Solo Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2015


In attendance:  Gretchen Everett, Tim Weidemann, Keith Brown, Alison and Jerry Lamb, Mike and Carol Leuty, Karl and Amy Coleman, Charly Spyksma,  Ron Bauer, Charles Aggenbach, and Tim Stake.


Last month’s minutes review - Minutes were approved as written.


NWR Board Report (Gretchen Everett) –The region has agreed to help offset the cost of our annual banquet by kicking in an additional $500 to help keep the cost per person down at a decent level. Storage has been moved from Gorst to Fife. There are some banners that may be useful for our recruitment goals. Region website is on hold and Doug has withdrawn from working on this. We may need to look into others who have some knowledge in website design. Someone please help us!!!!!


Treasurer’s Report (Kristi Brown) – We have a positive balance. The NT and Pro both turned a profit. Some expenses are still to be covered from National office.


Solo Development Committee Report (Keith Brown) – “SDC” are collating all the data for entrant totals for each region they are responsible for from events over the last few years.  Keith is in the process of gathering the NORPAC Division’s information. They are trying to find out what classes are growing and what regions are doing to support local specialized classes. There is a new National award for a regional worker who goes above and beyond in supporting Solo events compared to a typically level.  It is named after Pat and John Kelly.  Keith suggested they become the first recipients. National convention moving back to Vegas. It will be a very good idea for us to send an additional person or two to help participate and cover all of the topics which will be focused on recruitment of new members and retention.


WWSCC Report (Keith Brown) – There is an event coming up August 23rd, the BEAC Enduro Light. This is a modified version of the old Enduro and will have 1 practice lap, then 2 competitive laps then a break and then the process is repeated for a total of 6 runs per competitor. August 29th and 30th is the Coneheads practice and second BEAC event.


Equipment Report: (Mike Leuty) – We need to make a mount for the new display that was donated by Sand & Sage.  It is 2-3 inches wider than our current plate. We also need a cord or adapter to get it to work with our other stuff. Jerry has volunteered to look at this and is confident it won’t take much to get it to work. A motion was made to allow up to $100 to make the necessary updates. Jerry and Charley have it under control.  Block rocker antenna? Carl will look into what can be done. Motion to put a larger antenna on the finish lights. Moved and approved to spend up to $100 Charley will look into our options.



Pro Solo Event Recap – Chairs: Geoff Clark and Caitlin Snell – Course was fun and harder than it walked. Party was good. Possibly start the Welcome Party later in the evening, but must confirm with National office to put on the schedule.  Something to discuss in planning for next year. We also must make sure the sound limits are announced well ahead of time and that the practice course plan is put in place early.  People were hoping for more communication from the Event Chairs.


Event #6 Recap – Chairs: Jerry & Alison Lamb – Safety Stewards need to keep an eye on speeds at course set up. The event was successful. Need to make sure that course maps are available. Novice turnout was great because Kurt personally sent an email to anyone that had competed in the Novice class this year and he had a great response.  Thank you Kurt.  We need to make sure that people go from registration to worker assignment as there were several people that didn’t have a work assignment.  It is also important that ALL cars are in grid ready to go right after the driver’s meeting. This includes the Jr. Karts.  It is difficult to keep on schedule when the entire event is waiting for a specific competitor.


New Cones – New cones have been ordered and are in town. We need to figure out how to get cones to Packwood. Karl will work with Kevin to see if there is room on the Solo bus.  If this is not possible, to group agreed that Karl should get one free entry to transport them in his personal vehicle.   It was brought up that the same few people with pick-up trucks are getting “stuck” picking up cones at the end of each event and that we should consider adding a worker position to clean up cones at the end of the day.  It was also suggested that we could possibly clean up the trailer at the core worker practice.



Core Worker’s Practice (Packwood) 8/15: Charles Aggenbach/Gretchen Everett. Course Design: Tim Weidemann.  Charles has coordinated with Gretchen and they have everything ready to go.

Event #7 (Packwood) 8/16: Jill & Mark Snell   Course Design: Tim Weidemann.  Jill has volunteered to cover this event. She has checked with Specialty Chiefs and all seem to be going well.


Event #8 (BMP) 10/4: Mike and Carol Leuty have volunteered to be Event Chairs.    Course Design – Bill Spyksma

Region investment – Our region currently has almost almost $20k in the bank.  Rather than sit on those dollars a decision was made to reinvest back into each venue.  A total of $3000 dollars will be given to Solo and Race groups. The only caveat is that the money must be spent on something that improves our organization.  Several ideas were brought up in discussion including the following: purchasing a new display so that we have a pair available for Pro Solos (Solo Storm) has agreed to purchase one as a sponsorship opportunity, help off-set the cost of more expensive sites that are closer to the Seattle/Tacoma area, Recruiting and Advertising (paying for Novice membership program), send a couple of additional people to the convention, donate a special prize for the NT door prize tickets, discounted entry fees for all members for as long as the dollars last put aside and save for a new Solo  bus.  Gretchen is excepting ideas until September 1st and the group will vote on what to do at our September meeting. 


New odd month meeting location? – We would like to try out a new location for our odd month meetings.  There is a Mod pizza in the Bellevue/Overlake area.  Gretchen will get the information to Joe for the website and Tasha for he FB page with plenty of notice to announce before next month’s meeting.


September Meeting – a decision was made to move meeting to the 15th of September (3rd Tuesday) of the month due to people just returning from Nationals.


Good of the Order 


Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm