Solo Meeting Notes




Call to order at 7:07 pm by Gretchen Everett


No visitors


Board Report

            No Treasurer report (absent)

            Dan wants a Finance Committee meeting the week of 8/16.  Has ideas he wants to discuss.

                        Changes will be brought to the Region Board for discussion/approval.

            Tim Dutton submitted his 60 day notice (and didn’t renew his membership) as Editor of

                        Northwest Sports Car News


Treasurer’s Report

            See attached report

            Bud still needs some receipts for the National Tour so he can submit a bill to SCCA National

                        office (mainly from Brianne Green.)

            77 entries at Open Practice

            2nd McKamey School lost money

            Pro Solo will make a reasonable profit

            National Tour will lose money due to the party.  Party will not be at the hotel next year!

                        (Gretchen will probably do party back at Hawthorn Suites.)


Old Business

            National Tour -

                        274 entries

                        Bads - weather, kart fiasco, course too short

                        Goods - 8 sets of tires at party, good overlap on course

                        Parking lot layout needs more than one person to direct traffic, including Thursday evening.

                                    Also, a map would be good.

                        Party meal was planned for “hot weather,” so some were disappointed.  Some who showed

                                    up late didn’t get much to eat.

                        Glen Hernandez will Chair next year’s Tour

                        Next year (2000) may be the last year we can have the event at Kent.  Bremerton may be

                                    the next best site if the Kent lot isn’t available.


            Pro Solo

                        Lots of cones hit, some broken cars.

                        Howard Duncan said he wants us to do another one next year.  He liked our course, though

                                    some didn’t (too tight.)  Doug Hebenthal wasn’t too happy with Howard’s “course

                                    tweaking.”  Possibly a better known course designer might encourage some of the

                                    high profile people to return.

                        We had a lot o regional support as entrants.


            McKamey Schools

                        (Schools between Tour and Pro.)

                        Phase 1 - filled

                        Phase 2 - only 8 people

                        Probably lost about $200.


            Can-Am Challenge

                        Swell event, outstanding surface - bring a weed wacker (per Karen Babb.)


New Business


            Novice School 8/21

                        Almost all instructor have been procured, but needs a classroom instructor (Bud Bohrer or

                                    Mark McCooey.)

                        27 students (out of 35 max) have signed up as of tonight.

                        Wants to give more seat time & have instructors drive the student’s cars (fewer students,

                                    more runs!)

                        Gretchen wants Sean to put together a schedule


            Event #5

                        Moved to Kent (from Everett)

                        Karen Babb designed course

                        Dave Bell is Chair


            Mountain Home Divisional (8/28-29)

                        They’re using our Timing equipment


            Event #6 (9/5)

                        Jodi Fordahl will Chair (hopefully with Colin.)



                        Our “steak fry” - will try to do 2 shifts (early and late) due to McKamey presentation


            Solo year-end banquet

                        1/15 or 1/22 good dates for this or NWR Region banquet

                        1st weekend in December


            NWR Region banquet

                        Joy wants two volunteers from each venue to assist with banquet.

                        Assistant RE’s will be asked to submit names for region awards.


            Voting for Area 9 Director

                        Gary Pitts (Past RE of SFR)

                        Gary VanHorn (Oregon Region)

                        Dick Templeton (knows Solo!) Lives in California, but member of Arctic



Good of the order and adjournment

            at 8:30


notes by Sharon Reuter/typed by Ron Bauer