SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 9/12/06

Members in Attendance – Karl Coleman, Amy Olson, Gretchen Everett, Jerry Lamb, Mike Leuty, Carol Leuty, Bud Bohrer, Scott Miller, Keith Brown, Dick Willy, Brianne Green, Lou Ann Christensen, Tom LeCoque, Fast Mike, Tim Irwin, and Ron Bauer.

Minutes Review – Due to technical difficulties the minutes will be presented next month.

Board Report - The region has money in the bank.  Our secretary has resigned because he is going to school.  Lynn has replaced him for the remainder of the year.  The Wild West will be sanctioned by Rally America.  The event will be held the first weekend in December somewhere in the Shelton area.  Rallycross has held three events this year and will be holding a championship series next year in conjunction with Oregon and Canada.  There are three schools down in the Rochester area that have Kim has given speeches to.  PRG has a website that is linked to the NWR-SCCA site. Next year race is considering having the double Nationals at Thunderhill or Reno because they have been having so much trouble getting dates at PRI, and no one really likes to come out to BMP.  Hawaii has been added as a new region for SCCA.  Now that the newsletter is completely on-line a suggestion was made that they send out a notification to our members making them aware that something is available for reading.  Another suggestion was also made that we create an on-line mailing list for our region.  There are board member positions available; anyone interested should let Jerry know.  The Divisional convention will be January 5 – 7 in Reno.

Treasurer’s Report – Lots of activity this month because of the three big events in August.  Lou Ann would like to remind people that absolutely no one should be reimbursing money to anyone from the event kiddy.


WWSCC Report – ACE Dogfight will be held the weekend before we all leave for Nationals.  Enduro was held last weekend.  The course had a couple of tricky spots, but also some fun quicker stuff.  Those that attended said it was a good event.  A vote was held and the event was approved as a championship event.  The NWDE event was also held since last month’s meeting.  The course was very tight, but nothing was critically wrong so the event was also voted on and approved as a championship event.  Keith is interested in holding another Coneheads practice but has been very busy and hasn’t had much time to prepare for the event before he leaves for Kansas on Saturday.  The amount of money raised at the first practice will help offset the cost per person by $10.00.  The group agreed that he has worked hard enough and the money raised so far is sufficient.


Equipment Report – Brian was not in attendance, but he is actively working on obtaining our necessary equipment.  He also found an organization that can work on buses in Renton. Tom LeCoque has the battery cover, so that does not need to be replaced.  So far the list of things to be repaired is:  Back Window, Side door, a new stereo needs to be installed, and it also needs an oil change and service since we’ve been abusing it all season long.  A motion was made and approved to spend up to $1000 for the above repairs.  We did have to change the timing batteries during the last event, so we will be purchasing new batteries.




Jerry wants to thank all of the Specialty Chiefs from 2006.




September 3 (BMP) – Aaron will be the event chair.  There were 170+ entrants.  Lots of time only runs since stock ran in the morning.  There were some issues with the course design and coordination that made several people unhappy. Karl said that several key people held some very appropriate discussions and resolved most of the issues.  Jerry felt there was more to add to this and will continue the discussion later in the meeting.


October 15 (BMP) – Shelbi & Kevin will be event chairs.  We will use the course presented by Karen Babb.




2007 Solo Chair - We are still looking for a replacement for Jerry Lamb.  Jerry will not be filling the position, so come January 1st he doesn’t know who will be running these meetings but it won’t be him.  Anyone interested please contact Jerry now so that he can begin training you to take over the position.


Norpac Convention - Will be held the first weekend in January.  Jerry will make a recommendation that the region reimburse Solo members that plan on attending and helping put on the function.  As the host region he feels this would be appropriate actions.  The following is a list of potential discussion for round table events.  Data Acquisition – Bud will be coordinating.  He plans on soliciting a half a dozen companies to come and give a presentation.  He will also be contacting a couple key players here from the NW that are using these types of devices.   The following subjects have also been discussed Car Classification theory/issues:


Regional car classification

Suspension Tech

Setting up a Solo Car

Trophies that Work

Regional issue round table


People that were suggested to contact for car set-up; Guy Ankeny, Bob Tunnell, or Greg Fordahl.  If anyone has any additional ideas, please let Jerry know. 


Rule Proposals - Any new rules proposals should be brought to the November meeting (20 copies total).  All proposals will then be discussed at the December meeting.


Online Newsletter - The regional newsletter is now on-line 100%.  This should help us save some money.


Course Design - At the last event, course set-up was being done on Saturday and there were several people who got involved and were not representing SCCA in a very good fashion.  People were very rude and feelings were hurt.  Please keep in mind that our course designers are volunteers and IF people have an issue with how a course was designed they have a right to present there opinions, but if there are no safety issues involved then people must back off and not harass anyone involved.  Bud wanted to remind the group that the course designer was knowledgeable and she was also very willing to cooperate with SCCA to make a course more appropriate for our needs.  He was present at the time to represent David Lewis as the Chief of Course. 




Kristi Brown has volunteered to work on the annual awards for the Coneheads banquet.  Amy Olson has volunteered to help her.  Kristi had an idea for 2nd and below to have a custom label created for a bottle of wine from Alec Osenbach’s family winery.  The group was not thrilled with the idea.  Another suggestion was made for pitchers to match our glasses.


A motion was made and approved to spend $200 to supply the party room in Topeka.  Val has volunteered to pick up the supplies.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.