Solo Meeting Minutes 
August 9, 2016
In attendance: Keith Brown, Tim and Gretchen Weidemann, Kevin Dietz, Jean Clayton,  Mike & Carol Leuty, Karen & Ron Babb, Alison & Jerry Lamb, Charles Aggenbach, Joey Jones, Bud Bohrer, Tim Stake, Tim Irwin, Ron and Alyson Bauer, 

Last month’s minutes – moved and approved as written.

Board report – Neither Tim or Gretchen were able to attend due to the schedule change because of the holiday.
Karen Babb helped fill in. Turned road race that is scheduled into a lapping day instead of a sanctioned race to save on costs. 

Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – waiting on some invoices before turning bill in to national office for the tour and pro. Next year make sure no one uses an account at Blantons. NWR SCCA does not use an account for charging items there. Must have a receipt for any item you want to be reimburse for. Preliminary numbers for tour and pro look good as far as our cost. 

NORPAC Report (Keith Brown) – message to Randal Prince for the national paddock for last minute people to join our paddock. Currently we have 59 people going to nationals. Make sure you check in when you get to the site to confirm your spot and where it is.
WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – sports car spectacular Aug 14th in Shelton.

Equipment Report (Kevin Dietz) – Display board plastic set and in service. 4 radios out of service. Street survivor has a large number of radio’s that solo can use. Microphone wire seems to be acting up. Kevin will look into repair.

Recruitment Report: (Joey Jones) – Little slow on attending events. The 86 BRZ/FRS class is planning on attending our Packwood event. Tasha and Joey planning to submit a survey to the novices that came out our events this season to come up with some future plans for how to move forward keeping them in the loop. Need to keep the novices notified how many events are needed to qualify for yearend trophies. Make sure the novices know about trophies at the end of the day and after the morning session. Bremerton events need to make sure the message gets back to pits.


Event #6 Review - (Event Chair: Elisha White) – good turn out around 178 entries. Slow turn around on course caused some problems with in car data systems. Event chairs need to concentrate on keeping the event on schedule, making sure that stuff happens on time IE drivers meeting/trophies/change over. 

Core Workers Practice (Event Chair: Gretchen Weidemann) – 70 people have gotten invites. Penalty box format.
1 cone in the box and that person has to go and shag their cones. Hot walk to fix cones. Everyone needs to be aware when some people are doing the walk of shame so they are aware that people are out on course. 


Event #7 –Tim Irwin is the chair. Seems to be set to go with course being used from previous day backwards. 

Site for Sales at Port of Seattle – anyone have port of Seattle contact to get access to that site? Terminal 5 possible website contact at port of Seattle.  We need to reactivate the site acquisition committee. Any volunteers? Kent truck driving school contact?  Karl, Dick, Karen, Mike are the committee members.  Gretchen will send a group email to start discussions. 

Save Packwood Committee – We need to start seriously thinking about a plan to save Packwood if it comes up for auction again.  Gretchen would like to start a committee to start brainstorming ideas.  Kevin, Kurt, Gretchen, Ron? Kito?

Cancel September meeting - Move to cancel the Sept meeting due to Nationals.

Open Discussion - Remember we need to be polite in our meetings. Please allow others to discuss and put in their thoughts.  As a winter project we need to look into possible replacement of block rockers.  Several novices have asked the IST class be held only in the morning, so that they can run in class and do TO in the afternoon to get more runs to learn more.  We can discuss this further IF someone presents a rule proposal in November. 

Get ready for CONE ENCOUNTERS. 

Moved to adjourn 8:25