SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 8/13/2013
Members in attendance –  Gretchen Everett, Tim Weidemann, Jodi Fordahl, Keith Brown, Laurie Hyman, Ron & Alyson Bauer, Aaron Pailthorp, Charles Aggenbach, Derek Maddox, Mark McCooey, Mike & Carol Leuty, Charly Spyksma, Karl & Amy Coleman, and Tasha Mikko.  Guest: Gabe Wright.
Meeting Minutes – Minutes were approved as written with one exception – Tasha Mikko was in attendance.
NWR Board Report (Tasha) – No one attended the meeting due to Dick's surgery.
Treasurer's Report (Kristi) - Summary was distributed. 
Drift Report – (Derek) – Not much currently other than getting ready for their next event in October. 
NORPAC Report (Keith) –   The SCCA National Championships and Pro Solo Finale are coming up in two weeks.
WWSCC Report (Keith) – The Enduro event was held two weekends ago at Shelton.  Pretty low turnout, only 52 total.  Each competitor received 4 timed laps.  It was a fairly complex course for an Enduro type event.  People got lost and there were several restarts.  One driver required an instructor to get through the course.  The people in attendance wanted to make sure that the host club received feedback that they should focus on a more straight-forward course for this type of event format.  It wasn't just the novices that were having issues, seasoned drivers were also having visual difficulties reading the course.  Although the club discourages entries for novices since this is a unique format, it seems that the entry is now become too low.  They were not able to run the event using a typical breakout with a morning and afternoon session, instead they ran one continuous group. Some in attendance felt they should not shhhsh people away quite so much. 
The event was voted and approved to be held as a Championship event.  Next event is not until later in September.  It is currently up in the air as to which club will run this event since it sounds like ACE has stepped up, but TS may also want to hold the event.  More to be reported later. 
NT Update – Special thanks go out to all of the Chiefs that helped make this a very successful event, especially the Colemans, who held an incredible auction.  This allowed the region to actually make money on this event, which is something we haven't done for a long time. Areas to focus on will be the banquet.  This was the first year holding the dinner in a new facility, so they will be looking at a different type of set-up perhaps hiring a caterer.  This will help control ticket taking and portion sizes.  It was obviously a learning experience and will be better next year after considering all of the lessons learned this year.  Some in the group didn't agree that it would be impossible to run the event with a volunteer only situation.  We will definitely need some additional controls put in place, but it will require additional volunteers one way or the other.
Most of the negative feedback is due to this being the first time holding the dinner in a new venue, and NOT for lack of effort of the few people who were in charge, so a HUGE thank you goes out to Kit and Jessy Gauthier for all of their hard work.  They did an incredible job.  It is important that we all remember to be POLITE when addressing people who are VOLUNTEERING.  They deserve to be treated with respect regardless of the situation and what may be happening.
Pro Solo –  Gretchen and Geoff both want to thank all of the people who volunteered to cover key positions.   They also tried a new format with the Friday night Welcome Party, hiring a local church youth group from Randall.  They pre-portioned the food and had a nice variety.  There was some feedback received that the food quality wasn't very good, and that this should be addressed before working with them again next year.  A majority of the group felt that the food was fine with fresh corn on the cob and watermelon. It is difficult to make hamburgers and hotdogs anything special. The $1000 budget was a bit high according to some, but that is the average we have spent over the past few years, with food and labor costs. It will be important to help increase the attendance for future events. Thank yous to Gretchen and Geoff for chairing the event.  It was also brought up that Kevin's Ustream coverage was really great this year for those not attending the event. 
Battery Charger - This has been purchased and is all taken care of.  Another issue was discovered while moving the bus around the night before the last event.  Charly started the bus while Karl was just outside of it and massive electrical sparks occurred.  The battery cables were NOT connected properly.  Once they connected everything back again, it has been running fine ever since.  It was also brought up that we may need new tires.  Ron reminded the group that we purchased this bus in 1995, so we have gotten a great deal of time out of it.  Charly said they looked good under visual exception. Jodi reminded the group that tires over 10 years old are not good, period.  This should be addressed this winter.
RA Timing Equipment – As far as we know, the unit is still broken.  Nothing has been shipped back, so Tasha is certain that we are passed the 90 day warranty period.  The group also decided that we did not want to invest any more money with Race America because we want to look into Farmtek equipment for next season.
Event #6 Recap – Brent Glad was the event chair.  Seemed like a decent job overall.  The course was not anyone's favorite, but everyone was grateful that Tim volunteered to take care of this.
Backup Power for Timing - We have been having some trouble with our generator not running properly at past events. Aaron posted a note out to our autox list and asked for suggestions and ideas about some type of backup power system.  He understands that this could potentially be a very expensive situation that could become complicated very quickly.  Gabe Wright came up with some ideas that can be done efficiently and cost effectively.  The hope is to get this accomplished during the off season this winter.  Gabe explained his idea. The total cost could be less than $150. Aaron presented a motion to approve up to $150 for Gabe to spend to move forward.  This is a great price, especially since Gabe has received a lot of the electronic equipment for free as a donation. The motion was voted on and approved.
Noise Concerns in Packwood – We have received complaints from locals that the autosports events happening at the mill are getting too loud.  This includes the PA system which seems to be even louder than many of the cars.  This is not only being addressed by our club, but ALL people that use the site.  There was a huge concern the Memorial Day weekend during a Drift event because tires squealing could be heard all over town.  The bad news is that the local people are starting a petition to get all auto activities banned from Hampton Mills.  The good thing is that the local businesses love us because of the money we bring into town.  This is a situation that is definitely going to need to be addressed.  The idea was also brought up to turn down the PA, and turn up the FM frequency and advertise this means of communication more. It was also suggested we might not face the speakers at the mountain, so we get less echo. Some were concerned that we would then get echo off the building.  It was suggested that we also review our dB restrictions, and bring Angus on board to determine an overall site restriction as well.  It was also discussed that we go back through the past sound records and look at the current levels so that cars forced to run a new lower range, perhaps a 94-95 will have plenty of warning to prepare for next season.
Another idea was brought up to place the address for live results on course maps.  This is in practice at the local Canadian events. It was also suggested that we create a QR Code that goes directly to the results site.
Drift is also going to have to do something to start controlling their levels as well.  They are currently not recording limits.  A motion was made and approved for them to purchase their own sound meter and start watching this situation more closely.  They are currently running cars non-stop throughout the day. It was suggested they may want to slow down the groups and give the town a break so the tire squealing isn't happening constantly all day long.
Fourth of July NT/Pro Solo - We have been asked by National Office if we would consider holding a four day NT/Pro Solo over Fourth of July weekend.  In general, the group was fairly open to the idea, but there were a few totally against it.  Those who feared people couldn't get the time off were very concerned about this type of schedule.  The idea was brought up to discuss this at the Core Worker's practice so that the group of people most affected by this decision was “in” on the decision.  We all recognize it would be a great deal of work, and would require additional days off despite the holiday.
Tent at Nationals – We have the opportunity to purchase a large tent for use at Nationals. The total cost is $400.  A motion was made and approved that the region cover this purchase.
Bus Driver for Core Worker's practice – We had a last minute drop out of the bus driver for this weekend.  Charles is looking for a volunteer to drive the bus down on Friday night.  Charly would like to leave the bus on-site until the next event in September, so who ever drives it down would need to make arrangements for a ride home on Sunday after the event. 
Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.