SOLO II Committee Meeting Minutes 8/14/12

Members In Attendance— Gretchen Everett, Jodi Fordahl, Mike & Carol Leuty, Tim Weidemann, Dick Willy, Charles Aggenbach, Joel Ferguson, Matt Zykowski, Karen Babb, Bud Bohrer, Ron & Alyson Bauer, Travis Boyle, Keith Brown, and Russell O‘Connell.

Meeting Minutes-  Minutes were approved as written.

NWR Board Report (Glenn) -  Karen Babb was in attendance. Not a lot was discussed. The banquet is coming up in November. Canceled a co-sanctioned event with Oregon because not enough people were signed up.  They are still working on our treasury situation, and hope to have something to report soon.

NORPAC Report - (Keith) - No conference call for a while. Larger sized tents were available for rent by each of the regions at Nationals for $300.  Several spaces were blocked out to accommodate these tents during the online paddock registration which caused some confusion.  They hope to have a more organized system in place for next year so that regions can block a larger number of spots. It will be important for our region to get together earlier next year and figure out exactly how many spots we need, etc.

WWSCC Report - (Keith) -  ACE/NWDE events were held three weeks ago. Things went pretty well, no issues. Both events were approved for championship status.  The sports car spectacular is coming up, and SCCA is responsible for grid.  Tim Weidemann volunteered to cover this position.

Drift Report - (Russell) -  Had a lovely time at their last event in Packwood.  111 degrees in the sun by Saturday at 1 pm.  Things cooled down a little bit on Sunday. Great turn out. Last year was a lower turnout, and they doubled that with 42 paid entrants this year and one no-show.  One pre-event issue - Russell was not able to get to the bus prior to leaving for Packwood to pick up the fire extinguishers.  This meant he had to go to the hardware store and purchase six.  A motion was made and seconded to reimburse Russell up to $150 for the purchase ($145.09).  They had a couple honey buckets on site, but next year they will need to get at least one or two additional. There was a situation with a power line coming into contact with a tree branch, but the fire department was contacted, and nothing caught on fire. 

There is one outstanding issue.  There has been an entrant competing at the last three events who has been harassing the workers, and trying to pass off illegal equipment through tech (outdated helmet), and basically making poor decisions that endanger other people.  Due to these behaviors, he has been put on probation and has been suspended from participating in any further events this season. 

They need to get some weekend memberships. Next event is coming up on 9/30 as previously planned.

Novice School report - Had a full 50 student school. There were not enough instructors unfortunately. Joel would like to vote that we do the school earlier in the season next year because it will help with the number of students, and also help with the higher temperatures later in the summer. It was discussed that although there was a problem with timing, some felt it was nice to not have it. Others disagreed and felt that without a time, the students didn't really have any way to judge whether they were improving or not.

Event #5 - Only 140 entrants. This was mainly due to the 100+ temperatures. Many people decided to go home for the afternoon even though the course was really fun.  This meant they were fairly short on workers. Tim received some very positive feedback and also some constructive criticism for his first course design.  Overall, good event. 

Old Business

Event Chairs Openings -  Need a chair for the last regional Pro the end of September. We also need a bus driver and Novice Chair for the whole weekend because Brian won't be there. Joel has volunteered to cover both halves of the day for the novices.

New Business

Equipment - It was brought up at the last event that having a couple of portable fans for the timing vehicle would be nice. Dick found a battery powered one online for $22.  Keith suggested that if we make a purchase, we should buy a real one.  Karen suggested that we take a look at the wattage out put so that it doesn't overpower the generator.  A motion was made and seconded to spend up to $100 for a total of two fans.

Sound meter calibration -  Matt has noticed that since event #2 there has been some lower readings. He planned on calibrating our sound meter while the National office was here for the NT/Pro, but theirs was reading at 114 and ours was at 94. Matt would like to request that we purchase something to calibrate the meter. The group agreed that it would probably be less expensive to just purchase a new self-calibrating meter instead.  Karen Babb has one that BEAC purchased, and she will get the information to Matt so that we can figure out what to purchase.

September SCCA meeting - The next meeting should be held on September 11th. A motion was made and seconded to cancel the meeting since so many people will be just arriving home after Nationals.

Restaurant Closing - There is a sign outside this premise saying the restaurant will be closing down on October 31st.  This information should be confirmed so that we can find a new place to meet starting in November.  The restaurant shared that they would be closing this location, but would be reopening something in the area. They should know more next month.  Dick is going to check in with Vince’s in Renton Highlands to see if they are willing to take monthly reservations.

Wireless Timing -  The wireless timing system did not work again for the Novice school.  There was a problem with the receiver that goes inside the bus. No one knows whether this has actually been fixed or not.  Ron is concerned that the state of the regular timing is getting pretty frayed, so he is not comfortable relying on that either.  He has been told by three different people that it never got fixed.  Dick will asked Aaron what the status is, and will also talk to Dan to see if he is aware of any issues. Joel says that several people couldn't find everything necessary to run the wireless, but Ron actually packed all of the equipment away, so he knew it was there.  Another option from Electronic Sports Timing was starting at $1200.  The URL if anyone wants to go research this further.

Meeting adjourned at 7:57 pm.