Solo Meeting
August 8, 2017
Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Gretchen and Tim Weidemann, Crystal Stegman, Mike and Carol Leuty, Keith Brown, Charlie Morales, Joey Jones, Karl and Amy Coleman, Dick Willy, Ron and Alyson Bauer, Charles Aggenbach, Tim Irwin.
Last month’s minutes review – Minutes were approved as written with some slight wording fixes.
NWR Board Report (Gretchen Weidemann) – The board meeting was cancelled, so nothing to report.

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – Still waiting on some receipts from the Tour and Pro, for party items that were purchased. Need to get them ASAP since they are all due to the National office within 45 days of the event. Gretchen has connected with the parties involved. We seem to be in good shape so far. Some loss of income from not having the raffle at the tour. Similar attendance to the last few years.

WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – Coneheads practice Aug 12.  Event on Sunday Aug. 13.
Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) – Need more 9 volt batteries. Gas can needs to be filled after events. Need some more magnets for the posting board. Cut off the screws on the posting board.

Recruitment Report (Joey Jones) – 86 group doing event at Griots on Sept 17th. Putting up a tent for SCCA need volunteers. Almost through all the cards and magnets this year. 
Old Business

National Pro Solo Recap – Once again we saw a light turn out for a national event. More people coming from out of town to attend the event than we had locals. One idea to help with this in the future is to try and schedule local events further away from the tour and pro weekends, so we don’t have 3 out of 4 weekends in a row in Packwood, but this is difficult with the site availability. 4H group hosted the welcome party for us which turned out okay. Seemed to have plenty of food. People asked for a bit more notification about when it started even though the time was listed on the schedule.  Maybe get the word out more about where it was located on site. Need to have them get a quieter generator. 

Event #6 Recap- Good event. Little tight on some of the slaloms. Still need help with tear down and course clean up. 

New Business

Core Workers Practice (8/19) – Event Chair Jim and Tami Daniels – We will be running NT style grid. IT will be an open day with key worker positions being filled in one hour increments.  This will allow everyone to work one or two hours, and drive the rest of the day. Expect about 50 entrants to participate.

Event #7 (6/28/20) – Event Chair Bill Spyksma – New style of running all points classes run in the morning. Hopefully there will be enough people interested to participate in an afternoon group that we will be able to cover the core positions. 

Trailer Work Party after Core Worker’s Practice – It was suggested that we may be able to get together a work party to clean up the trailer after the practice. Gretchen will reach out to Kevin to see if he will help facilitate.

Open Discussion –

Charitable donation opportunities - It was brought up that we had two different charitable events coming up that we could potentially support.  The first is an Autism Walk.  Rory Wally and his son Ben have been very involved this year, and it would be nice to show support.  A motion was made and approved to donate $100 to the event. 

Another event coming up is Camp Good Times.  This is in support of pediatric cancer patients.  There will be a track day at The Ridge for $350 will all the proceeds being donated to the Cancer Care Center.  This would provide you a chance to run the track for 2 plus hours and help the children. Children will be there watching and some will even have the opportunity to ride along with the drivers.  

Asphalt at BMP – We have heard there may be an opportunity to lay a driveway across the grass area at BMP to allow ingress and egress from grid. Gretchen will reach out to BSCC to see what is going on.

Meeting adjourned 8:20