Notes from the NWR Solo meeting of 8/12/97:


Visitors: Sean Green attended for the first time (Brianne for the second). Also Bret Dodson and Susan.


NWR Board: Birthday party for Ray Damitio and the Brooklyn Tavern Sep 27 at the Brooklyn Tavern. Happy 70th birthday to both. Region wants to do a T-shirt; last one was 5 or 6 years ago. They're looking for a design, if anyone is interested in drawing one up. Tim Dutton is still looking for an assistant editor for the Northwest Sports Car News.


Treasury): Most Tour bills have been paid, but we haven't sent breakdown to SCCA yet for reimbursement. Bud B. has opened an account and has some of the money there. Sharon R. and Bud hope to get together in the next month to reconcile/consolidate.


Old Business, Tour Wrapup: Chiefs are asked to write down lessons learned and get them to Gretchen, who will compile them for next year. Checklist format would be wonderful.

Party: Bill McClarty could have used help with arrangements and raffle. Bill was reminded that Chiefs are expected to recruit the workers they feel they need; just coordinate needs with the event chair. Went over budget a couple of hundred dollars; will give a complete accounting to Sharon/Bud. Not enough food, or plates. Ordered a few dinners less than sold, expecting some no-shows, but that didn't seem to happen. Need to let everyone get fed once before allowing seconds. Sponsorship accounted for almost half of the money available. Proceeds from the silent auction and raffle went to the Teddy Bear Patrol charity (plus entry fees, matched by BEAC; plus some of BEAC's lot fee). Bill will make a checklist for next year's party guru. Everyone agreed the format is great, as is the food and drinks. Joe Goeke said this is the best party of any Tour or Pro he's been to (and he's seen a few).

Finances: Sharon says too many people were handling money and there wasn't enough accountability. She will work on a checklist, especially for Registration, that tells how to account for all the different moneys (late registration, memberships, trial memberships, decals, dinner tickets, etc.) and who gets them. Envelopes to segregate monies should be prepared ahead of time.

Other: A few minor problems here and there that will go into each area's lessons learned and checklists. Considering all the (SCCA) timer problems Saturday, we did an outstanding job getting 210 people through. No problems using our timer Sunday. Probably need to address where to park motorhomes and large trailers.


New Business, Event #6: Not all chiefs lined up yet, but will be soon. Sharon gave her money for registration.


New Business, Passengers: One competitor wrote a letter wondering why we don't honor SCCA's policy of allowing young (12 yrs old and up) passengers. The point is that SCCA's policy says "This applies only to events that allow passengers," and we have historically not allowed passengers during competition runs. The policy is not, however, stated in our regional series supplementals. We do allow an instructor to ride with a novice who is having trouble finding the course, as long as the instructor has finished his/her competition runs. After much discussion, it was fairly well agreed that we will, next year, allow passengers, with restrictions. Basically, the policy will be to allow non-competitors 12 years old and over, who have completed the appropriate waivers, to ride as passengers. A novice who has completed her/his runs is no longer a competitor, so would be eligible. Rather than wordsmith it tonight, Karen Babb will work on the appropriate wording and present it at the next Solo Meeting.


New Business, Free Nationals Entry: The region has a free entry certificate to this year's National Championship Solo II, awarded because of our participation level (and distance travelled) at last year's Nationals. Discussion on criteria of who should be eligible to receive the entry ended with the decision that it should be a first-timer. The known candidates were Bret Dodson, Brianne/Sean Green, Kevin Dietz, Dave/Cindi Bell, and Dean Kuhn. Everyone present voted by secret ballot and the most votes were cast for the Bells (without distinction as to Dave or Cindi).


Pro Solo in '98: The hour was late, so this topic was put off until the next meeting.


No September Solo Meeting! Since most of the regular attendees (all but one person at the August meeting) will be either at Nationals or touring race tracks in Europe, there will be no Solo Meeting in September. The next meeting will be October 14, which is after the last regional event (October 12 at Kent).


Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.