Notes from the NWR/SCCA Solo II Meeting of 8/11/98:

NWR Board meeting (Mike): Oregon Region is putting on a Rallycross in Hillsboro, at the Washington County Fairgrounds, August 22nd. Itís a Rally sanctioned event, with NWR volunteers from our Rally group. Information is available on the Oregon web site. Our 10/4 event, at Kent, will be the 4th Quarter Region Membership Meeting. They will take nominations for officers for the following year; there are Director-at-Large positions coming up for election, as well as Treasurer, Secretary, etc. We may sell rides on fun runs to the new people for entertainment. The meeting part will take place at the end of the day.

Budget (Bud): July was busy. Before we count the reimbursement income from National Office and raffle tickets, and payment of BEAC lot fees, the Tour is at $xxx. Same status, the Pro is at $xxx. Apparel sales are looking good. Bring money to Everett; we have one or two Polos, about a dozen hats, and a pile of T-shirts.

Equipment (Ron): Two radios are in the shop.

Computer Committee (Jim): No activity.

Novice Program (Cynthia): Cynthia is mailing out a packet to a new person. We will need a new Novice chairperson for next year; volunteers should talk to Mike.

Old Business - Tour (Gretchen): Itís done. It went off really well, record # of entrants (230). Gretchen is looking for written feedback from the Chiefs so she can pass it on to next yearís event Chair. She will ask them for input. Hotel dining area is too small, but we know that. People should know they can "eat around" and donít have to stay in the room with the tables. We sold lots of raffle tickets (raised around $xxx). Big prizes and not so many was a great idea; Craig did a terrific job. Jodi: letís have a Ďdry runí of the Timing & Scoring process at a prior Regional event, to refresh everyoneís memory on what happens and when. Discussion on having a work assignment at Regionals which is to do data entry on the computer, so more people know how. Jodi will think about how to facilitate this. Kumho wants to come back and do the Tour again next year. Still need to figure the $2.50 per entrant for Divisional Series trophy fees. The lot sweep on Saturday night didnít happen because the sweeper truck driver had a breakdown on the highway and hurt himself working on equipment. Need to assign a line blower for the end of Sunday next year.

Old Business - Pro (Joe): Lingering costs are the site fee, supplies, etc. National Office owes us $xxx. Lessons learned--getting Denver lined up with the Chief of Workers would help; Joe thought Nationalís people would do more in that area. Some people ended up doing double duty as a "focal" and a course worker. National managed to assign people to work when they were in Impound, and other such things. Announcers need to remember to call for workers more consistently. Need an additional task list, other things which should be done that arenít on SCCAís list. Howard didnít seem concerned about the comparatively low turnout (130), and thinks theyíll be back next year. The Challenge worker thing was impressive (yay Ron). Joe has added Chief of Challenge Workers to his task list. Second drivers often found that the rest of their class was out of Impound by the time they got there. Joe is willing to chair it again next year. Need to assign a line blower for the end of Sunday.

New Business - Denver Tour (Joe): Bill Lampkin showed up and talked to Joe, and apparently heís working on an upgrade for TS96, including perhaps taking data off the timer directly.

New Business - Regional #5 (Dave): Dave asked Security to close the lot, and they said yes so it appears we have exclusive use of it. He has made signs to tell people why the lot is closed. Dave has all his Chiefs except Timing, Van and Grid. Stock runs in the morning. The lot is full of garbage and junk and needs cleanup. Bill Kim volunteers to be Chief of Grid. Carol Leuty is a Safety Steward; we need an assistant. Dave will ask Ron Bauer about Timing, and Anna Hedly. Heíll also send a request to Tom McCullough to ask for a BEAC person to transport the van. Post-event social will be at McMenaminís. Joe will make a map to this to hand out at Registration. We need a cleanup party on Saturday; this will be at 1:00. Karen will bring the van up if Kimball makes sure it has license and registration paperwork; sheíll be at the lot at 11:30 on Saturday the 22nd to load it up.

New Business - Intermediate Practice (Mike for Glen): Glen has a number of good ideas; itís scheduled for the 29th. Bud will help Glen figure out timing logistics. How about stopwatches? Would take lots of work and extra people. Glen can be the BEAC focal. Weíll need a Safety Steward. Watch your email if you can.

New Business - Regional #6 at Bremerton (all): Does anybody want to Chair? Mike will do that since nobody else volunteers. Heíll talk to Jodi about getting Bremerton people for some of the Chief positions.

New Business - Ride & Drive at U.W. (Mike): Recruiting firm goes to colleges, does an autocross, uses it as a device to convince students to come to work for Ford. Weíd get $xxx plus runs in the cars. Workers get a "Staff" shirt. Itís 10/20, a Tuesday. Craig Anderson has done these before with Chrysler, and says their courses are typically very small and they should have two cars plus people to take care of changing tires, etc. Val, Susan, Bud, Joe, Dave, Brianne, Karen, Mike, Sean can help on that day.

New Business - Regional #7: Eric Armstrong volunteers to be Safety Steward on Oct. 4th or 18th. We need one on the 18th, also on 8/29. Heís available for the 29th too. Course Designer for #7 will have to get a map to the BEAC meeting on the 2nd Wednesday in September.

New Business - Party room at Nationals (Val): Motion seconded and passed to spend $xxx stocking the beverages in the comp suite. People will need to make themselves available to "shepherd" the room (open it up and shut it down).

Miscellaneous: Tim Dutton needs pictures of the Mt Home Divisional. Victory Awards needs the artwork from Fordahl Motorsports mucho pronto. 425-644-6020 is Gregís shop number.

No meeting next month; lots of people will be hitting the road for Kansas.