asked before we place any judgment on the situation people read the information so we can discuss it in the future.


Monroe Fair Grounds – Fast Mike has heard that Monroe fairgrounds are going to be doing a lot of paving and there is a potential that we can have a site that might be similar to Nationals.  The group is looking for people to discuss this opportunity with.  Mike would like to make a formal request that someone from our Site Committee contact Snohomish County to further investigate this situation.  This is a huge area and if it is actually paved this could be an incredible site if we develop the appropriate relationships.


Oregon SCCA Event/Packwood Site – Angus caught children “playing” in the off-limit area of the Mills.  He was extremely upset and told the administrators that if this happens again we will all be kicked off the site immediately.  We all need to keep this in mind and make sure that everyone stays out of those buildings.  It was also noted that if we return to this site next year we need someone to come and professional sweep it because it is getting incredibly dirty.


Meeting adjourned at 8:58 p.m.