9/16/03 Minutes

Visitors – none

Minutes Review – several minor changes

Board Report – meeting on the 2nd, guest Wendy Fee.  Rally – Wild West rally last weekend.  Solo- responded to request for proposal to Port of Shelton.  Race – Nascar race at PRI, lost money on the event due to low turn out on Sunday.


BMP soliciting for an advisory group to help with business plan and future plans for the site, and potential new motorsports site to the southwest of the current location. 


Board retreat on Oct 11 to look at future plans

Treasurer’s Report - No report

WWSCC Report - Enduro vote coming up tomorrow at meeting, discussed future of Boeing sites, there is some issue with events not directly sponsored by BEAC.  Next event ACE Dogfight.

Equipment Report - Reorganized trailer.  Cleaned trailer, need to repair one EZ-up.  Need 4 brackets and a bolt.   6 bags of lime are available to the first people that show up to claim it. 

Bus pick up… Bus had dead battery and out of fuel.  Sitting in the hole at the back of the yard the fuel moves to the back of the tank and will not feed the fuel pump.    For the future the bus must be filled up if it has less than half tank when being returned to storage. 


Trailer also didn’t have the current tabs.  Karl was pulled over for expired tabs.  Couldn’t find registration, insurance.  Karl went to the board meeting, fuming mad.  Lou Ann jumped in to get the renewals sent to her.  No dice, they must go to Region address.  Karl got tabs.   Need a list of drivers in the bus, also need a list of important info and wear it is in the bus.  


New file cabinet in the bus and it is well anchored.


Tom and Jodi bought some new flags, they are a rubberized material and should hold up well.  Jerry moved that we reimburse Tom and Jodie for the flags. 


We may need to look at other option for getting the trailer to events in Yakima.  Need to get the charging system fixed soon.  Karl and Scott will take the bus to Bellevue Auto electric. 

Old Business - Timing equipment update… check with Kelley


Event #6 - good event.  Little late start due to van problems.  4 runs for everyone.  Steve Roberts event chair did a great job.


Try and improve sign up for major players (event chair, bus driver, safety stewards)


NT portapotty bill is correct at $1000+/-

New Business - Event #7 - Jerry Lamb event chair, Scott Miller safety steward #1    BMP  


Site Committee Update.  Core worker invitational Practice 10/18 in Shelton

Adjourn - The meeting was adjourned at 8:37pm


GOO - Put together appreciation plaque for Doris Walker and the staff at the clubhouse.